Women's Pirate Costumes

Long before Pirates of the Caribbean became the hottest movie franchise, women's pirate outfits were a staple in the adult Halloween costume category. However, in the last several years we have added a huge assortment of Women's Pirate Costumes, thanks in part to Pirate movies and pirate themed events. Pirate styles for women as well as men sell all year long. In addition to Halloween, pirate ensembles are sought after for events like Gasparilla, International Talk Like a Pirate Day and innumerable local events around the country.

5 Legends: Pirates [Infographic]

Aargh! In history, there have been hundreds of pirates to roam the vast oceans, but only the most incredible left their marks on the seas. Over time, myths have become popularized about their behaviors and codes. How many of the legends from this Pirate Legends infographic did you know?

Women's Pirate Costumes

You'll be the real captain of your ship in a women's pirate costume this fall, and with plenty of women's options to pick from, you can be a Sexy Pirate or a classy one. Either way, you'll have your man saying "Aye aye!"

Men's Pirate Costumes

Put your man in one of the dashing Men's Pirate Costumes from Costume SuperCenter and you'll have the captain of all couples costumes. Looking to bring your little one along? Dress him or her up as a parrot to make an adorable pirate family!

Kids Pirate Costumes

The children's pirate costumes selection will have your whole family ready to follow any treasure map. With great styles for boys and an impressive inventory of girls pirate costumes, it will seem like Mom, Dad and the baby bucs are all off to Neverland!

Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

Who hasn't heard of the famous Captain Jack Sparrow? You have, of course! You can show the world your love for the salty sea with these Pirates of the Caribbean costumes.

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Infographic

Since 1967, Disney's famous park has had a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed ride. The ride is so famous, in fact, that it went on to inspire a multi-million dollar movie franchise, beloved by all. How much do you know about it? Test your smarts and learn something else about it with Costume SuperCenter's Pirates of the Caribbean infographic! Check out the characters, the quotes, the history, and the truths and myths behind the famous ride that inspired Captain Jack Sparrow!

Buy Women's Pirate Costumes Online at Costume SuperCenter!

Women's pirate costumes can make you a rogue deckhand or a sexy pirate captain. There are so many styles from which to choose. Common elements are skull and crossbones motifs, red and white pirate stripes, corsets, head scarves, and pirate hats. Pirate looks for women come in all styles and sizes from the conservative to sexy and petite to plus. Be sure to also check out the rest of our pirate costumes!

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