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The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Adult Costume
Whether you are off to see the Wizard or want to frighten a few birds, you need to order the Scarecrow Adult Costume. This outfit includes a headpiece, brown hat, brown pants and a green shirt. The headpiece has a collar and covers the sides of the head; the top is covered by the cone shaped hat. Featured on the shirt are images of straw. The scarecrow got its name because its purpose is to frighten crows and other birds away from crops. It is made in the shape of a person, often from old clothes stuffed with straw, and hung on a pole. The most famous scarecrow is Dorothy's friend from the Wizard of Oz who is desperate to get a heart. Wear it to a Halloween party or to a visit to a pumpkin patch.
Men's Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Costume
Join Dorothy and Toto as their first travel companion through Oz in this Men's Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Costume. Fans of the popular novel and film character can recreate scenes with an authentic touch! The costume comes with a shirt top featuring cord wrist details and a burlap collar. It also included a cord belt, a pair of pants with circular patch designs and a pointed hat. Use the ensemble for costume parties, Halloween, or performances!
Deluxe Scarecrow Adult Costume
You don't even need to have a brain to know that the Deluxe Scarecrow Adult costume is one of the coolest getups you could wear this Halloween! The outfit features a big burlap sack shirt with red, white, and blue plaid patches all over the torso and arms. Tan straw fringe hangs from the neckline and the hem of the shirt. The pants, like the shirt, are made of beige burlap sack material and feature straw hanging from the bottom of each pant leg. The costume also comes with many ties, designed with red and white checkered and blue and white plaid patterns, that can be tied around the waist, legs, and arms. The hat, which is black and garnished with a matching tie and a daisy, adds a finishing touch to the ensemble. Purchase a makeup palette or a corn cob pipe, each sold here separately, to really complete your look.
Mens Rustic Scarecrow Costume
You'll be attracting all the crows this Halloween when you put on our Mens Rustic Scarecrow Costume! Walk into the party donning this fun and festive autumnal attire, and you'll instantly steal the show. With your purchase, you will receive a brown scarecrow shirt, a beige faux hemp collar, a rope belt, and a matching pair of brown pants. Buy your scarecrow costume today, and then scan our site for a matching scarecrow hat to complete your look!
Scarecrow Costume for Adults
Scarecrows watch over fields and keep birds from eating the crops. They are usually silent, unmoving displays. But some are evil creatures that rise from the field and attack. Order the Scarecrow Costume for Adults so you can be the evil scarecrow. Thats much better than being its victim. Includes dress, hat and belt.