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Decades 80's

The 1980s was a decade marked by excess; everything was about taking things to new heights, from high notes sung by wailing metal bands the height of one's hair. The decade was defined by its music icons - and don't forget the great movies. Madonna, Michael Jackson and hair metal bands like Poison and Bon Jovi played a crucial part in turning their style into the must have wardrobe of the time and the crazy costumes we sell today. Our 80's Halloween costumes are a blast from the past. Our eighties clothes and fashion feature spandex animal prints, Madonna costumes feature leggings, lace tutus, mesh gloves and loads of raw sex appeal. For men, Billy Ray Cyrus made us fall in Achy Breaky love with the hillbilly mullet like our Men's Dirty Blond Mississippi Mud Flap wig. And let us not forget about Michael Jackson - from the Thriller to Billy Jean, anyone who is looking for 80s men's costumes outfits can find them below.

80s Costume Ideas and Tips

The one word that most accurately encompasses the attitude, personality, pop culture and overall Vibe of the 1980s is "BIG". Big hair. Big shoulder pads. Big movies. The actual movie Big starring Tom Hanks, also 80s. So when you are laying out your Halloween plans, you may want to consider any of the countless ways to incorporate this decade’s extravagance into your Halloween costume. There is no shortage of absolutely iconic characters and pop culture personalities that are guaranteed to spark the nostalgia fire inside you and all your friends. Often colorful and never dull, the styles of the 1980s will forever be known as fearless strides in self-expression. Many of these looks may not have stood the test of time in the world of mainstream fashion, but they are forever locked in the American subconscious as the epitome of party time fun. Here are just a few ways to take your 1980s Halloween to the max.

Iconic 80s Movies, Characters, and Their Memorable Quotes Infographic

With so many outrageous options for 1980s costumes, you may find yourself wanting to learn more about these unique fashion trends and their origins, variations and public appeal. Think about the haircuts worn by the band Flock of Seagulls. Don't you have a thousand questions about how such a style can not only be thought of and tried out but go on to be one of the most recognizable and definitive quaffs of the decade? Why did super bright clashing colors make up the wardrobes of housewives and entertainment elites alike? And denim. So much denim. Blue jeans have been around forever, but the 1980s was truly an eruption of denim from jean jackets to shirts and vests. Click over to the 1980s infographic in our blog to find out facts and trivia about your favorite or most notorious fashion trends from the era.

80s Licensed Costumes

The 1980s was easily one of the biggest decades in terms of licensed franchises that embedded themselves in the hearts of the American public. Movies like Top Gun, Beetlejuice and A Christmas Story created unforgettable characters that make terrific 1980s Halloween costumes for any movie lover. Some of your favorite horror movies hail from this decade too! Go big when you recreate your favorite 80s character with our licensed costumes!

80's Womens Accessory Kit
Channel the magic of the 80's this Halloween when you pick up our 80's Womens Accessory Kit! If you're dressing up as an 80's star this Halloween, then you definitely don't want to miss out on this special kit. Complete with a pair of lacey black fingerless gloves and an 80's black lace head scarf, you'll look like you just stepped out of a portal from the 1980's. Buy your kit today, and then scan our site for the rest of your 80's costume and accessory needs!
Gold Chain Accessory - Jumbo
Whether you're dressing up as a gangster or a rapper this Halloween, you'll be ready for the occasion when you put on our Gold Chain Accessory - Jumbo! With your purchase, you will receive a large and thick set of golden plastic chain-links to wear around your neck this year. Pair this fun accessory with the rest of your thug costume and you'll have the night of your life. Buy your gold chain today, and go make this Halloween a golden one!
Women's Silver Lame Gloves
It is time to enter your spaceship and travel back to your long missed fabulous world. Before you go, put on the Women's Silver Lame Gloves. The shiny gloves are a must have for any alien. Robots like them too. So do disco divas. Add some shine to any outfit with this playful accessory. Popstar, vintage Hollywood actress, or fancy duchess, there's nothing these Women's Silver Lame Gloves can't do. These sexy yet sophisticated silver gloves complete any costume ensemble you can dream of. Add them to any look and bring your costume to the next level. Include them in your latest superhero cosplay or even your typical Tuesday at the office! Turn your fashion style into a futuristic look. The gloves are opera length with a metallic silver look. Saddle up that rocket gals, and make that costume blast off. Aliens and cyborgs are just some of the creatures that might wear these accessories. 
Female 80's Pop Star Wig
Join the ranks of hair bands this Halloween with the most eye-catching wig. Purchase the Female 80?s Pop Star Wig to become the lead singer in the band for the night! The spiky haired black wig is sure to be memorable. Pair this wig with combat boots, fishnets, and colorful eye makeup!
Studded Fingerless Gloves
Whether you're hacking your way into the mainframe or need to give that perfect little addition to a battle hardened warrior, these studded fingerless gloves are perfect for protecting your hands and keeping you in the action. Keep your cool and look it too with these stylish accessories perfect for a wide range of costumes. Find new uses for these year after year with these fantastic studded fingerless gloves perfect for taking the chopper out or delivering some chops of your own!
80's Neon Fishnet Glove Set
Material girls don't wear any old thing out in the material world, they wear the trendiest clothes and accessories in vibrant colors like this 80's Neon Fishnet Glove Set in neon green and a hot fuchsia.
Adult Neon Pink Leg Warmers
Use the Adult Neon Pink Leg Warmers to complete any 80's costume. The vibrant colors pop with brightness and highlight your sultry stems. Pair with neon fishnets and heels to create an eye catching look that is sure to turn heads.
4 Pocket Pleather Jeans for Men
These 4 Pocket Pleather Jeans for Men are, like, totally rad. You need to put these on and watch a Brat Pack movie like Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink, for sure. Its a righteous style inspired by the style of the Me Generation.
4 Pocket Pleather Jeans for Men
These 4 Pocket Pleather Jeans for Men are, like, totally rad. You need to put these on and watch a Brat Pack movie like Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink, for sure. Its a righteous style inspired by the style of the Me Generation.
80's Purple Pizazz Adult Wig
Need a fun wig for a Halloween or 80's party? You'll have a totally tubular time when you wear the 80's Purple Pizazz Adult Wig! Pair this wild purple wig with an off-the-shoulder top, short lace skirt, leg warmers, neon jewelry, and a jean jacket for the ultimate 80's ensemble. Carry a microphone or inflatable guitar with you for a rockin' look. Your night will be radical when you wear the 80's Purple Pizazz wig for adults!
Black Lace Fingerless Gloves
Are you heading out for the Madonna concert tonight? Then you need to have on our Black Fingerless Gloves! These lace pieces are covered with floral print and have thick cuffs at the knuckles. A must-have for 80s costumes and looks beautiful with Gothic and Victorian outfits.
Michael Jackson Costume for Men
Become the King of Pop this Halloween when you buy the Michael Jackson Costume for Men! Head to the party in this groovin' Michael gear, and you'll have everyone staring at you in awe and wonder. Bring out your best moonwalk, bust out all your funk moves, and 'thriller' all over the place this Halloween, and you'll have everyone hoppin' and boppin' to your beat! Come on, it's easy as A B C, 1 2 3! After all, nobody can out-funk the King of Pop. It's sad that Michael has recently passed on from this world, but that certainly doesn't mean we have to lose him in memory. His music will stay with us forever, and by dressing up as Michael this Halloween, you'll celebrate his memory in the best way possible! Spread the love and joy only Michael Jackson can bring this Halloween, when you buy the Michael Jackson Costume for Men!
Wild Child Costume for Girls
Your daughter will be looking like a real free spirited rebel this Halloween when you dress her up in the Wild Child Costume for Girls! With your purchase, you will receive just the outfit you need to transform your angel into a little devil who listens only to herself. Featuring a black "I love the 80's" top, a pink belt, black fishnet glovelets, a pair of black and pink zebra pants, and a matching headband, she's going to love this look. Buy your rebel child costume today!
Pink and Green 80s Tee Shirt Clips
If you need to be 80s to the max for a Halloween celebration or 80s party, your costume won't be complete until you get the Pink and Green 80s Tee Shirt Clips! Every stylish girl who grew up in that great decade remembers accessorizing her shirts with these colorful plastic clips, and you'll love doing the same thing with these totally tubular pink and green rhinestone tee shirt clips.
Black Leg Warmers
Kick those feet up high and then do your maniac dance like you've never done before after you've slipped on these sleek Black Leg Warmers, so you can feel like you just came from an 80's dance video already prepared to cut a rug.
Adult 80's Punk Accessory Kit
80's Diva Adult Costume
Calling all material girls and boy toys, this 80s Diva Adult Costume is the ultimate ensemble for all ladies of the 80s! Whether you're trying to get backstage at a hair metal concert or goofing off in the mall in the Valley, this outfit that includes a dress, leggings, glovelettes, and a chain belt will help you do it in totally awesome 80s style. The black dress features soft pink polka dot accents on the shoulders and bust, as well as a pink underlayer on the gathered skirt. Inspired by the fashions popularized by icons like Madonna, this dress is tight in the bodice with a short voluminous skirt. The black leggings and polka dot trimmed lace gloves help you achieve the ultra trendy street urchin look. Enhance your outfit with jewelry and hair accessories available separately on our website. Even if you aren't lucky enough to remember the 80s, you're going to love dancing to new wave and synth pop like it's 1985 in this 80s Diva Costume for Adults!
Flash Dance Womens Costume
Blast to the past in the Flash Dance Women's Costume! This will bring back a lot of great memories you had back in the day and you?ll look just as great as you did back then. This women's costume is comfortable to wear all day long, and stylish to show everyone you still got it. The flashdance outfit is great to wear for a dance, 80?s themed party, or even a night out on the town. The adorable outfit can be worn all year long, dressed up or dressed down, so there?s no need to store it away in the closet after Halloween. The costume will have you feeling the music and you can jump on the dancefloor and steal the spotlight! Have some fun this year in this costume that will get you rockin? and rollin? all night long! You might even be named most fashionable this year!
Inflatable 80's Retro Mobile Phone
Be obnoxiously 80's with the Inflatable 80's Retro Mobile Phone accessory! In the 1980's mobile or cell phones were large, but not this large. The black inflatable phone's huge size parodies how large the mobile phones just a few decades ago compared to have compact our cell phones are now!
Mullet Black Wig Costume Accessory
Travel back in time to the 1980s, when punk band and glam rock were the sensation! This awesome Mullet Black Wig Costume Accessory will take you back to the decade of materialism! Accessorize your Halloween outfit with this comical throwback to the 80s, the Mullet Black Wig Costume Accessory!
Michael Jackson Silver Glove Child
Celebrate one of the biggest icons in music history when you complete your Michael Jackson Halloween costume with this Michael Jackson silver child glove! This replica of the king of Pop's classic single white glove is the accessory that will make your costume quite the Thriller! Including one glove, you have an instantly recognizable and convenient addition that will take your costume to the next level! Made of high-quality and durable polyester. Add Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket and a pair of sunglasses to have a look that's really Bad! Check out our entire selection of officially licensed Michael Jackson costume accessories! And order your Michael Jackson silver child glove online today, while supplies last!
80's Bangle Bracelet Set (4 piece)
Black, pink, orange, and neon green are all the colors that you get to wear with this Set of Four Bangle Bracelets. Get that extra girly style wearing these cool plastic bangles in pretty and bright colors.
80s Neon Earrings and Necklace Set
New wave music blasts from your radio all the time and some days you feel like you could just transport yourself back to the 1980's where not only the music was cooler, but the fashions too. We can get you halfway there with this 80s Neon Earrings and Necklace Set, including neon pink and green triangles and squares with black beds incorporated into a necklace and pair of clip-on earrings.
Mens 80s Video Super Star Costume
The age of excess, better known as the 1980's, brought you some of the most outrageous styles of dress and many of them came from some of your favorite pop and rock stars of the time. When you're feeling nostalgic and want to revisit a time of crazy fashions you can get suited in the Men's 80s Video Super Star Costume. You will be an eyesore to everyone that sees you wearing a glistening gold lame jacket with tie dye-colored cuffs and trim matching the colorful belt that comes attached to the pair of gold lame baggy-legged pants with gold chain details. Add trend on top of trend with a black mesh shirt worn underneath the jacket and rock out to your favorite 80's tune once you're in this Men's 80s Video Super Star Costume.
White Lace Gloves
Includes a pair of white, finger-less lace gloves. Gloves measure 15.75" long.
Neon Orange Long Wig
Have a fiery appearance with the Neon Orange Long Wig. You are going to look so hot just by changing up your style! Orders come as a single brightly colored orange wig with long hair. Bangs are in front to cover your forehead as well. There are tons of character ideas you can use this for. Take from film and cartoons or make up one of your own. The night will burn bright with you around.
Adult Pink Lame Leggings
80's Bracelet Set
The big 80's are back and there is no way that you can escape this awesome trend so put on your leg warmers, stud your jacket, and don't leave off the Set of Twelve Assorted Color Bracelets in green, orange, black , and pink.
80's Fingerless Fishnet Gloves in Black
The 80's was the decade where everything matches even if it didn't. This was especially true when it came to the clothes and no matter who you were you were bound to have a pair of fishnet gloves lying around. Bring these once loved accessories back into fashion with the 80's Fingerless Fishnet Gloves in Black and finish off your already awesome 80's outfit or costume.
80's Neon Pink Short Fishnet Adult Gloves
Girls just wanna have fun... Do it right when you pull on a pair of Short Fuchsia Mesh Fingerless Gloves! These wrist gloves come only to the knuckles and have a thick band to keep them in place. Wear them for 80s, rave, and monster costumes for a sweet touch.