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Kids Werewolf Costume
Your child will be howling at the moon this year when you dress them up in our Kids Werewolf Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a beautiful furry beast who every now and then loses control of themselves when the moon gets full. Featuring a cute red plaid dress with a claw mark on the chest, a wolf ears headpiece, and a pair of matching mitts, you're going to love this gorgeous look on your tyke.
Boys' Howling at the Moon Werewolf Costume
There's a good reason your mom sets bedtime so early. Keep an eye on that lunar calendar when you suit up in a Boy's Howling at the Moon Werewolf Costume! This outfit starts with the terrifying full-head mask. It's molded to look like a snarling wolf head, the back and sides covered with plush gray fur. The lips on the muzzle are stretched back to reveal rows of long, sharp teeth. Large eyeholes make sure you can watch out for tasty snacks that go walking by. Look like you've really turned into a beast when you slip on the shredded plaid shirt, its fur collar and underbelly making it seem that you're having the worst hair day yet! Furry glovelettes are sewn into the sleeves for an authentic touch. They say you're a wild child, but they don't know how right they are! Wear your Boy's Howling at the Moon Costume with nails and black liner (sold here) to have everyone cowering in fear.
Wick'd Wolfie Costume For Kids
The full moon is coming this Halloween and your child will be transformed when wearing this wolf costume. The Wick'd Wolfie Costume For Kids is spooky and sassy with pretty flannel dress and faux fur accents. The dress comes with a black top and flannel skirt and collar, with scratch mark details. Show off your wild side with the matching grey faux fur mittens and leg covers. Top it off with the wolf hat with attached pointed ears. Have a howling good time this Halloween and order the Wick'd Wolfie Costume For Kids today!
Boys Werewolf Costume
Your son can probably be handful, especially when the moon is full, so allow him to let out his inner animal this Halloween while dressed in the Boys Werewolf Costume. Offered in three sizes that will fit most boys sized 8-12, this garb includes a mask, shirt and furry fingerless gloves. The 3-D mask features brown fur, eyes, eye holes and large upper fangs and teeth. It covers the entire face except the mouth and chin, making it easy for your child to speak, eat and drink. The tattered white shirt reads full moon and features graphics that show tears in the shirt and bloody tear marks on the chest. If you child is a little mischievous he will have some fun startling the neighbors and trick-or-treaters while dressed in the animalistic garb, so buy it now.
Baby/Toddler Wolfred Costume
In a costume such as this, others are going to find you delightful and just really fun! Introducing the Wolfred Costume for Toddlers. Create an everlasting impression by dressing up into this costume and attending many different forms of costume parties in it. You can come to a friend's birthday party celebration if there is a certain theme that this costume fits in with. You can use this costume for a Halloween event that is kid friendly! No need to dress as a scary ghost, or as some kind of evil witch or monster. This costume perfectly gets the job done with its looks, and especially since it's not as frightening for your toddler and others around him or her. Though the costume is fantastic, you always want to go for a more believable look. In that case, upgrade the look with various accessories that will compliment the costume and match its look at the same time!
Little Werewolf Costume for Kids
Fearsome and terrifyingly adorable, this Little Werewolf Costume for Kids is a fun way to bring some light-hearted fright into your Halloween! Complete and comfortable, this multi-piece set is made of high-quality materials for a werewolf outfits that they will love to wear! Perfect for any Halloween or costumed activity, as well as everyday play time! Take this look to a whole new level when you choose items from our giant selection of Halloween costumes and accessories for kids!
Wicked Werewolf Costume for Kids
This Halloween, show off your wild side when you are wearing this Wicked Werewolf Costume for Kids! This exciting new multi-piece werewolf costume set is eye-catching and attention-getting, and made of high-quality materials for a complete costume everyone will love! Perfect for trick or treating or walking around the Halloween Carnival! Find everything you need to make you one werewolf a unique creation when you hunt around our huge selection of Halloween costumes and accessories for kids!