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Ultra Premium Santa Adult Beard Wig Set
If you want to blow all the other Santas out of the water this Christmas, youre going to want this Ultra Premium Santa Adult Beard Wig Set! This beard and wig are going to shower your head and shoulders with curly white hair, and youre going to find that all the kids want to play with this lifelike facial hair accessory! Youll love sitting kids on your lap and asking them what they want for Christmas when youre wearing this beard and wig set!
Mens Premium Santa Beard and Wig
Complete your Santa costume this Christmas with this mens premium Santa beard and wig! Made of high-quality and comfortable polyester, this convenience set gives you the final two components you need for a Santa Claus suit that will keep people smiling all Christmas long! Add a pair of eyeglasses to further develop your merry Santa! For even more great ideas shop our full selection of holiday costumes and accessories for the entire family! Order your Men's Premium Santa Beard and Wig online today for a great price and fast shipping!
Mrs. Santa Wig
Hopefully you didn't really think that Santa Claus did all of the Christmas work by himself because he certainly has a full team with him and you could play the part of Mrs. Claus as long as you're wearing the Women's Miss Santa Wig. A crinkly white wig with a low bun and center part will make you look the part of jolly old Saint Nick's beloved.
Economy Santa Beard and Wig
Give yourself that luxurious mane and hair of Santa, but without any of the work. Put on our Economy Santa Beard and Wig Set to delve into the world of everyone's favorite holiday mascot. It has an epic style that looks like it came straight out of a storybook! Make sure that your spirit matches your jovial attire this year!
Santa Beard and Wig Accessory Set Adult
You may be clean shaven, but when it's time to deliver present, you'll need a thick, curly, kid-friendly beard! This lush Santa Beard and Wig Accessory Set Adult will make every child's holiday wishes a reality! This gorgeous, silvery white Santa Beard and Wig Accessory Set Adult adds the oomph every Santa needs when the gift giving season rolls around!
Santa Eyebrow Whitener
Ho ho ho! This eyebrow whitening stick will have you looking like the big guy from up north in no time! This whitener is easy to apply and easy to wash off. No matter what color your eyebrows are, this stick will turn them snow white!
Deluxe Santa Eyebrows
We believe that extras can help make or break a costume, so don't forget your eyebrows this season! With our Deluxe Santa Eyebrows, your kids will never be able to tell you apart from Father Christmas himself! These comfortable and detailed eyebrows will cover up ability for friends and family to recognize you and pair perfectly with a Santa costume. Featuring a set of eyebrows attached with an easily obtained spirit gum, these capable and fun pieces are a must-have for any Christmas fun this season. So put a twinkle in your eye this season and make sure the kids don't see you put the presents under the tree!
Adult Deluxe Wig and Beard Set
Turn yourself into the man of the hour with this cool Adults Deluxe Santa Hat and Beard Set. This jolly red Santa hat with an iconic white beard and mustache to go with it are the perfect finishing touches to any Santa costume. Turn yourself into Santa with a bright red suit, a belt, and black boots or black boot covers. This set is perfect for the professional or stay-at-home Santa.
Men's Biblical Beard and Wig Set
Whether reenacting the biblical tail of Jesus or just in need of a high quality beard and wig set, the Men's Biblical Beard and Wig Set had you covered. Replicate the image of Jesus that we all know and love while putting in little to no effort. Perfect for Halloween and Plays, this biblical set will not disappoint.
Adult Professional Santa Wig and Beard Set
If you're looking to take your Santa game up a notch, try out this excellent Adults Professional Santa Hat and Beard Set. Upgrade your costume or simply update your old and worn out Santa gear. This beautiful set includes a silky white professional grade beard and mustache, along with a lovely res Santa hat. Top off your costume to delight kids lining up in malls or bring in holiday cheer.
Child Santa Claus Beard
He sees your kids when they're sleeping, but he didn't imagine that they'd want to mimic him! If your kid has a love of all things Santa and they want to get involved in the holiday spirit, make sure that you snag this Child Santa Claus Beard. With this authentically inspired beard, your kids will be on their way to being Santa in no time!
Simply Santa Beard & Moustache
Get ready for your date with Mrs. Claus by slipping on a Simply Santa Beard and Moustache! The straight, bright white beard falls all the way to your chest, while the long moustache stretches to the sides of your face. A must-have for any Santa on a budget, and great for wizard costumes.
Kids Santa Beard and Mustache
Bring some extra cheer to your kid's ho-ho-holidays when you get him this classic Santa Claus beard and mustache accessory. Whether your youngster wants to try out his method acting chops as he distributes the Christmas presents or you merely want to muffle the screams of joy brought on by the sugar rush of holiday treats, this Kids Santa Beard and Mustache is the perfect prop. It's easy to put on, usable for years to come and is sure to earn hearty laughs from all your guests. Order yours before this merry deal is gone!
Economy Santa Wig and Beard Set
Complete you Santa Suit with this economy Santa Beard and Wig set. The famous white facial hair will make any Santa costume recognizable. Check out our accessories for other matching attachments, such as the eyebrows.
Santa Eyebrows
Santa Baby, what big eyebrows you have! If you're looking to add more "street cred" to your Santa gig, our Santa Eyebrows are the jig. White as snow above the eye facial hair. Easy on - stay on - and easy off. You can't get lost with these kind of instructions. One size, one pair. For holly jollies.
Buddy Wig
If you're dressing as Buddy the Elf for a fun Halloween or Christmas look, make sure you purchase the Buddy Wig to complete your look. The wig features curly brown hair so you can look just like this lovable movie character.
Deluxe Long Santa Beard and Wig Set
Enjoy this rustic version of Old Saint Nick that includes a snowy white wig and beard to go with it. Pair it with a robe-like Santa costume, or use it in a stage production!
Santa Claus Wig and Beard Set
Ho ho ho! Make your Christmas merry with the Santa Wig and Beard Set! The set includes a shoulder length white wig as well as a long, white bushy beard with an attached moustache. Make sure you purchase our other Santa accessories to complete your jolly look.
Deluxe Mrs. Claus Adult Wig
If youre helping out your hubby to deliver presents this Christmas, this Deluxe Mrs. Claus Adult Wig is the perfect way to let him know youre here to support him! Whether youre making your Halloween a little merrier or getting a costume together for your Christmas pageant, youre going to look like the matriarch of the North Pole when you put on this gorgeous set of white flowing locks. When you hand out presents in this youre sure to have a Merry Christmas!
Santa Wig & Beard Set
Getting the personality of Santa down is one thing, emulating his jovial spirit and signature look is an entirely different matter. Give yourself the best chance when you put on Santa Wig & Beard Set. It's a bold and classical aura that is sure to be the deciding factor in your Santa authenticity.
Adult Santa Beard & Wig
No Santa costume is complete until it has an impressive white beard to go with it. In case you aren't able to grow one out in time for Christmas, the Adult Santa Beard & Wig has your back. Includes long white hair headpiece and flowing white beard. Shop on our online store for great deals on all our holiday costumes and accessories!
Santa Eyebrow Accessories
If youre handing out presents this year, youre going to need some bushy white Santa Eyebrow Accessories so you can capture the look perfectly. When you put on your red and white suit, youre going to be glad you got these eyebrow accessories to finish off the jolly look on this Santas face. When the kids come sit on your lap, theyre going to think its hilarious that your eyebrows are just as bushy as any Santas!
Premium Mrs. Claus Wig Accessory
You can make Christmas extra special for every kid in your family when you put on this Premium Mrs. Claus Wig Accessory this year! In this Mrs. Claus wig, you're going to look like you just came from the workshop up at the North Pole, so you can deliver presents in this costume looking like you're Santa's wife herself. Everyone is going to want to sit on your lap when you're dressed as Saint Nick's better half this Christmas!
Womens Deluxe Mrs. Claus Wig
Even though Santa checks the list twice, he's going to depend on his brilliant wife to ensur everything goes smoothly. Ease your transition into Mrs. Claus with our Women's Deluxe Mrs. Clause Wig perfect for the holidays. This exceptionally designed costume piece is great for anytime of the season being Halloween or after, a great addition for couples or props for a seasonal visit. This wonderfully designed wig will delight your friends and family as you'll look like you came straight from the North Pole! So make sure the sleigh is in order and the reindeer are all fed, Saint Nicholas can't do it without you!
Santa Beard and Wig Set
Looking for the perfect way to finish your Santa attire? Look no further than our Santa Beard and Wig Set. It's a fashionable getup that will have you looking like Jolly St. Nick. Make this the final piece of your holiday ensemble!
Adult Wig White Angel Accessory
You can bring a sweeter vibe into your Halloween if you go out in this Adult Wig White Angel Accessory! Anyone looking for a break from the spookiness on Halloween is going to make a beeline for you. Youre going to get asked if you fell from heaven a lot when you wear this wig, because youre going to look like you really could have come down from the clouds in this feathery soft white wig.
Deluxe Santa Beard and Wig Accessory Set
You're going to even make Santa jealous of your luxurious facial hair when you have this Deluxe Santa Beard and Wig Accessory Set to make your costume look perfectly merry this year! This beard and wig are just like what you remember from your childhood mall Santas, and you can pair it with spectacles and a hat to finish the look with all the Christmas magic any kid could ask for. Treat yourself to milk and cookies when you wear these accessories!
Santa Eyebrows
Do you want to immerse yourself into the magical world of Santa? It takes a great job of design and makeup, but make sure that you start with our Santa Eyebrows. You'll feel like you stepped out of the story book when you see yourself in these bushy brows!