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Girls Bad Spirit Cheerleader Costume
"We've got spirit, yes, we do. We've got spirit; how about you?" Ok, so we didn't mention what kind of spirit, though. Rooting for evil may not be the most popular way to go, but it sure can be a lot of fun. If your little yell leader prefers the goth dark colors to the peppy pastels, then this dark-themed costume may be for her. Outfit includes everything she needs to make the squad?pleated skirt, shell with glitter skull screenprint, knee socks, arm piece and pom-pom. She can cast a spell that'll make the other team lose. Because the game is not always fair, right? Sporting a pout or smirk on your face helps intimidate the opponents too. Rah-rah for sneaking candy on Halloween in the neighborhood. It'll be fun to emulate the bored, uninterested, too-cool-for-school hipster with this getup. Try practicing cheers in a monotone voice for extra effect. It'll be a blast?just don't show too much emotion. You don't want anyone to think you're having fun or that you care too much.
Glowing Phantom Costume
Wield some dark powers this year with our Glowing Phantom Costume! Don the robes and glowing eyes of a shadowy demon this Halloween and scare your friends and family with this dark presence and scary design you're certain to love! This horrifying costume features all the dark details that you'd expect a phantom to have, completely covering the wearer in a scary black construction that'll let them blend into the darkness, perfect for ambushes on unsuspecting trick-or-treaters and family alike! However, this spectacular costume comes with a fun twist; red eyed glasses are featured as well allowing for a glowing effect to put the ultimate scare into the season. Adjust the brightness of these red eyes for maximum scares and use them against anyone who dares cross your paths and sending them screaming into the night. Take advantage of this adjustable scary and camouflaged costume for the night and the forests of your neighborhood. Become this deathly phantom for Halloween and enjoy this co
Grim Reaper Deluxe with Vinyl Hands Child Costume
Harvest souls as the scary and terrifying Grim Reaper. Let people know that their time has come this Halloween as you stand behind them breathing down their neck. A traditional symbol of Halloween, the Grim Reaper is very common amongst costumes and decorations. Blend in at any Halloween party or event as him and spook guests with the scary and haunting look! Better yet, the vinyl hands add a certain level of terror and originality that might really raise hair on the back of peoples' necks. Costume includes robe, hood, and gloves.
Kids Godzilla Costume
If your child dreams of romping and stomping through the city and causing all kinds of mischief and destruction, then they're going to love wearing our Kids Godzilla Costume this year. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into the most powerful reptilian sea monster to ever breathe fire and take down buildings with one swipe of their arm. Featuring a blue scaly print jumpsuit with an attached spiky tail, a pair of matching gloves, and a Godzilla mask, they're going to be roaring all night long with this one.
Boys Transylvanian Vampire Costume
Sink your teeth into this Halloween classic! Inject the right amount of fright into your look this Halloween with the Boys Transylvanian Vampire Costume. This costumes includes a black silk cape that's red on the outside and has a large, menacing collar. The front of the cape is held together with a gold chain. The costume includes a black and red patterned vest fastened with golden buttons and completed with attached silk white shirt. Black pants are included, as well as a gold medallion hung on a red necklace. You won't find a better full vampire costume package! For added mystery and theatrics, pick up a pair of our Fangtastics Carded fake fangs and Tri Color Palettes Vampire makeup. White Gloves are sold separately in our store for you to complete the look.
Girls Mysterious Mummy Costume
Tweens, this Halloween ask your mommy to buy you a Girl's Mysterious Mummy Costume. Offered in Large (fits 10-12) and extra-large (fits 12-14), the ensemble includes pants, a top, neckpiece, glovelettes and head tie. All are made of white fabric that looks brown and tattered from age. Mummies are essentially dead bodies that have not naturally decayed. The most common method of mummification is quick drying the body - using the sun, fire/smoke and chemicals- since bacteria and fungus cannot live without water. Many famous mummies were created purely by accidents, but Egyptian mummies were created purposefully. Ancient Egyptians believed the life force left the body at death, but it could be lured back and then the body and life force would enter the nether world. It is perhaps this belief that lead to stories of reanimate mummies that stalk the living. Who will you haunt this Halloween?
Girl's Little Miss Candy Corn Classic Costume
Your little girl can dress up as her favorite Halloween candy when you give her this Girl's Little Miss Candy Corn Classic Costume! In this candy corn costume with its trademark stripes, she's going to look like she's one of the pieces of candy waiting to be given out to kids on Halloween! When she comes home with a whole bag full of the same candy she's just dressed up as for the whole night, she'll be able to look back on her best Halloween ever!
Girl's Pretty Witch Light Up Costume
If you have a little girl who wants to feel like the prettiest witch in the neighborhood this Halloween, you can give her this Girl's Pretty Witch Light Up Costume to let her shine! When she lights up the night in this glowing costume, she'll be a beacon for the rest of the kids on the block. She might not be able to tear herself away from the mirror when she sees herself living her dream as a beautiful witch!
Child Candy Corn Witch Costume
This Child Candy Corn Witch Costume offers a sugary sweet twist on a spooky Halloween classic. It blends the magic of witches with the delight of candy corn to create an amazing disguise sure to please any little girl. The dress features a lace-up black bodice trimmed with gold sequins, as well as bright orange puffed sleeves and a long tiered skirt. The white, orange, and yellow skirt makes it the dress look like a giant piece of tasty candy corn with sheer black ruffle trim at the hem. Also included in this charming ensemble is a pointy white, orange, and yellow witch hat with a black tulle hat. To make this Child Candy Corn Witch Costume even more spellbinding, don't forget to add a witch's broom and pointy shoes from our great selection of accessories.
Girl's Rebel Rock Witch Classic Costume
If your little girl wants to put on a show and put a spell on everyone at school, she can wear this Girl's Rebel Rock Witch Classic Costume to show everyone that magic is punk! In this set of witch robes and matching hat, she's going to feel like she's about to go onstage at the most magical Battle of the Bands she's ever imagined. Her band is sure to have fantastical hits when she's the lead singer in this rockin' witch costume!
Hazard Hazmat Costume
Uh oh. We?re busting out the Hazmat suits. That means danger is afoot! This Halloween, become a chemical expert when you put on the Hazard Hazmat Costume. These yellow air tight suits are usually thrown on whenever a dangerous airborne chemical is present, so nobody breathes in any toxic fumes. When you purchase this costume, you?ll receive everything you need to look like someone about to enter an alien experimentation zone. Airborne diseases, toxic fumes, foreign chemicals? these are all perfect instances to throw on a Hazmat suit. Head to the party in this fun costume, and you can tell everyone all about the dangers in the air which you?re trying not to breathe in. While wearing this costume, you?ll look like a brave scientist, entering the dangerous elements of the world for the sake of a better future. Pick up your Hazard Hazmat Costume today, and this Halloween, you?ll be breathing in nothing but fresh air all night.
Baby/Toddler Dapper Drac Costume
Behold a bat before your eyes with the Boys Infant Toddler Dapper Drac Costume. Your little man will instantly turn into a handsome vampire with the possession of this costume. As the classic Dracula, your child will lure everyone into their spell of cuteness. This costume is absolutely to die for! It comes with two pieces for easy assembly. Just add the detachable cape to their jumpsuit costume for an easy fit. This costume is a perfect addition to any family of vampire costumes.
Incantasia The Glamour Witch Child Costume
Turn your little princess into the most stylish witch in the land when you put her in this Incantasia the Glamour Witch Child Costume! This modern yet elegant take on the classic witch costume has a slight wizard inspiration with its full length, billowing black and purple dress with layered collar and attached belt with buckle. Topping off this can't miss look is a matching traditional style witch hat that will keep you cackling all Halloween long! Does not include broom. Add green face paint to start developing your unique witch character now! Shop our entire selection of frightfully fun Halloween costumes for children and adults! Order your Incantasia the Glamour Witch Child Costume today to avoid the crowded Halloween stores!
Lite-Up Vampire Child Costume
Your child will vant to suck everyone's blood when he wears this boy's vampire costume! This memorable costume is sure to make him the coolest vampire anyone's ever seen. It features a white shirt with attached black vest and matching black pants. It also includes a red and black patterned knee length cape that ties at the neck and features a high black and white collar like the ones that have come to be associated with Dracula and other famous vampires. The cape also features hanging fiber optic lights that will make your child stand out from the crowd while trick or treating or attending any Halloween party. Don't forget to look in our accessories section for great vampire masks, makeup, and fangs!
Taker of Souls Costume
Enter the underworld this Halloween when you buy the Taker of Souls Costume. You'll scare everyone you see when you show up to the party wearing this terrifying get-up. Channel the dark powers of the universe and utter curses and chants under your breath, and you'll really have everyone running. Nothing is scarier than someone who looks like Death, and what better day to reveal your dark side than on Halloween? This soul taker costume has everything you need to feel like the creepiest ghoul on the block. Team up with some other demons, ghosts, and creatures of the night this Halloween, and make it a really creepy night out on the town. Whatever you do, just make sure to wreak all kinds of mischief and fun! Buy your Taker of Souls Costume today, and then be sure to scan our site for some ultra scary accessories, like a scythe, face make-up, a spider, and more!
Sequined (Red) Pitchfork
Be a sexy devil this Halloween with the Sequined (Red) Pitchfork! Put on your favorite red or black dress and a pair of sequined devil horns, then add the perfect accessory. This 19? red sequined pitchfork is cute and easy to carry. You'll be satanic and stylish when you add sequins to your devilish ensemble. Raise Hell this Halloween with the red sequined pitchfork!
Black Witch Shoe Child
Add the perfect finishing touch to your Halloween witch costume with our Black Witch Shoe Child. The costume shoes feature a high heel of 2.5 inches, a buckle on the front, and a pointed toe. These shoes have the classic look of a witch's outfit and can be a great detail on your child's Halloween costume.
Boys Rotten to the Core Costume
Sometimes bad decisions come back to haunt you... Get into your Boys Rotten to the Core Costume on Halloween so you can torment all those rotten bullies! Each three-piece set comes with a long-sleeved shirt and pants, both dyed a fog-like black and gray print. Shreds of cloth cover them to make it seem like you just clawed your way up from a long-lost tomb. Your rib cage and rotten innards peak out from the torn-up skin in the attached chest piece. Put on the zombie half-mask with exposed skull and your face will look the same! The large hood sewn into the shirt will hide your hair once it's pulled up, saving you the hassle of wearing a hot mask all night long. Some people don't believe that bad behavior will come back to bite them in the end. Prove them wrong when you show up to their doorstep in a Boys Rotten to the Core Costume! Add on black liner and zombie gloves, sold here.
Kids Spider Witch Light Up Costume
All of the spiders will be obeying your daughter this year when she's all dressed up in our Kids Spider Witch Light Up Costume! With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to become a magical sorceress who knows a thing or two about bats, cats, and spiders. Featuring a beautiful black light up dress with a multi-colored tulle skirt, as well as a matching black hat with a pink ribbon and a spider accent, your child is going to love this enchanting get-up.
Girls Forsaken Souls Costume
Mourn the fate of all the souls lost in eternity with this Forsaken Souls costume for girls! Whether you're a forsaken soul yourself coming to warn those who are still living or a sorceress using their spirits for your own purposes, this is one costume that will send chills down your friends' spines! This costume includes a long black and white dress with an attached black hood trimmed in white. The wide skirt and extra wide sleeves are decorated with the images of many forsaken souls, their eyes empty and their mouths open wide with silent screams. Black laces criss cross the bodice to create a classic look. Make sure you look elsewhere on our website for makeup and other cool accessories!
Howling Horror Child Costume
Your child is sure to scare their classmates when they go trick-or-treating in our Howling Horror Child Costume! When you see your child dressed up as this screaming monster, even you will want to shudder! This is a great costume for any kid who really wants to knock people's socks off for Halloween this year.
Girls Classic Devil Costume
Our perception of monsters range from those cute little monsters to the even more cute monster. Take the Classic Devil costume, aside from the playful and Colorful Magic Devil costume, the classic Devil is a bit more mature look. It is sassy, cute, elegant, and it has attitude all rolled into one Deep Red costume. Perfect for that wanna be bad girl in your life.
Kids Pumpkin Ghoul Costume
Whether your child is dressing up for Halloween or just looking for a spooky autumnal set of attire, your kid is going to have the time of their life sporting our Kids Pumpkin Ghoul Costume this year. With this set, you will receive everything your kid needs to become the King of all jack o lanterns. Featuring a hooded black and olive tattered tunic, a rope belt, a pair of spooky green gloves, and a giant grinning pumpkin face mask, your kid is going to have a ball with this one.
Ombre Vampire Girls Costume
Turn your daughter into a blood thirsty vampire for Halloween! Better yet, she is going to be no ordinary vampire. Instead, she's going to look like a vampire queen or princess! Vampires are a classic symbol of the holiday, which is why you see them, along with bats on Halloween pictures, decorations, and so much more! Let your little girl turn into a vampire, and haunt others at the party. Fun, elegant, and fits right in with the spooky season, she is definitely going to be royalty...of the dark side! Includes dress.
Inflatable Child Mannequin Prop
Kids Swamp Zombie Costume
Your child will be ready to rise from the murky swamp and wreak havoc wherever they go this year when they're wearing our Kids Swamp Zombie Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to become a gnarly and nasty member of the undead who has an insatiable appetite for flesh! Featuring a ghoulish skull mask, a swampy green skeletal jumpsuit, and a pair of matching skeletal gloves, your child is going to look haunting as ever in this one.
Alien Commander Kids Glow in the Dark Costume
Your child will be leading the pack of extraterrestrials this Halloween when you pick up our Alien Commander Kids Glow in the Dark Costume! With your purchase, you will receive a fun black and navy blue cloak, a pair of matching black gloves, and a glow in the dark green alien mask. Your child will have a blast trick-or-treating as this luminous extraterrestrial! Buy your costume today, and go make this Halloween a night as fun as outer space!
Kids Creepy Scarecrow Costume
Create an adorable scarecrow or go for some scares in this Creepy Scarecrow Child Costume. Costume includes tunic top, hat, collar, rope belt and scythe. Does not include gloves, tights or boots.
Sparkle Witch Costume for Girls
You can either be naughty, or you can be nice in this sparkly witch costume. Make a grand entrance at the Halloween party, and show off your flamboyant witch costume to all of your friends, and other guests who will be present there as well! Introducing the Sparkle Witch Costume for Girls. Use your wand of magic and spells to cast and manipulate sparkles and anything that is sparkly. The costume is there to help you achieve that effect, and to also make you look like the true manipulator and master witch of sparkles. Plus, the sparkles themselves are shiny and bright, meaning that whenever you will be riding across the moon or the sky on your broom and in your costume, the sparkles will shine like little stars. The sparkles are also going to be noticeable as you move around the party room, prompting others how great, fun, and maybe even believable you look in the costume. Add some glitter for a more powerful effect!
Spooky Ghost Kid's Costume
Haunt the night in our Spooky Ghost Kid's Costume. Play the spirit of a anyone from anywhere and make sure you can really scare! Whether a grocery store ghoul, 1770?s spectre, a parent apparition, or some other lost soul, this is a very versatile item. It is a simple outfit to wear for your various occasions. This item comes as an all-white covering that falls below the knees with a tattered cut. Sleeves have attached tendrils hanging down. You also receive a hood that covers the entire head. It has printed eye markings and a mouth so you can appear even creepier when hovering around. The Spooky Ghost costume is a definite classic and useful for children on Halloween nights and parties. Stand outside and wait for trick-or-treaters to approach, then you can give them a real jumpscare! Browse through some other items to find other helpful clothing articles and accessories.