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Boys Transylvanian Vampire Costume
Sink your teeth into this Halloween classic! Inject the right amount of fright into your look this Halloween with the Boys Transylvanian Vampire Costume. This costumes includes a black silk cape that's red on the outside and has a large, menacing collar. The front of the cape is held together with a gold chain. The costume includes a black and red patterned vest fastened with golden buttons and completed with attached silk white shirt. Black pants are included, as well as a gold medallion hung on a red necklace. You won't find a better full vampire costume package! For added mystery and theatrics, pick up a pair of our Fangtastics Carded fake fangs and Tri Color Palettes Vampire makeup. White Gloves are sold separately in our store for you to complete the look.
Baby/Toddler Dapper Drac Costume
Behold a bat before your eyes with the Boys Infant Toddler Dapper Drac Costume. Your little man will instantly turn into a handsome vampire with the possession of this costume. As the classic Dracula, your child will lure everyone into their spell of cuteness. This costume is absolutely to die for! It comes with two pieces for easy assembly. Just add the detachable cape to their jumpsuit costume for an easy fit. This costume is a perfect addition to any family of vampire costumes.
Lite-Up Vampire Child Costume
Your child will vant to suck everyone's blood when he wears this boy's vampire costume! This memorable costume is sure to make him the coolest vampire anyone's ever seen. It features a white shirt with attached black vest and matching black pants. It also includes a red and black patterned knee length cape that ties at the neck and features a high black and white collar like the ones that have come to be associated with Dracula and other famous vampires. The cape also features hanging fiber optic lights that will make your child stand out from the crowd while trick or treating or attending any Halloween party. Don't forget to look in our accessories section for great vampire masks, makeup, and fangs!
Ombre Vampire Girls Costume
Turn your daughter into a blood thirsty vampire for Halloween! Better yet, she is going to be no ordinary vampire. Instead, she's going to look like a vampire queen or princess! Vampires are a classic symbol of the holiday, which is why you see them, along with bats on Halloween pictures, decorations, and so much more! Let your little girl turn into a vampire, and haunt others at the party. Fun, elegant, and fits right in with the spooky season, she is definitely going to be royalty...of the dark side! Includes dress.
Baby/Toddler Lil Vlad the Vampire Costume
The only cute vampire is a baby vampire. Prove it this Halloween with our Lil Vlad The Vampire Boy's Costume. It's a pretty slick rendition if we do say so ourselves. The cape is made to look like red crushed velvet on the inside with an unholy black sheen on the outside. The top is a patterned vest and the pants are cuddle-time soft. Anyone looking to hug a vampire and not get bitten, now is your chance.
Girls Victorian Vampire Costume
Does your little girl need a ghastly and spooky vampire costume for Halloween? We have the perfect Girl's Victorian Vampire Costume that's elegant with black lace and stylish belt with a bat design. The child's vampire dress comes with a high collar that will make her look like the most menacing lil' vampiress! Our Girl's Victorian Vampire Costume is great for trick or treating or any Halloween costume party. Order a Girl's Victorian Vampire Costume online!
Girls Vampire Girl Costume
Be the prettiest version of Dracula the world has ever seen in this Girl's Vampire Girl costume! The outfit features a gothic, floor length dress that is black and blood red. The long sleeves flare out at the end to add to the drama of the costume. Attached to the waist is a shining silver belt. The ensemble also includes a sheer black cape that is designed to resemble the wings of a bat--it can even attach to your hands with built in finger loops! The cape features a high black collar. Also included is a silver and red bat medallion to attach to the collar. This is the perfect costume for any girl who wants a classic and beautiful look this Halloween. Purchase some black nail polish, black heels, or a coffin hand bag, each sold here separately, to complete your look!
Victorian Vampire Child Costume
Transform your child into a true creature of the night with the help of the Victorian Vampire Child Costume. Theyll look like a real bloodsucker thanks to this Hollywood-inspired costume that will make them look like one of horrors oldest and greatest monsters. Featuring a black jacket with attached red vest, cape and more, this Dracula costume is just what youve been looking for to show off your cute little vampire in time for Halloween.
Boys Classic Vampire Costume
Monster High Deluxe Draculaura Costume
You sure are a lot gentler than your papa! Wear a Monster High Deluxe Draculaura Costume and show your friends how sweet a vampire can be. This stuffed set starts with the pink satin top designed to look like a button-down vest. The white collar has lace accents decorated with sewn-in bat patch. The long fishnet sleeves will keep you warm as you're studying late into the night. Large pleats are folded into the white satin skirt, its black lace hem falling to the mid-thigh. Pull on the fishnet capri leggings underneath so you can leave your tomb! Just don't forget to fasten your knee-high boot tops with printed corset lace on before you go. Frankie is a bit shy and she needs a friend to show her the ropes. Get into a Monster High Deluxe Draculaura Costume and give her a tour! Add on a Draculaura wig, sold here.
Gothic Vampiress Child
Uncle Alucard just invited you to his castle. Make sure you get a Gothic Vampiress Child Costume so you can look good for the visit! This floor-length gown is made out of black polyester, giving it a creepy edge. A blood-red panel running down the center adds some devilish charm to the look, its crushed velvet body shining in the moonlight. The draping cuffs attached to the long sleeves are sewn from the same material. A functioning lace up the gold-trimmed center of the dress will let you tighten the outfit while adding gorgeous folds to the skirt. The foam neckpiece can be worn up as a collar or down as a cape. Lace it on and you're sure to impress all of your family back in Transylvania! Add black shoes, vampire teeth, and gloves to your Gothic Vampiress Child Costume and you'll be the classiest creature around.
Regal Vampire Costume
Feast on your victims dressed in a vampiric outfit that looks like it belongs in the halls of a Transylvanian castle. Terrorize some innocent villagers by picking up the Royal Vampire Girls Costume, an elegant looking black dress with blood red highlights that will serve as a fitting costume for such a deadly creature as yourself. Become the vampire queen this Halloween with a dress that's fit for court.
Promo Vampiress Costume
Your little girl can get her fill of candy and blood at the same time when she has this Promo Vampiress Costume to give her a gorgeous horror movie look this Halloween! This dress has an attached belt that will make her feel like a vampire princess, so when she goes out trick-or-treating shes going to feel like shes on a runway just as much as shes on the hunt for human flesh!
Childrens Hooded Unisex CloakC.P
Be wary on Halloween night. Ghosts, goblins and all sorts of monsters haunt the night. One of them may even be your child dressed in the Childrens Hooded Unisex Cloak. The black cloak can be the building block of a vampire costume, a grim reaper outfit or a supervillain uniform.
Girls Vampiress Queen Costume
The only way to have more fun than a vampire this Halloween is by being the ruler of all the vampires. Your child can bring all the vampires in town under her command when she wears this Vampiress Queen costume for girls! Even Count von Count and Dracula himself can't say no when the Vampiress Queen gives them an order. This costume includes a red and black grown that will have her ready for some blood sucking fun! It features a layered skirt with a sheer fringed overskirt in front and black laces criss crossing across the bodice. It also features a high red collar. Make sure you check out our selection of vampire accessories like masks, fangs, and makeup to fully transform her into a Vampiress Queen!
Monster High Draculaura Child Wig
Give your little girl that spooky look she loves so much thanks to our Monster High Draculaura Child Wig. It's got the finishing touches that she needs to make sure her outfit looks better than ever!
Draculaura Deluxe Costume
Become your favorite vampire student this Halloween when you pick up our Draculaura Deluxe Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to feel like you belong in the hallways of Monster High. Complete with a beautiful black and pink dress, a matching capelet, and a pretty black and pink wig with a matching pink tiara, you can't go wrong. Buy your costume today, and then team up with Clawdeen Wolf and Cleo de Nile for your best Halloween yet!
Velvet Childrens Unisex Vampire Cloak
If your child is a fan of Twilight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Monster High, the Velvet Childrens Unisex Vampire Cloak is a necessity for your costume closet. The long black cloak feels comfortable and looks great. We suggest some vampire teeth and some white face makeup to go with it.
Valentina the Vampire Girl's Costume
When you think child vampire your think pale white paint, slicked back hair, likely male. Well, our Valentina the Vampire Girl's Costume is none of those things. It is a gorgeous black dress accented with red lace and flared cuffs. Of course, you can add all of the aforementioned accoutrements to give your daughter a more traditional vampire vibe. But it is our opinion that a wicked black crown and fangs would do the trick nicely.
Child Luxurious Vampire Costume
Take a cheat day from the all-blood diet and eat lots of candy with your child this Halloween when you pick up our Child Luxurious Vampire Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your little tot into the cutest blood-sucker in town. Complete with an elegant black coat with an attached vest and shirtfront, as well as a classy medallion, you can't go wrong with this one. Buy your vampire kids costume today!