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Gogo Costumes

Get into the groove with any of our Gogo style costume get ups! You will be up all night staying funky in any of these will cool Go Go outfits. Feel the rhythm and chant the rhyme on the 60's dance floor. There are many items to choose from and all at low prices. Find the perfect Go-Go costume ensemble to live it up in!

Gogo Costume Ideas and Tips

Swing into the 70s as one of the sexiest dancers in American history, by dressing up as a go-go dancer! You’ll look like you walked right out of a disco movie when you’re dressed up in one of our go-go costumes. Check out our iconic go-go boots and sparkly pink clothes to put together a go-go costume all your own.

You’ll be ready to entertain a nightclub crowd when you pick out one of our quality and sexy go-go costumes. The go-go dancers of the 70s were known for casting a spell on clubbers everywhere, so you’re sure to get a lot of attention when you walk into a Halloween party wearing one of these eye-catching outfits. You can even get some of your sexiest friends together to form a group costume, and treat your Halloween partiers to a whole squad of go-go dancers ready to get wild! Shop our go-go costumes today!

Dora (Silver) Child Boots
Need the right touch to a classy costume for your girls? For this Halloween you can't go wrong with the Dora (Silver) Child Boots. These silver boots are an easy fit and the go go boots can really match with any outfit. Watch your girls strut their stuff! Order your pair today!
Pink Patent Gogo Boot Child
Our Pink Patent Gogo Boot Child features a glossy and eye catching light pink color. The knee high boots feature a 1.75 inch heel. Our Pink Patent Gogo Boot Child can accessorize many different costume selections well.
Women's Green Glitter Gogo Boots
You won't need the luck of the Irish when you show up this St. Patrick's Day wearing the Women's Green Glitter Go-Go Boots! Your sexy leprechaun costume will be cool and comfortable in these green sparkling high heel boots with inner zipper. Add a cutsey Leprechaun Hat to to finish your sexy look with a playful touch. Also makes a stellar addition to any Space Princess Halloween Costume. No matter the holiday, Costume SuperCenter has what you need for the costume you want! Order your Women's Green Glitter Go-Go Boots today!
Kids Silver Glitter Gogo Boots
What kid wouldn't want these fantastic sparkly boots? With shine from all angles, these Silver Glitter Gogo Boots are a must-have for any disco diva in your house. There are so many options for adding these to your child's Halloween costume?70s groovy chick, astronaut, drum majorette, dancer or pop star. Just imagine the shimmer these beauties will produce when under the lights. Trick or treating will be quite the feat when these almost knee-high boots are on her feet. Adding these to her costume will really send it over the top. So, if you're looking for the last-minute accessory, let these all-over glitter boots steal the show!
Sexy Thigh High Boots - White - Adult Costume Accessory
Add a sultry finishing touch to your ensemble with this Sexy Thigh High Boots - White - Adult Costume Accessory. Long white boots with a tall heel are the perfect way to accentuate your go-go dancer, sexy space alien, or ?60s mod costume. Order women's sexy costumes and accessories online today.
White Patent Gogo Boot
We sell some fantastic 70's decade party costumes and our White Patent Gogo Boot would be an excellent way to accessorize that outfit. The White Patent Gogo Boot is just about knee high and features a heel as well. The white patent looks amazing and provides the perfect item to complete your 70's themed ensemble.
Women's Wide Width And Calf Gogo Boot
Don't forget your Women's Wide Width And Calf Gogo Boot to complete your gogo girl costume! The boots are white and feature a chunky high heel. The wide width of these boots is perfect to ensure that you're comfortable this Halloween.
Red Patent Gogo Boot Adult
A bright red boot can add a striking detail to your ensemble. The red patent has a sleek and sexy look that makes our Red Patent Gogo Boot Adult a great choice. The Red Patent Gogo Boot Adult is about knee high with a 3 inch high heel.
3-inch Wide Width Women's GoGo Boot - White
Far out! The 60s look is in style and the next time you put on a miniskirt, pair it with 3-inch Wide Width Women's GoGo Boot ? White. These fashionable knee-high boots have a sexy 3-inch heel. They go with everything from a 60's mod dress to a 70's style to todays' modern look.
White Mid Calf Patent Gogo Boots for Adult
Get out there on the dance floor and bust a move this Halloween when you put on our White Mid Calf Patent Gogo Boots for Adult! Perfect for a hippie costume or a dancing queen costume, you can't go wrong with these all white pair of gogo boots. Pair these shoes with any number of costume designs from our site and your Halloween is sure to be a major success this year. Buy your white gogo boots today!
Black Patent Go Go Boot Child
Our Black Patent Go Go Boot Child are a fun accessory to wear along with your costume. The high boots have a glossy and fun look thanks to the patent leather material. The boots also feature a 1.75 inch heel for a stylish touch. The Black Patent Go Go Boot Child can look great with a number of different costumes and themes.
Adult White Go Go Boots
Get your groove on with these iconic Go-Go Boots - White - Adult. These tall, white boots feature a chunky heel and an unstoppable style. Pair with a ?60s throwback ensemble or create a funky spin on a futuristic outer space ensemble. Shop for women's sexy costumes and accessories online now.
White Knee-high Boot Adult
Our White Knee-high Boot Adult is a great choice when looking for the finishing touches to add to your costume. The knee high boots feature a shiny white material, a side zipper, and a high heel. These stylish boots will turn you into a disco diva!
Leader of Dreams Wig
You'll be looking and feeling gorgeous as ever this Halloween when you pick up our Leader of Dreams Wig! With your purchase, you will receive a beautiful short black haired wig to pair with the rest of your get-up this year. Whether you're dressing up as a dancer, a classy gal, or any other fun character, you'll be feeling your best while donning this elegant wig. Buy yours today, and go make this Halloween a real treasure of a night!
Mod Girl Costume for Women
1960's fashion in London and England is referred to as "Mod Fashion", due to its innovative, creative, "anything goes" style. Mod is actually short for modern, and it's a good word for the entire movement, because until that time, nothing was as unique or stylish as this new flashy fashion. Characterized by bright and bold colors arranged in beautiful geometric patterns, this style was totally modern compared to the bland colors of the 50's. This Halloween, try your hand at the wondrous mod fashion yourself when you buy the Mod Girl Costume for Women. Step into the party in this gorgeous get-up, and all eyes will magnetically be drawn to you. With your purchase, you'll receive everything you need to take part in one of the most unique fashion trends in history. Pick up your mod girl costume today, and make this Halloween your most stylish one yet!
White Patent Gogo Boot Child
Go Go Boots match the style of the 70's and are a great selection for your costume. The White Patent Gogo Boot Child is a solid white costume boot with a glossy appearance. The boot features a raised heel as well and a side zipper. Order your White Patent Gogo Boot Child today!
White Go-go Boots for Adults
Choose a classic 70s look for Halloween this year with the right accessories! Purchase the White Go-go Boots for Adult to begin your long list of accessories. White is the classic color of Go-go boots! This year you will be the most stunning person at the party with this great boots.
Go-Go Girl Costume for Women
You'll be the sexiest girl at the party this Halloween when you put on the Go-Go Girl Costume for Women. Go-Go girls are female dancers who are hired to dance and entertain entire crowds, whether at nightclubs, bars, or other big venues with music. This vocation started in the 1960's in bars and lounges, but has continued well into today! When you show up to the party as a go-go dancer yourself, don't be surprised when everybody has their eyes glued on you. People aren't used to seeing somebody so beautiful in person. Feel free to do the twist and dance with all your best friends this Halloween while wearing this fun and sexy get-up. After all, dancing is the best way to express yourself and let loose. Whatever you do, just make sure to have the time of your life this Halloween. Pick up your Go-Go Girl Costume for Women today, and make this Halloween an absolute blast!
Gogo (Silver) Adult Boots
Whether heading out to a fun rave or dressing up for a fun Halloween night, you won't need any luck getting attention when you wear the Women's Gogo (Silver) Adult Boots. Your next sexy costume will be all the rage and will be hard to resist. Literally light up the night with boots that shine brighter than diamonds. No matter what costume you are planning to wear these boots will surely make them even better! Order now!
60's Mod Blonde Wig Adult
Travel back to a decade where the clothes were brighter, love was all around, and peace was the main mission and be sure you wear this 60's Mod Blonde Wig Adult displaying a long and bouffant blonde wig with a side bang that will make every say how groovy you look.
White Go-go Boots for Children
Spend time under the dazzling disco ball with your child this Halloween. Boogie down but don't forget to get them the perfect outfit for the event! These Girls' White Go-Go Boots will complete your disco diva's ensemble. With a 70's style jumpsuit or a 60's style dress, you and your daughter can become dance royalty for the night!
Gold Go-go Boots for Adults
Hold on to the great fashion of the 70s by choosing the best boots to represent the era! Buy the Gold Go-go Boots for Adults today. These gold boots are eye-catching! Pair the gold boots with an array of outfits and gold jewelry. Become the new queen of fashion this Halloween.
Silver Go-go Boots for Children
Show your child the fun and fashionable aspects of the Seventies this year! Buy the Silver Go-go Boots for Children and let the disco dancing begin. The silver boots will give your child?s costume extra sparkle. Teach her your favorite disco era dance and record fun dancing videos so she will always remember the fun!
60s Go-Go Brown Adult Wig for Women
Grab your boots and your bell-bottom pants because we are going to dance the night away but first you are going to need this 60s Go-Go Brown Adult Wig for Women. Yes, you need this flawless wig to go with your outfit. It features a long brown wig with flip up curls and a pink headband. This will take you back to the 60s and put that groove back in the heart! So what are you waiting for? Get your order in today but you must hurry the party will be here soon!
ChaCha (White) Adult Boots
Go dancing this Halloween in our Adult Chacha Boots White! You can be a Go-Go dancer or just another nightclub patron when you're wearing these eye-catching white boots. These boots are sturdy enough to withstand a night's worth of energetic dancing, so don't be afraid to get out there and shake it to the Cha-Cha!
Silver Go-go Boots for Adults
Dance the night away in 60s or 70s style! Buy the Silver Go-go Boots for Adults to add the perfect touch to complete your ensemble. The classic Go-go boots will make your outfit more authentic and fun. Pair this outfit with a silver, white, or black jumpsuit or dress to make the ultimate impression.
Kids Gold Glitter Gogo Boots
Snuggle up with your little kitten as they wear the Cuddly Lion Toddler Costume. Usually, lions are pretty fierce creatures, but not this time! This outfit comes as a single piece jumpsuit made of fuzzy brown material. It has an attached tail, tan belly patch, and feeties. You also receive a pair of mittens to look like paws. The hood piece has a large mane and ears to complete the look. Kids will become the cuddliest cuties in this lion costume!
3-inch Wide Width Women's GoGo Boot - Red
Be the sexiest devil at the party when you stroll in wearing 3-inch Wide Width Women's GoGo Boot ? Red. The shiny knee length boots have three-inch heels and look spectacular. Wear them with any red costume such as 60s attire, devil, superhero and so much more. This retro style looks great with everday clothes too.
Gogo (Gold) Adult Boots
Strut in style this Halloween in these Gogo (Gold) Adult Boots! You'll rock your look in these knee-high gold boots! Whether you'll dress up in 70s disco style or an out-of-this-world disguise, these Gogo (Gold) Adult Boots are designed to make an incredible fashion statement! The boots are comfortable with a flat, wide heel! Dress to impress this Halloween in these Gogo (Gold) Adult Boots!
Green Go-go Boots for Adults
Shine in green this Halloween with a colorful disco accessory! Buy the Green Go-go Boots for Adults and embrace the disco feeling. You?ll be able be able to dance across the dance floor in this fantastic boots. Complete your outfit with a matching green or print jumpsuit to stand out even more!