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Samurai Costume for Men
Few warriors have earned as much respect as the Samurai of Japan have. They were average people recruited by landowners but eventually Samurai grew to be the highest ranking social caste. They had strong ethics that valued loyalty and self-discipline. Order the Samurai Costume for Men and learn the ways of these warriors.
Dark Ninja Costume for Men
When you show up to the party wearing the Dark Ninja Costume for Men, you can be sure everyone will be staring. Don't be surprised. People just aren't used to being in the presence of such mastery and greatness. You'll feel just like Jackie Chan, Hattori Hanzo, or Bruce Lee while donning this powerful get-up. Whether you're a bare fist fighter or a master with weapons, this costume will surely show everyone that you're not somebody to be messed with. Hide in the shadows or show off your art and skills right out in the open. You are the master of the universe while wearing the colors and attire of the master martial artist. If you don't want to fly solo to the big Halloween party, then show up with a whole gang of warriors and ninja fighters. That will certainly make a statement. Just make sure all of your friends find their own colors to wear! There can only be one dark ninja per crew. That is fact. No matter what you do though, just remember: You are the fearless master of the night.
Samurai Warrior Costume for Women
You will be slaying this Halloween when you enter the party wearing our Samurai Warrior Costume for Women. With your purchase, you will receive just the outfit you need to look fierce and stunning all at once. Featuring a set of black chest armor and waist-tie armor, as well as a red tunic, two sets of gauntlets, and a matching helmet with a samurai emblem accessory, you're going to love this Japanese look. Buy your samurai costume today, and then scan our site for a katana weapon to really complete your attire.
Womens Ninja Mystique Costume
Creep in the shadows as a stealthy and structured ninja this Halloween. The Woman's Ninja Mystique Costume L allows you to be a fun, strong individual while still looking great. Protect your friends and family in this cool look that you are sure to want to wear again and again.
Feathered Cosplay Wig for Adult
Dressing up as a ninja or samurai this Halloween? Then don't forget to pick up our Feathered Cosplay Wig for Adult! With your purchase, you will receive a sleek black wig with a fanned out look that is reserved only for the fiercest of warriors. Pair this wig with any number of costumes from our site, and you're sure to have a night you'll never forget. Buy your wig today, and go make this Halloween your best one yet!
Ultimate Ninja Master Costume
Under the cover of darkness, show off your stealth skills wearing this Ultimate Ninja Master Costume. A ninja must never be spotted when carrying out discreet missions. Once you prove yourself worthy, you will someday become a master! This particular outfit comes with everything to show your clan who is in charge. You receive a tabard in black with red trim and intricate designs along the front. Silver bands wrap the ends of the legs and sleeves. A red sash wraps around the waist. Top it off with the included hood which covers the head and mouth to only leave your eyes revealed. Steady your katana, sharpen any shuriken, and prepare for your next mission. Pick the Ultimate Ninja Master costume to wear during Halloween parties, cosplay conventions and other fun dress up events. Nobody will even know you?re there because you?ll be practicing your ability to blend in. Be sure to add toy swords and other weapons or accessories to your order!
Mens Ninja Plus Costume
Women's Sexy Naughty Ninja Costume
Get the look of an expert of espionage this Halloween when you dress up in the Women's Sexy Naughty Ninja Costume! Among their other abilities, these covert agents are known for their skills of infiltration and sabotage. When you put on the catsuit that comes with this look you'll feel like you've become one of these dark characters. The stunning black suit features a suggestive cutout beneath the neckline, but above the bust. Stunning pieces of crossed red fabric decorate the the legs and waist of this sexy suit, in addition to trimming the top of the coy cutout. Take your ninja look to the next level by adding on some striking weaponry to enhance your mysterious fighter's look for any costumed events you attend.
Womens Sexy Ninja of Darkness Costume
Practice your spying skills and grab your shuriken this Halloween! Purchase the Women's Sexy Ninja of Darkness Costume and allow all of dreams to come true by wearing this three piece ensemble. It features a seductive a black and red romper with fishnet embellishments, attached red leg straps, and a black fishnet mask. Complete this warrior look by wearing black or red ballet flats, boots, or heels. Add accessories like a toy sword, toy sai, toy daggers, a toy bo staff, toy ninja stars, black or red gloves, and a creative wig. All accessories are sold separately. Attend the next Halloween party in style and surprise all of your friends with your daring ensemble. Don't forget to ask your friends to dress up as ninjas or samurai to defend the neighborhood!
Lightning Ninja Costume for Men
Get the power of electricity on your side when you put on the Lightning Ninja Costume for Men. Now you can manipulate lightning to your advantage, or pretend you can, when your chest and mask light up. The set includes an EVA tunic with light up accents and an electroluminescence mask with a 4-mode battery pack (on/off, fast strobe, slow flash and static). The lightning ninja is a worthy adversary for any foe. Also included are black pants, shirt, hood and wrist, shoulder and shin guards.
Mens Ninja Skin Suit Costume
For years you have been training, honing your skills in order to make yourself into the ultimate warrior. The Men's Ninja Skin Suit Costume is a jumpsuit that features red trim and a mask that makes you impossible to identify. The material around the face is thin and easy to see out of and breathe, but it's more fun to think that your ninja training is so complete that you don't even need sight to take down foes. We like this concept better, and we're certain that you will, too. The red trim makes this costume look far more menacing, and the characters printed on the left leg are bold and impressive. As a ninja, you need a variety of tools and weapons to succeed in your missions, so visit the accessories page and pick up stars, smoke screens, swords, and tons of other items.