Pin Up Girl Costumes

Go classic this Halloween with a Pin Up Girl costume. Express your sexy side like actress, Betty Grable, Jayne Mansfield or Betty Page. These vintage vixens were some of the most well known sex symbols. Purchase your Pin Up Girl costume for Halloween today!

Pin Up Girl Costume Ideas and Tips

Pin up girls have been around since as far back as the 1890s, splashing their sensual forms in drawings and paintings! These fashionable glamour models and actresses are still popular today! This Halloween season, dress to impress in person as a pin up girl! You’ll sizzle in our Sexy Pin-Up Captain Costume! The short dress featuring navy blue colors with crisp, white accents will leave your male counterparts gawking in awe of your dazzling sensuality, returning to the nostalgic times of World War II army men longing for their wives! 

You just might transform into a living replication of the pin up girls illustrated onto military aircraft or posters that hung in the lockers of GIs during World War II! The classic style of the pin up girl dates back to the 1940s, when wearing an abundance of makeup was popular! Make your entrance to your Halloween bash in sweet, seductive style, with or without a trace of lipstick, but in our sensational pin up girl costumes!

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