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Angel Costume Ideas and Tips

A longtime staple of costuming, our selection of angel costumes is the perfect choice for any costuming occasion year round! With sizes ranging from child to adult, both young and old can have a costume that is elegant, comfortable and perfectly suited to their taste. The standard white angel costume features soft feathers and brilliant wings great for Christmas parties, while our fallen angel costumes give you a harder edge and fiercer style that is perfect for Halloween. If you are feeling even bolder, you can go with one of our sexy angel costumes that will have people thinking they just died and went to heaven.

Make sure to check out all our Angel accessories to pick up that halo or upgrade your wings to make an even grander spectacle. If your little girl needs a costume for a Christmas pageant, look no further than our angel costumes for kids. Cute, classic and adorable, you will have chosen a costume that will win any crowd over immediately.

Deluxe Lace Girls Angel Costume
Descend from the heavens this year in our Lace Girl's Angel Deluxe Costume! These exceptional costumes will serve your children well during Christmas events as well as Halloween if you wanted to be a little unusual. With a style and comfort that can be described as heavenly, they'll love the simple yet fun design of these elegant costumes. Featuring a gown, waist piece, and headband, your little angels can save the innocent and punish the wicked with our signature quality! So take advantage of these great outfit for your needs this season and don't get caught underdress ever again.
Angel Halo and Dress Girls Costume
Your little one will be absolutely beaming this year on Halloween when you pick up our Angel Halo and Dress Girls Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your daughter into the magical angel she truly is inside. Complete with a beautiful white dress as well as a matching white halo, she is going to look and feel divine all day long. Buy your angel costume today, and go make this Halloween a celestial one!
Angel Toddler Costume
Toddlers are just as cute and innocent as angles. Show that to others this Halloween as your toddler transforms into a radiating angel. Shine bright through all the scary creatures and grizzly monsters that will roam the streets during the holiday. With its angelic and pure look, they are certain to have a change of heart! Let your toddler spread love and joy all over the place as a caring and sweet angel. This outfit comes with a leotard, tights, tutu, wings, and halo.
Angelic Girl Costume
Your daughter will look just like a heavenly miracle this Halloween when you pick up our Angelic Girl Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a gorgeous white dress and waist sash as well as a matching silver halo. While wearing this magical attire, your daughter will be spreading light and celestial love all Halloween long. Buy your angel costume today, and then check out our site for the rest of your angelic accessory needs!
Sweet Angel Costume for Girls
Your daughter will be looking divine this Halloween when you pick up our Sweet Angel Costume for Girls! With your purchase, you will receive a gorgeous white dress adorned with golden stars, as well as a matching white halo. When your little angel is trick or treating with this elegant attire, she will be spreading light and positivity while receiving all the candy! Buy your angel girl costume today, and go make this Halloween a heavenly one.
Womens Angel Costume
Be a fool in love with this Women's Angel Costume. Becoming an angel for a variety of events and celebrations has been a fun choice for plenty of years. This particular outfit is comfortable and easy to wear. It comes as a single, long, white gown that flows all the way down to the feet featuring minor decorative folds along the chest. There is also a white belt tie to wrap yourself together. The sleeves are long and open which makes for a great source of ventilation during warmer events. Be the vision of happiness thanks to this Angel costume. You can wear it to Halloween, Christmas, and other themed parties. We even carry a variety of accessories and items to help complete your ensemble.
Angel Deluxe Kids Costume
Your child is going to look like the angel they are when you give them our Angel Deluxe Kids Costume to wear on Halloween! When you take them around to trick-or-treat, all their neighbors are going to fawn over them and how cute they look in this white robe. These feathery white wings are an extra adorable touch, and when people see this halo theyre going to be speechless! Give your child a heavenly Halloween with this costume.
Girls Fluttery Angel Costume
If you've been looking for an outfit to match your angelic personality, this Girl's Fluttery Angel Costume is a gift from above! This sweet and heavenly white dress is perfect for Halloween, everyday dress-up, or even a Christmas pageant. It's designed with sheer billowing bell sleeves trimmed with cloud soft marabou. The modest round neckline is also trimmed with marabou feathers, as is the hem of the floor length skirt. This outfit is pictures with wings and a halo that are not included, so be sure to check out our selection of angel accessories to complete your look. Angels are a popular choice for sweet little girls on Halloween, and this outfit would be especially cute paired with a friend or sibling in a devil ensemble. You're going to look positively radiant in this Girl's Fluttery Angel Costume!
Womens Sexy Taste Of Heaven Costume
Snow Angel Child Costume
Who needs Frosty when you're around? Make it a Winter Wonderland by showing up to the party in a Snow Angel Child Costume! This beautiful long dress is made of white polyester that will billow around you like a sheath of clouds. Its long, sheer sleeves are decorated with silver sparkles and have furry white cuffs. Matching fur runs along the neckline and outlines the included mesh wings. Silver tinsel is sewn into the fur to give it a mystical feel. The included halo is stuffed with tinsel--put it on and you'll be ready to answer their prayers! It will take a miracle to get everything you need before your friends come over. Put on your Snow Angel Child Costume and get to work! Add on white flats, a white wig, and wand, all available on this site.
Kids My Angel
Sweeten up your little one's appearance using the My Angel Baby Child Costume. They are life's precious joys and can only look more angelic! You receive a dress made of a light colored mesh material. The upper body features gold ribbons and a 3D flower piece. A pair of golden wings can be worn along the back. The final part is the pretty headband to match. Bless their little heart as they appear so full of grace in this My Angel Baby costume. Look around to include other accessories or props to the order.
Child Rose Angel Costume
Your daughter will look like she just came down from heaven this Halloween when you dress her up in the Child Rose Angel Costume! With your purchase, you will receive an elegant white dress, a pair of matching furry white wings, and a pretty halo to complete the look. While all decked out in this gorgeous wear, she'll be spreading love and light all Halloween long. Buy your angel child costume today!
White Small Angel Wings
Careful not to flutter away when you don these White Small Angel Wings. They're a perfect and beautiful way to accentuate any divine attire that you're wearing. Fluffy and lush in design, it's bound to be the optimal way to bring your angelic outfit to life! Wear these wings and make sure you don't fly into any trouble!
Deluxe White and Silver Angel Wings
Before ascending up to heaven you have to have on your pair of Deluxe White and Silver Angel Wings. You won't be turned away at the pearly gates as long as you have on these shimmering white wings with glittering silver designs.
White Feather Angel Wings with Glitter for Adults
Upgrade the elegance of your angel costume with this set of White Feather Angel Wings with Glitter for Adults! Perfect for Halloween, Christmas and any other costumed occasion, your angel character will have beautiful wings that will captivate and delight everyone all night long! Easy to wear and made of high-quality materials. Check out all of our Angel accessories for adults to maximize your look! Order yours online today!
Angel Kit
You will look like you have just fallen from the sky when you put on the Angel Kit. It features a silver tinsel halo headband and white wings with shoulder straps. Pair with a white dress and wig to create a celestial look for your next Halloween party.
Adult White Leggings
Adult White Angel Wings Large
Youre going to feel like you died and went to heaven when you go out on Halloween wearing these Adult White Angel Wings Large! Just give these wings a test flap and youll see theyre made with angelically soft feathers that will make you feel like youre floating on a cloud when you wear them. These wings also strap onto your back so easily that itll be a piece of cake to get ready on Halloween.
Child Angel
This three piece set is called the Child Angel and includes the dress, angel halo headpiece, and wing set. This costume is great for productions and parties. The Child Angel ensemble features an all white, floor length dress with sheer fabric at the neckline and making up the sleeves. The flowing dress and open sleeves add to the angelic look of the costume. The headpiece is an important piece that gets you in character and the halo and wings are the real highlights of this fun costume. The Child Angel outfit set can be worn on Halloween and Christmas pageants alike. Everyone dresses up for Halloween, so choosing an angel themed costume can stand apart as a unique and fun choice. We also carry a ton of fun accessories and props you can add to your Child Angel outfit to make it even more eye catching!
Girls Angel Costume
Grant a Wish or Make Miracles Come True in our Girls Angel Costume. Heavenly white full length gown with sash belt, angel sheer sleeves and wings, grant you a halo so your presence sings. Enjoy divine good fortune as you generously share the gifts you bear. Girl's sizing.
Set of Silver Feather Wings
Are you hoping to dress up as an angel or a really cool witch this Halloween? Get the Set of Silver Feather Wings to have your outfit looking next level. These wings are not only going to have you looking like a million bucks but will give you a unique look, different from the rest of the winged characters at the party. With its silver touch, it will be easy to spot you during the dark night!
Fallen Angel Womens Costume
Everyone loves the innocence and pureness of an angel, but maybe you are the opposite type of angel. If that?s you, we have the perfect costume you?ll love. With the Fallen Angel Women?s Costume, you can show everyone you are on the darker side. You will be dressed in all black, but still look sexy and ready for a good time. The slightly devilish costume is hot, and the wings on your outfit completes the look so everyone will know you are a fallen angel. You can flock away from the masses of the innocent angels and show off your sexy side. This women?s costume will be sure to get you a lot of attention so be sure you?re ready for lots of pictures. You will have a fantastic time in this costume and you can dance the night away at any club, party, or special occasion in style!
Womens Sexy Celestial Angel Costume
Club Angel Wings Adult
If you are looking to have the best time ever this Halloween then you are going to need an item that makes you look innocent but beautiful. This item from Costume SuperCenter definitely does that for you and also makes sure you are the best dressed person that anyone has ever seen. These Club Angel Wings will allow you to transform into a gorgeous little cherub with just a few clicks of your mouse.
White Feather Wings
Fly away with an accessory that makes it impossible to fly without. The Feather Wings- White complete any costume that requires you to soar. As a bird of the north or as an angel from beyond, you can use these feather wings to create a look that is out of this world.
Angel Dog Costume
This pet costume includes costume with wings, and halo.
Deluxe White Feather Wings
Let your wildest dreams take flight this Halloween when you strap on these Deluxe White Feather Wings! This angelic accessory makes a great addition to a wide range of costumes, and is easy to set up to boot. Get it quickly when you order from our webstore!
Pet's Fairy/Angel Harness Costume
Put the right touch of fantasy for your Halloween outfit by getting your lovable pet the Pet's Fairy/Angel Harness Costume! The outfit is comfortable and easy to put on. The fairy wings will make your pet an enchanting creature, just the stuff of fairy tales and fables! Order it online today with fast shipping!
Feather Angel Wings Set
Youll be able to bless all your friends this Halloween when you show up to a party with our Feather Angel Wings Set! These wings are easy to put on, since they just sling right onto your back and stay put all night, and theyre sturdy enough to carry you all the way up to heaven and beyond. Youll find that youre feeling more virtuous than ever when you have these wings to set a good example for you and your friends!
Adult Wig White Angel Accessory
You can bring a sweeter vibe into your Halloween if you go out in this Adult Wig White Angel Accessory! Anyone looking for a break from the spookiness on Halloween is going to make a beeline for you. Youre going to get asked if you fell from heaven a lot when you wear this wig, because youre going to look like you really could have come down from the clouds in this feathery soft white wig.