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Accessories Eyewear & Glasses

Regardless of the costume you are creating, it is never complete unless you have appropriate costume eyeglasses and sunglasses. They are often overlooked but incredibly crucial when it comes to locking in that look you are really going for. After all, whether you want to look like a surfer or simply an evil count, there is always some sort of glasses that is going to complete the look for you.

Eyewear & Glasses Accessories Ideas and Tips

Looking for the perfect eye wear to wear with your next 70’s themed costume? or maybe you just need the perfect pair of false lashes to wear with your next glamorous makeup look. For whatever the occasion might be, our vast collection of eyewear and glasses accessories are the perfect place to look. For the best looking 50’s costume, add a pair of our fashionable modern style sunglasses.

Need a way to venture out during the day without burning up in the sun? Try on our red tinted vampire glasses to protect your eyes from the burning sunlight. Create some of the best costume looks with our vast variety of eyewear, but don’t forget about our eyelashes! Every woman knows a makeup look looks even better with a pair of false lashes. Glitter, glam and spider webs, we have all kinds of fun falsies for you to try with your next costume look!