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Tombstone Set (3)
Create a cemetary on your lawn with these Tombstones. Includes (3) tombstones that measure 21" x 12".
The Nightmare Before Christmas Mini Tombstone Set Jack/Sally/Zero
Want a cool way to make your home become creepy? The Nightmare Before Christmas Mini Tombstone Set Jack/Sally/Zero is one way to do just that. These tombstones are fun yet creepy, just like the movie! All visitors will love to see your love for this classic Tim Burton flick in the form of these accessories on your lawn.
Zombie Arm Stakes
Trick or treaters will be wary of the house that has zombie arms coming out of the ground! The Zombie Arm Stakes are a great set of decorations to add to your lawn cemetery. The set includes two prop arms that you can stake into the ground so it looks like they're breaking through the dirt. Set up these arm stakes by a prop tombstone so it looks like a zombie coming back from the dead and bursting out of its grave! Order your Zombie Arm Stakes today!
Mossy Bat RIP Tombstone
This tombstone is so old, it has stuff growing on it! Get this 22 Mossy Bat RIP Tombstone to show the irony of a living thing thriving next to something that has deceased. Green moss is shown across the bottom of the stone and patches of it are shown growing near the top. The gray stone appears cracked, etched with the letters RIP and the outline of a bat. Place this piece in your home to spruce up your haunted house or put it out on your lawn for the grass to blend in and really creepy out your guests!
Three Part Halloween Sign Set
Welcome Halloween season by decorating for fun! Buy the Three Part Halloween Sign Set to begin celebrating all October long. Get creative when placing the signs on your property. Also pair these signs with faux tombstones, spider webs, and witch props to complete your desired look for the haunted month!
Grave Mound Ground Prop with Stakes
Hey, look what we dug up. It's the Grave Mound Ground Prop with Stakes. The burlap blanket looks like a mound of dirt. When you place it over a pile of leaves or rags and stake it in place, it will look like a freshly dug grace. Includes 6 metal stakes.
Mossy Celtic Cross Tombstone
It would be a grave mistake to pass on this Moss Celtic Cross Tombstone! If you want to make your yard extra spooky this Halloween, this lawn decoration is sure to please. The sculpted stone-look cross features menacing skull impressions and an intricate Celtic knot design in the center. Green moss decorates the base and top edge for the antiquated look of decay. This decoration measures 22.6 x 11 x 1. The Moss Celtic Cross Tombstone would look ominous on its own, but to really up the scare factor be sure to create a haunted graveyard scene with other tombstone decorations from our great selection.
Body in a bag
Your crime scene Halloween won't be complete without our Body In A Bag Decoration to give you a victim. When this body bag is laid out in front of your house, the trick or treaters are going to wonder who done it when they come up for candy. Splatter some fake blood around and lay out this body bag and you won't have to worry about making your house scary this year; you'll have it covered!
Enter If You Dare Tombstone Set
The trick or treaters will think twice before coming into your yard when you have our Enter If You Dare Tombstone Set to greet them! This set of tombstones is perfect for setting the mood for a classic haunted house decor scheme, so use it whenever you're getting spooky this Halloween season! No one who comes over to your house will enter lightly when they see these tombstones cautioning them at the door, that's for sure!
Dawn of the Dead Cemetery Kit
With Halloween approaching now is the time to start getting your costumes and decor ready for your gathering. You can use this Dawn of the Dead Cemetery Kit to help turn your party into an scary gruesome event! You can use this on the outside in front of your home to have your guest terrified upon entering. They won't know what to expect! It features a 12 piece of horror to frighten your guest and to turn your event into a hit. So purchase this kit today while you still have time.
Keep yourself bound up with these authentic looking Shackles. They're perfect for a con costume, or even for making an escaped serial killer look tame. Make this an integral part of your runaway outfit today!
Graveyard Kit - 20 pieces
When you put out this Tombstone Set Decoration on Halloween, all your neighbors will appreciate your classic decor choice! Tombstones are the most iconic Halloween image there is, so when you decorate your lawn with them everyone is sure to notice your taste. Order this timeless Halloween decoration and you're sure to be the best house on the block this year!
2 Piece Cemetery Fence
Your front or back yard will be the creepiest graveyard in town when you decorate it with this 2 piece cemetery fence. Each piece is 18 inches wide and 29 inches tall and features a rustic looking fencing design that will look like it's surrounded your yard for decades or more. Make sure you order enough to go all the way around your yard or the section of your yard you've designated as a graveyard!
Creepy Tree
Looking for the perfect centerpiece to put out at your Halloween party? Branch out and get the Creepy Tree! This 12? x 6? x 28? prop has posable limbs and will look amazing in the middle of your table. Decorate this spooky tree with fun Halloween ornaments and your party guests will stay planted all night.
Set of 3 Faux Wood RIP Tombstones - 2'
Turn your lawn into a cemetery this Halloween when you pick up our Set of 3 Faux Wood RIP Tombstones - 2'. If you're looking for the perfect set of tombstones to give an extra spooky vibe to the trick or treaters this year, then look no further than these. With your purchase, you will receive three wooden look foam tombstones, each with removable stands. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for more scary Halloween decorations!
Silver Skull Fence
Turn your front lawn into a haunted cemetery or decorate the inside of your home for the Halloween party with our Silver Skull Fence. With each order, you'll receive two pieces of prop fencing. The silver fence is detailed with a skull focal point in the center of the fence. This spooky fence has a gothic look to it and can help set the perfect atmosphere for a Halloween party. The fence prop decoration is also a great addition to Haunted Houses. The fence is just under 3 feet high at 33.5 inches and is 38 wide with both pieces of the fence put together. Decorating for Halloween is always a blast and this Silver Skull Fence is a great piece to add to your spooky set up this year.
Super Creepy Gothic Skull Fence
This is one house I would not enter! Introducing the Super Creepy Gothic Skull Fence. Features a two pack, black plastic fence with four gruesome skull attached to the fence. Increase the creepy factor by adding mist machine, spider web, and eerie sound box. Great for that Halloween party. So don't waste another second, scurry on over to your device and order now.
Light Up Gothic Skull Fence (2)
This Light Up Gothic Skull Fence will look great on your walk way or along the sides of your drive way. Pack comes with two sections, each measuring 12"H x 24"L. Built in batteries bring the glowing red eyes to life.
Tombstone RIP 3 Piece Assortment Prop
Turn your house into a miniature graveyard this Halloween when you pick up our Tombstone RIP 3 Piece Assortment Prop! Perfect for the front lawn, these three tombstone props will certainly spook quite a few trick or treaters on their way to your door. Featuring different engravings of skull and ghost designs, these three props will have all the spirits swirling this Halloween. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Halloween decorations!
Camo Netting
If youre setting up the perfect vantage point or just trying to evade capture, then our Camo Netting gives the ultimate one two combo for getting it done! Pick your targets or remain hidden with this fun and flexible netting that gives you everything you need from a way to blend in with the surroundings or a way to become the ultimate tactical force! Pair it up with your favorite military style costume or wear it over your spooky one to scare your friends, this netting gives you tons of flexibility and fun!
Freddy Krueger Tombstone
Jumbo Shackles Accessory
When you get taken downtown by the fuzz this Halloween, youre going to have no chance of escape when you have this Jumbo Shackles Accessory to give your costume some realism. Whether youre dressing up as a classic pinstriped criminal or donning a bright orange jumpsuit, youre going to be well and truly trapped when youre wearing these shackles. You could even try out your magic tricks if you dress up as Houdini in these!
Jason Headstone
Beetlejuice Small Tombstone
Are you a fan of Tim Burton's 1988 dark supernatural comedy? Then, you'll want this Small Beetlejuice Tombstone. Lovingly recreated to mimic the look of the titular striped coat-wearing ghost. Put this prop in your lawn for a creepy addition tou you Halloween display. Buy your Small Beetlejuice Tombstone online today!