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Decades 70's

When you think of fashions in the 70s you think of women in maxi dresses, pants suits, halter necked cat suits and high waisted bell bottom polyester pants. Men's attire makes you think of polyester leisure suits and those cheesy disco shirts that were left unbuttoned to show off a plethora of gold chains and chest hair. In the age of Disco movies like Saturday Night Fever depicted the Seventies in all of its glory. People shook their booties on the dance floor with moves like the hustle and the bump. Buy 70s costumes online today!

70s Costume Ideas and Tips

From the decade that brought us Star Wars, Jaws, leisure suits and disco, our far-out selection of 1970s costumes is the fun and easy way to keep this unique era of fashion and music Stayin Alive! Step out of your everyday and into Studio 54 with a leisure suit or bell bottom pants that will have everybody breaking out with the Hustle. Our women's disco outfits are perfect whether you are dancing the night away at a Halloween party or just staying at home listening to the Bee Gees and handing out trick-or-treat candy!With one of our children's 1970s costumes, your little one will be no jive turkey, when you put them in an adorable disco outfit. Be sure to stop by our selection of 70s accessories for all the jewelry, platform shoes, wigs and more to have your costume completely legit from head to toe. Put on your Boogie Shoes and represent this fun-filled decade!

Silver Pimp Adult Shoes
Walking just became a bit more fun and exciting! Introducing the Silver Pimp Adult Shoes! Whether you are going to dress up as an actual pimp, a disco dancer, or any other fun and flamboyant costume, these shoes are a must get! With their flashy look, these shoes have a holographic design on them, meaning that every time you walk, they reflect light and slightly change in color! Own the dance floor in these bad boys, and show off those skills of yours to everyone. A fantastic addition to any disco themed party, or even a Halloween party!
Fuchsia Swirl Disco Diva Costume for Girls
With this costume's fuchsia colors gracing it, it's the perfect costume for any disco party , event, or dance party in general. Not too bright, but also not doo dark. Introducing the Fuchsia Swirl Disco Diva Costume for Girls. The costume's pattern and colors certainly ring back to the time period when disco was alive, and was one of the hottest, if not the hottest things ever. But now that many years have passed since, disco is not as popular as it used to be. But why not revive the good old times and dress as a funky disco diva for the dance party. Learn some classic disco moves that will go very well with this costume and impress others by giving them a show. Hit that music and play some of the greatest disco songs from the past, as you dance to them all night long. With so much excitement in the air, you are the life of the party in a costume like this!
Black Disco Pants Adult
Boogie the night away and keep the Disco fever Stayin Alive with these black disco adult pants! Available in adult sizes 32, 34, 36 and 38, these polyester pants will take you instantly back to the 70s and have you dancing all Halloween long! Also perfect for any party year round! Add a butterfly color polyester shirt to really start building your Disco King character! Check out our entire selection of Halloween costumes and accessories from all your favorite decades! Order your black disco adult pants online today for a great price and fast shipping!
Disco Dazzler Costume for Women
When bell bottom pants and disco lights were all the rage, it was the 1970s! These days, you're lucky if you get to see the cocky moves of a disco genius on the dance floor. But wait! You can be that disco diva when you sport this Disco Dazzler Costume for Women! Let the disco ball swirl, the lights gleam and the music blare! Drop your sexy freestyle moves on the dance floor in this seductive, shimmery wrap top that features a low-cut, V-neck style with a sultry trim! You'll let everyone know about your fascination with the 1970s disco craze when you wear these glitzy bell bottom pants! A gold-tone fabric belt is included to make sure your outfit stands out and gives you that glamorous oomph! Throw up a peace sign and show off your vibrant disco moves in this sensational Disco Dazzler Costume for Women!
Dazzling Disco Dancer Womens Plus Costume
Shimmy and shine out on the dancefloor in this Dazzling Disco Dancer Women's Plus Costume. Strut your stuff in style in this outfit. It is completely covered in tiny glittering pieces. The shirt is loose and pants have flared legs. You will be lighting up the night whether attending Halloween parties or disco events. Check out all kinds of other items to include as part of the ensemble. We have jewelry, wigs, and more available, so boogey on over!
Men's Disco Shirt Classic Costume
Move over, John Travolta! When you hit the floor in this Men's Disco Shirt Classic Costume, you're going to be ready to give everyone your Saturday Night Fever in an epidemic of disco vibes! Put on your favorite Bee Gees song and get ready to dance the night away in the most flamboyant shirt in the room. The style of the disco era can live on through you when you keep it alive every Halloween in this shirt!
Deja Vu Wig Blonde Wig Costume Accessory
Step back in time to when glamour and sexiness took the cake! You will appear breathtaking in this dazzling Deja Vu Wig Blonde Wig Costume Accessory! The golden locks gracefully add a gorgeous luster to any Halloween outfit! Each strand of wavy hair brings a gleam to your face, as this Deja Vu Wig Blonde Wig Costume Accessory frames it beautifully!
Women's Flirty Fantasy Blonde Wig
Whether your costume comes from the days of the 70's or recent years, any costume has more fun with this wig. The Women's Flirty Fantasy Blonde Wig proves that blondes really have more fun - but you really don't have to dye your own hair. This wig goes perfect with any costume that you want to put together. Complete a look that's fit for a hippie or a 50's chick with the Women's Flirty Fantasy Blonde Wig. Let your hair down with this awesome accessory!
Hoop Earrings
Have a "hoopy" Halloween with the Hoop Earrings! These gold clip-on hoop earrings are the perfect finishing touch for several costumes. Pair them with a gypsy costume and look like a real fortune-teller. Wear them with a disco costume and dance the night away. Pair them with a pirate costume while you pillage the neighborhood. You can even use them for everyday wear. The gold hoop earrings are inexpensive and versatile?order them today so they can become a staple of your wardrobe!
Studio Jumpsuit for Men
On Halloween, forget about chilling at your pad. Instead, put on the Studio Jumpsuit for Men and head out to Studio 54 or a Halloween party. The retro jumpsuit is inspired by 1970s fashion and will look great on you as you do the YMCA, Disco Duck or other Disco dance.
Studio Jumpsuit for Men
On Halloween, forget about chilling at your pad. Instead, put on the Studio Jumpsuit for Men and head out to Studio 54 or a Halloween party. The retro jumpsuit is inspired by 1970s fashion and will look great on you as you do the YMCA, Disco Duck or other Disco dance.
Shag Man 1970's Black Wig
Hey ladies, are you prepared to see such a handsome hunk? The Shag Man 1970's Black Wig will have every guy looking like a Don Juan. The shaggy black hair reaches to the shoulders, and looks absolutely irresistible. Pair with a disco costume to look great for your Saturday night fever.
70's Disco Gold Necklace for Men
Get down with your bad self when you wear the 70'S Disco Gold Necklace for Men with your Halloween costume. This faux gold chain is super psychedelic and will have you grooving all the way to the disco! Show off your bling and all the hippies will be jealous. The 70?s Disco Gold Necklace for Men will add the finishing touch on your 70?s hippie costume!
Boogie Girl Child Costume
Light up the dance floor like a disco inferno dressed in this Boogie Girl Child Costume! With the flashy style of the biggest disco stars of the 1970s, this outfit is a great choice for Halloween. You'll love doing the hustle in the collared black jumpsuit decked out in sparkling iridescent sequins. The jumpsuit zips in the front and features big flared bell bottoms. It comes with a pair of matching glovelettes. Check out our fabulous selection of 70s accessories to find disco ball jewelry and glamorous glitter makeup to complete your look. After the peace loving hippie trends of the 1960s went out of style, the 1970s were all about glitz, glamour, and disco. Young people flocked to dance halls and nightclubs to strut their stuff and show off their best moves, and you're sure to be a dancing queen when you step out in this Boogie Girl Child Costume!
Adult Blonde Discorama Mama Wig
Be the dancing queen when you throw on this Adult Blonde Discorama Mama Wig. It's got beautiful long blonde hair that curls up perfectly like you're preparing for a night on the disco! Accentuate any of your retro outfits with this great wig.
Tight Fro Blonde Wig Adult
Want your disco costume to be perfect but your hair isn't groovy enough? Solve that problem with the Tight Fro Blonde Wig Adult! The tight blonde curls will make you look like you're from a different era. Pair it with a wild polyester shirt and flared pants for an authentic 70's look. Get disco fever when you wear the tight blonde fro wig for adults!
Adult Star Shoes
Blonde 70'S Shag Wig
When you head out to the Saturday Night Fever disco club, you can rest assured that you look like a disco prince with this Blonde 70's Shag Wig! John Travolta is going to come up to you and ask how you got your hair looking so good when you have this blonde hairpiece to make your moves look even groovier than usual. Any 70s hit is going to feel better to dance to when you can shake this blonde hair at the same time!
Silver Sequin Jacket for Adults
You'll be lighting up the dance floor this Halloween when you pick up our Silver Sequin Jacket for Adults! If you're looking for a sleek and stunning jacket to help you look just like the King of Pop, then you definitely don't want to turn this amazing jacket down. Burn baby burn and let your disco flag fly all while sporting this sexy silver sequin jacket. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for a matching hat, jewelry, accessories and more!
Jumbo Afro Adult Wig
You'll look like you've just stepped off the set of Saturday Night Fever wearing this Deluxe Jumbo Afro Wig. This fluffy black curly wig could go with just about anything. Wear it with a leisure suit for a retro look, or casual modern clothes for a funky outfit!
Womens Sexy Disco Inferno Costume
Disco Fever Queen Costume for Women
We are afraid that we have some bad news for you. It looks like you got the fever...disco fever! Introducing the Disco Fever Queen Costume for Women! Set out to your next party dressed as a disco dancer, and dazzle and wow others with your moves. Hopefully, you are old enough to remember what it was like being at disco clubs, and what it was like to dance to disco music. If on the other hand, you were born after the disco era, this costume offers just a small taste of what it was like to have fun while partying to the theme of disco. This disco inspired outfit is perfect for any modern disco party, so you are guaranteed to blend in with all the fun, and especially with all the other dancers. Refresh your memory with some authentic and actual disco dance moves to really get into the spirit of the party, and to have some fun while at it. Be sure to also upgrade the costume with any extra items and accessories to truly and fully look your best.
Saturday Night Disco Fever Red Dress Costume for Adults
You'll be bringing the fire to the dance floor this Halloween when you walk into the party wearing the Saturday Night Disco Fever Red Dress Costume for Adults! With your purchase, you will receive a gorgeous bright red dress which will shine and shimmer as you shimmy. Pair this look with a sexy wig and some fun jewelry from our site, and you'll really be looking red hot this year. Buy your dancer costume today, and go make this Halloween a night filled with lots of fun and dancing!
Super Sized Black Afro Wig
When in doubt, Grow it out. You don't have to tell this Super Sized Black Afro Wig twice. This classic and big hairstyle will get you ready to get down and boogie at your next party or event. Perfect for a 70's inspired costume, this massive wig brings a new light to the term, go big or go home. Make a scene as the new disco king or queen with this massive wig.
White Pimp Platform Shoes for Men
Get down and boogie all night long in these White Pimp Platform Shoes for Men. They are white, so they will go with almost anything, but we recommend that you put on some pretty wide bell bottoms. The lace-up style just screams the 1970s.
70's Disco Mama Adult Costume
You'll be the dancing queen of the night when you don the 70's Disco Mama Adult Costume. The festive jumpsuit will put you right back in the days of Studio 54. The bright blue jumpsuit is styled with a holographic print design, with a sparkly pink belt on your waist. The suit is detailed with ruffle sleeves and pant cuffs for that 1970's feel. Make the look complete with a 70's styled wig or pair of go-go boots. Order your own 70's Disco Mama Adult Costume today!
70s Guy Brown Wig Adult
Travel back in time to a place of mullets and cassette tapes with this fun and groovy 70s Guy Brown Wig Adult. This realistic brown wig, replicates one of the most popular hairstyles of the 1970's and brings it right to you. Order this wig today and make any costume better. From disco king to hippie this wig can do it all.
Women's Adult Disco Jumpsuit Costume
Get on the floor and catch that Saturday Night Fever with our Women's Adult Disco Jumpsuit Costume! This shimmering disco outfit is the perfect way for you to pay homage to the most iconic era of dance ever. The 70s are going to feel like the present when you do your favorite disco moves in this flamboyant jumpsuit costume, so get ready to bump all the greatest hits by Donna Summers and the Bee Gees on Halloween!
Wild Swirl Dress Adult Costume
What a groovy costume! The Wild Swirl Dress Adult Costume is a vibrant and fun 70's themed costume. Decade themed costumes are always a fun choice and the 60's and 70's style provides you with some great selection. The Wild Swirl Dress Adult Costume features a bright Technicolor dress with an engaging swirly pattern. The trippy print is complimented with a bright blue trim at the deep V cut neckline, around the waist, and the cuffs of the sleeves. The dress also features wide open bell cut sleeves to match the style of the times. The Wild Swirl Dress Adult Costume also comes with a headband that matches in bright blue. This piece is a great costume choice for Halloween and decade theme parties. With such a bright and interesting outfit, you are sure to turn a lot of heads your way at the party. Don't forget to visit our accessories section for fun 60's and 70's themed accessories and wigs!
Men's Brown Leisure Suit
Dress like a 70s stud in this Men's Brown Leisure Suit. Whether heading to costume parties, Halloween hangouts or themed events, this is a fitting selection. Orders come with a brown button-up jacket featuring white stitching, a big collar and large front pockets to match the look of the decade. A pair of pants have a slight flare along the bottom for added style. Wear the suit to have some fun on the dancefloor grooving to the disco tunes.