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Boys Horror & Gothic

All of the creepy ghouls, monsters and mummies come out on Halloween night. After all, Halloween originated with people dressing in scary garments to scare away evil spirits who would rise from the dead on All Souls Day. As it continued to get more popular with the mainstream, the outfits transitioned from horror to a more varied assortment of characters. Celebrate ALL Hallows Eve the way it was mean to be by choosing one of these Boys horror costumes.

Boys Horror & Gothic Costume Ideas and Tips

Your kid will be dishing out some serious Halloween Fright this year when you put them in one of our horror and Gothic-inspired costumes for boys. This collection of unique and terrifying complete costumes gives you a vast array of different styles in all of your favorite classic horror monsters, like Dracula, the Grim Reaper, zombies, The Wolfman and more. No matter what your little boy's favorite is, many options will have them howling with joy.

Once you have decided on a base look, check out all of our costume accessories for kids to find all the little fun details and add-ons that will make your child's costume as individual and creative as possible. Also, look at our horror and gothic costumes for adults for many fun ways to turn this awesome costume theme and into a frightfully fun family celebration! Classic concepts with a contemporary twist are a terrific way to put some good old-fashioned scare back into your family's Halloween!

Glowing Phantom Costume
Wield some dark powers this year with our Glowing Phantom Costume! Don the robes and glowing eyes of a shadowy demon this Halloween and scare your friends and family with this dark presence and scary design you're certain to love! This horrifying costume features all the dark details that you'd expect a phantom to have, completely covering the wearer in a scary black construction that'll let them blend into the darkness, perfect for ambushes on unsuspecting trick-or-treaters and family alike! However, this spectacular costume comes with a fun twist; red eyed glasses are featured as well allowing for a glowing effect to put the ultimate scare into the season. Adjust the brightness of these red eyes for maximum scares and use them against anyone who dares cross your paths and sending them screaming into the night. Take advantage of this adjustable scary and camouflaged costume for the night and the forests of your neighborhood. Become this deathly phantom for Halloween and enjoy this co
Grim Reaper Deluxe with Vinyl Hands Child Costume
Harvest souls as the scary and terrifying Grim Reaper. Let people know that their time has come this Halloween as you stand behind them breathing down their neck. A traditional symbol of Halloween, the Grim Reaper is very common amongst costumes and decorations. Blend in at any Halloween party or event as him and spook guests with the scary and haunting look! Better yet, the vinyl hands add a certain level of terror and originality that might really raise hair on the back of peoples' necks. Costume includes robe, hood, and gloves.
Boys Transylvanian Vampire Costume
Sink your teeth into this Halloween classic! Inject the right amount of fright into your look this Halloween with the Boys Transylvanian Vampire Costume. This costumes includes a black silk cape that's red on the outside and has a large, menacing collar. The front of the cape is held together with a gold chain. The costume includes a black and red patterned vest fastened with golden buttons and completed with attached silk white shirt. Black pants are included, as well as a gold medallion hung on a red necklace. You won't find a better full vampire costume package! For added mystery and theatrics, pick up a pair of our Fangtastics Carded fake fangs and Tri Color Palettes Vampire makeup. White Gloves are sold separately in our store for you to complete the look.
Hazard Hazmat Costume
Uh oh. We?re busting out the Hazmat suits. That means danger is afoot! This Halloween, become a chemical expert when you put on the Hazard Hazmat Costume. These yellow air tight suits are usually thrown on whenever a dangerous airborne chemical is present, so nobody breathes in any toxic fumes. When you purchase this costume, you?ll receive everything you need to look like someone about to enter an alien experimentation zone. Airborne diseases, toxic fumes, foreign chemicals? these are all perfect instances to throw on a Hazmat suit. Head to the party in this fun costume, and you can tell everyone all about the dangers in the air which you?re trying not to breathe in. While wearing this costume, you?ll look like a brave scientist, entering the dangerous elements of the world for the sake of a better future. Pick up your Hazard Hazmat Costume today, and this Halloween, you?ll be breathing in nothing but fresh air all night.
Boys Rotten to the Core Costume
Sometimes bad decisions come back to haunt you... Get into your Boys Rotten to the Core Costume on Halloween so you can torment all those rotten bullies! Each three-piece set comes with a long-sleeved shirt and pants, both dyed a fog-like black and gray print. Shreds of cloth cover them to make it seem like you just clawed your way up from a long-lost tomb. Your rib cage and rotten innards peak out from the torn-up skin in the attached chest piece. Put on the zombie half-mask with exposed skull and your face will look the same! The large hood sewn into the shirt will hide your hair once it's pulled up, saving you the hassle of wearing a hot mask all night long. Some people don't believe that bad behavior will come back to bite them in the end. Prove them wrong when you show up to their doorstep in a Boys Rotten to the Core Costume! Add on black liner and zombie gloves, sold here.
Taker of Souls Costume
Enter the underworld this Halloween when you buy the Taker of Souls Costume. You'll scare everyone you see when you show up to the party wearing this terrifying get-up. Channel the dark powers of the universe and utter curses and chants under your breath, and you'll really have everyone running. Nothing is scarier than someone who looks like Death, and what better day to reveal your dark side than on Halloween? This soul taker costume has everything you need to feel like the creepiest ghoul on the block. Team up with some other demons, ghosts, and creatures of the night this Halloween, and make it a really creepy night out on the town. Whatever you do, just make sure to wreak all kinds of mischief and fun! Buy your Taker of Souls Costume today, and then be sure to scan our site for some ultra scary accessories, like a scythe, face make-up, a spider, and more!
Kids Godzilla Costume
If your child dreams of romping and stomping through the city and causing all kinds of mischief and destruction, then they're going to love wearing our Kids Godzilla Costume this year. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the most powerful reptilian sea monster to ever breathe fire and take down buildings with one swipe of their arm. Featuring a blue scaly print jumpsuit with an attached spiky tail, a pair of matching gloves, and a Godzilla mask, they're going to be roaring all night long with this one.
Howling Horror Child Costume
Your child is sure to scare their classmates when they go trick-or-treating in our Howling Horror Child Costume! When you see your child dressed up as this screaming monster, even you will want to shudder! This is a great costume for any kid who really wants to knock people's socks off for Halloween this year.
Cool Ghoul Kids Costume
Give your child a truly haunting Halloween this year when you pick up our Cool Ghoul Kids Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a spooky white robe with black stitch print and an attached white chain, as well as a white skull mask. Pair this with a fun scythe or sword from our site, and your child will really be terrorizing the town. Buy your costume today, and go make this Halloween a real terrifying night to remember!
Lite-Up Vampire Child Costume
Your child will vant to suck everyone's blood when he wears this boy's vampire costume! This memorable costume is sure to make him the coolest vampire anyone's ever seen. It features a white shirt with attached black vest and matching black pants. It also includes a red and black patterned knee length cape that ties at the neck and features a high black and white collar like the ones that have come to be associated with Dracula and other famous vampires. The cape also features hanging fiber optic lights that will make your child stand out from the crowd while trick or treating or attending any Halloween party. Don't forget to look in our accessories section for great vampire masks, makeup, and fangs!
Kids Glow in the Dark Skeleton Suit
Does your child love pulling pranks that tend to scare the wits out of your? If so, then the Kid's Glow in the Dark Skeleton Suit is the perfect costume for your child to wear this Halloween. Not for those who are afraid in the dark, this costume will cover your child head to toe in glowing bones that are bound to spook their friends and neighbors.
Boys Day Of The Dead Boy Costume
The Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead inspired the 2017 animated fantasy film Coco, to introduce a unique story of this sacred holiday. The story premise about a young boy name Miguel who is banished to the Land of the Dead, where he needs the help of his great-great grandfather to return him home to the living. Along he gets help by a cast of ?colorful characters in his quest. Now your kid can dress as the character from popular movie
Jokes on You! Jester Costume
Play some pranks this year, as fun or deadly as you can imagine with our Jokes on You! Jester Costume. This spectacular outfit is perfect for entertaining the royal court, or spreading some violence with its equal parts delightful and terrifying disguise that'll give your guests equal portions of joy and fear. So entertain friends and family with delightful tricks, or get close enough to your target to deal the killing blow with our flexible and spooky design pulled right out of medieval literature! Slip into this Jokes on You! Jester Costume and get ready for the all the attention!
Dead Zone Zombie Child Costume
Perhaps the peewee leagues are getting too intense because they are turning out kids like the Dead Zone Zombie Child. We think this guy was called out for unnecessary roughness. The child costume set includes a faux helmet, black and red cropped pants and a top. The faux helmet didn't do much to protect unlucky number 13; his brain is showing through. The shirt is red with white and black tattered sleeves and the number 13 showcased on front. Shoes, footwear and makeup are not included.
Mr. Grim Child Costume
Even the bravest souls fear Mr. Grim when he knocks on your door. This year be death himself when you wear the Mr. Grim Child Costume. This ghoulish look includes hooded robe with cheesecloth strips, molded plastic skull mask, and skeleton gloves. This creepy look is adorned with silver chains and a peaked black hood. Scare guests to death this Halloween and order the Mr. Grim Child Costume today!
Child Bone Suit Costume
No bones about it, your child will have the spookiest outfit on the block if he wears the Child Bone Suit Costume. This spine-tingling set includes a full body suit with socks, gloves and a hood skull mask. This black outfit featured detail images of bones in white, which will make your son or daughter appear to be a walking skeleton.. While most people now consider Halloween as just a day to dress up in costume, it began as a time to honor the spirits of the dead. Many believe the veil separating the living from the dead is at its thinnest around Halloween. A skeleton is the remnants of life that once was and so it holds a special meaning on this holiday. While the fabric allows your child to see and breathe, it doesn't let him eat. So apply white makeup - available in our accessories section - to his face so he can stay in character even during the times when he has to take the mask off.
Alien Costume For Kids
An intergalactic costume is just what your little one needs! With the Alien Costume For Kids, you can be sure that they're the cutest little galaxy dweller that the world has even seen. People of Earth won't understand that this exactly what your child needs to stand out. Astronauts are so last year but this year it's the ETs that are in! This is a classic costume that they can wear over and over again - it won't go out of style.
Scary Clown Child Costume
If your little one wants to spook all their classmates this Halloween, our Scary Clown Child Costume is the perfect way for them to do that! Whether they love Pennywise or another of the long tradition of killer clowns, you can make your little one's next trick or treat outing feel like a spree through a haunted circus when you give them this eerie looking clown costume. Perfect for kids who love to ham it up!
Boys Mystical Wizard Costume
Boys Scary Clown Costume
Does your kid like to have fun and be the life of the party? If so this Boys Crazy Clown Costume is just what he needs to continue his streak. Everyone likes to have a good time so why not allow your son to do it to the best of his ability. This Boys Crazy Clown Costume can be used for a birthday party for entertainment, you can wear this for Halloween if you're feeling like a clown, costume party or just to make someone smile. This costume of fun features everything you need to help disguise yourself into a crazy clown. You get the whole bag from the shirt down to the hair and mask. Don't worry everything is ready for you! Think of how much fun you can have wearing this suit. Feel free to grab you a horn or paint so you can do face painting when you attend parties or so. It's your world so go ahead and have fun!
Boys Cyclops Costume
The cyclops is one of the most feared monsters in Greek mythology and the world. Sure, there is Medusa, and harpies, but the Cyclops stands in a class of his own. After all, he is a giant. This fearsome beast disposition has always been a rather powerful and menacing character no matter where and how the story is told. Now your child can display that magnitude of power also!
Boys Headless Boy Costume
Your son can freak out all of his friends when he dresses in the Boy's Headless Boy Costume. It features a black robe and a harness with attached neck. Using the harness, it will appear as if your son is holding his decapitated head. Browse our website for additional items to pair with this fantastic ensemble. A bloody knife makes an excellent accessory, and will look like the instrument used in slicing off the head from the body. Your son can wear this outfit to a Halloween party or out trick-or-treating. Everyone will be spooked when they see this headless child knocking at their door! No matter where your boy goes, everyone will be staring in wonderment. Order the Headless Boy Costume, and provide your son with an attire that he will have a blast wearing.
Victorian Vampire Child Costume
Transform your child into a true creature of the night with the help of the Victorian Vampire Child Costume. Theyll look like a real bloodsucker thanks to this Hollywood-inspired costume that will make them look like one of horrors oldest and greatest monsters. Featuring a black jacket with attached red vest, cape and more, this Dracula costume is just what youve been looking for to show off your cute little vampire in time for Halloween.
Spooky Ghost Kid's Costume
Haunt the night in our Spooky Ghost Kid's Costume. Play the spirit of a anyone from anywhere and make sure you can really scare! Whether a grocery store ghoul, 1770?s spectre, a parent apparition, or some other lost soul, this is a very versatile item. It is a simple outfit to wear for your various occasions. This item comes as an all-white covering that falls below the knees with a tattered cut. Sleeves have attached tendrils hanging down. You also receive a hood that covers the entire head. It has printed eye markings and a mouth so you can appear even creepier when hovering around. The Spooky Ghost costume is a definite classic and useful for children on Halloween nights and parties. Stand outside and wait for trick-or-treaters to approach, then you can give them a real jumpscare! Browse through some other items to find other helpful clothing articles and accessories.
Boys Classic Vampire Costume
Boys Skull Phantom Costume
Send shivers down the spines of onlookers in the Skull Phantom costume for boys. Electric blue accents are chilling and sure to impress your child. Robed in black it will be easy for your little phantom to blend into the darkness and cause a few scares. Torn fabric adorning the hood and sleeves give the illusion that the skull phantom is drifting through darkness, not walking. Long tipped fingers will make it easier to grab hold of unsuspecting passersby. Hidden within the oversized hood the menacing skull mask is even more pronounced and horrifying. Our low-prices and first-rate costumes like this Skull Phantom give you the most scares per dollar!
Shadow Demon Fading Eyes Costume
Awaken from the underworld this Halloween when you put on the Shadow Demon Fading Eyes Costume. There won?t be anyone scarier than you while you?re donning this creepy get-up. With your purchase, you?ll receive everything you need to look like one of the darkest and foulest creatures of the universe. Team up with a gang of ghouls, beasts and hooligans this Halloween, and you can all really scare the town. Head to the party as this demonic figure, and you?re sure to make some noise. Don?t worry, Halloween was designed for spooks, so don?t be afraid to go out there and make people afraid! That?s the whole point ya know. Oh, and to have loads of fun while you?re doing it. That?s important too. So, pick up your Shadow Demon Fading Eyes Costume today, and this Halloween, bring the evil perils of the underworld to the surface for everyone to witness.
Punk Zombie Child
Just like there are many different groups of living people there on walking around so are there as many undead cliques all ranging from the princess to the nerds and the jocks, and even the punk kids. If your kid is looking for a new way to dress in their punk style then they can just get into our Punk Zombie Child costume. After your little guy puts on his favorite pair of jeans then he can put on this faux-leather jacket with cool zombie patches and wear it over a zombie chest piece featuring a dead flesh torso with lots of bite marks. The zombie collar and cuffs go great with the hat and attached mohawk made out of spiked bones that take this Punk Zombie Child costume to an entirely new punk trend.
Kids Creepy Clown Costume
At the top of every person's list of fears is undoubtedly clowns, which is why your child is going to have a blast bringing everyone's nightmares to life this year with our Kids Creepy Clown Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your kid needs to become an evil clown who has no interest in making others laugh and giggle. Featuring a menacing clown mask with red hair and gnarling teeth, a blood-stained blue and white top with golden accents, and a pair of matching clawed gloves, your kid is going to feel powerful as ever in this one.
Skeleton Hoodie Sweatshirt for Boys
Make no bones about it, the Boys Skeleton Hoodie Sweatshirt with Mask is a fun costume to wear on Halloween. Or make a fashion statement and where this throughout the year without that mask. It can be worn anytime that weather is a little bit cool.