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King Costumes

Spend this Halloween living like a king! We have a great selection of royal Halloween costumes for men and boys at fantastic prices. With our fast shipping and easy online ordering, you'll be your favorite royal ruler in no time! Get your King costume today!

King Costume Ideas and Tips

You’ll have a royal Halloween when you go out in one of our king costumes, so browse through our selection so you can get going with your coronation! All these king costumes are fit for, well, you! You can find costumes that range from simple to the most regal and luxurious king costumes possible, so it’s up to you how fancy you want to get. Not only do we have royal robes, but we have accessories like crowns and scepters that will make you feel like you’re doing your Halloween shopping in the Tower of London!

After all, you’re the king. You can also get some friends together for a group costume, since you’ll need a queen, a court jester, and some knights to complete your court! When your whole entourage walks into a party with you, everyone will know you’re a monarch to be reckoned with. Shop our king costumes today to find your rightful Halloween costume.

Regaly Royalty King Costume for Infants
Your little one just became the most decorated Monarch in all the land when you put them in this Regally Royalty King Costume for Infants! This fun and elegant multi-piece set is made of high-quality materials for a costume they will love to wear as much as you love to watch them wear it! Comfortable enough for everyday play time! Perfect for Halloween and absolutely any other costumes occasion throughout the year! Enjoy a costume that shows everyone who's really in charge! Check out all of our accessories and costumes for infants!
Adult Gold King Crown
Rule Halloween when you wear the Adult Gold King Crown! You?re in charge and you want everyone to know it, so put on this silky, stylish gold crown and show them who?s boss. This regal crown is decorated with polka-dotted white fur?pair it with a matching cape for the ultimate royal look!
King's Gold Crown
You wear the pants around here...and the cape, and the tabard, and the armor... Call the shots when you slip on a King's Gold Crown. This shiny plastic piece has pointed tips and is inlaid with colorful gemstones. A plush foam insert makes sure it stays on your head. Great for Mardi Gras, Medieval, and Burger King costumes.
King Robe Adult Costume
You can be a royal charmer this Halloween when you put on the Kings Robe Adult Costume. This red crushed velvet robe is floor length, has a white border and gold stitch trim. It is secured by a clasp around the neck. This costume accessory can go with many outfits, such as medieval garb at a renaissance fair. Other costume suggestions include a chess pieces, Freddy Mercury from the rock group Queen, or the king of the prom. You can also use it for a contest at your Halloween bash or other soiree; king the winner and give him this robe as a prize Buy it now and use it over and over with many different outfits. Check out our accessories section for other royal items such as crowns, scepters and swords.
Elizabethan King Costume for Men
The entire party will be under your command this Halloween when you walk in wearing our Elizabethan King Costume for Men. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to look and feel like a regal leader of nations and men. Featuring a kingly black jacket and belt, a pair of beige pants and black boots, a king's crown, and a trim necklace with a regal lion's pendant, you can't go wrong with this authoritative get-up. Buy your mens king costume today, and go make this Halloween a royally good time!
King Robe Crown Adult Costume Kit
Your kingdom awaits, when you put on our King Robe and Crown Set Costume this Halloween! When you walk into a Halloween party wearing this costume, everyone will bow down to their rightful ruler. Check out our other royal costumes for your queen, or get a knight or court jester costume for your best friend!
Purple King Robe and Crown Child Costume
Your kid will command respect when they step into these regal robes for Halloween. The Purple King Robe and Crown Child Costume is fit for royalty. Set features a purple robe with fake fur lining, as well as a matching headpiece with gold trim. Shop on our online store for great savings and fast shipping!
Kid's Regal King Costume
All hail the Kid's Regal King Costume. Your son is bound to achieve majestic stature and this ensemble elevates him to new heights. Orders include a white shirt top with black pants. The golden belt has a decorative gem and the long robe is very stunning with a royal red design. Top it all off with a crown also featuring gem attachments. The future is bright for this young king and the entire kingdom he oversees!
Crown for a King
Show the neighborhood that you are a king this Halloween! Gather your scepter and cape, but also remember your crown. Buy the Crown for a King today! This classic crown says royalty and grace. Go to the next Halloween party and find your queen and royal court in the crowds!
King's Scepter
Rule over your subjects with this King's Scepter. It's a garish and fun accessory that's sure to finish your regal attire. The scepter has a beautiful faux jewel at the top that gives it unique royal flair. Pair it with a crown to make sure that you have the royal aura over you completely.
King's Chest Armor for Men
Are you prepared to rule the kingdom and defend it with honor? This Halloween make sure you wear the King?s Chest Armor for Men! You can?t reign properly without the right armor! No matter if you?re trick or treating or hosting a Halloween party, you?ll be the most revered king with this King?s Chest Armor for Men!
Mens Kings Robe And Crown Set
Here at We, we have the best item that will make you feel like straight up royalty. There is nothing better than taking the shine of the British royal family when you have an item like this to show off. Your Queen will be waiting for you on the other side the bash so you both can talk about how awesome it is to be monarchs.
Gold King Crown for Kids
Be a boy king in the Gold King Crown for Kids! Pair this silky gold crown, which is adorned with white polka-dotted fur, with a regal cape and a scepter and make your subjects bow down to you as they give you all the candy your royal heart desires. You?ll feel like the King of Halloween when you wear this stylish gold crown!
King Child Costume Kit
Assume the throne this Halloween! Crown your kids with this King Child Costume Kit! This majestic robe has a white and black ermine trim around the edges along with a fur collar. The large red crown has a single gold stripe down the middle. Get it online today!
Queen of Kingdoms Costume Adult Classic
Youre sure to win the Game of Thrones this Halloween when you wear this Queen of Kingdoms Costume Adult Classic to a party! Everyone is going to want to be in your entourage when youre ruling the roost in this regal and royal dress. The neckpiece is going to make you look like the one true queen, so no one is going to want to challenge your claim to the thrones when youre this fiercely fashionable.
Adult King Crown W/Gold Glitter
Kings Golden Crown
Accessorize like a king this Halloween. Buy the King?s Golden Crown. A gold crown coordinates well with a red-based costume. Pair the crown with a red cape and a red shirt. Also accessorize with a gold staff. Show off your new status as king for the holiday! Your subjects will politely bow to you in this grand outfit.
Adult Silver King Crown
Be the King of Halloween when you wear the Adult Silver King Crown! You?ve got your cape and your scepter, and now you need to top off your ensemble. This silver crown is soft and silky, and it?s adorned with white polka-dotted fur, making you the most stylish ruler in any kingdom.
Hat - King Crown Plastic Accessory
Your realm is sure to prosper when you reign wearing this Hat - King Crown Plastic Accessory on Halloween! This king crown is perfect for any Game of Thrones fan, or maybe just for a wannabe Knight of the Round Table who admires King Arthur. Youre going to rule wisely with this crown on, especially if you find some other royal raiments go with it in our websites costume section. Long may you reign in this crown on Halloween!
King Crown (Fabric)
Faux jewels adorn this gold, fabric crown which snaps closed in the back. Crown is one size fits most adults. Beads not included.
Baby King Of Hearts Costume
Your tot will be one of the best cards in the deck this year when you dress them up in our Baby King Of Hearts Costume. With this set, you will receive everything you need to turn your tyke into a real royal flush and have them feeling like a true monarch. Featuring a regal King's shirt of red base color with blue and gold accents, red heart embellishments, and white and black fur trim, as well as a matching beard and crown headpiece, your little King will be bringing smiles wherever they go this year while wearing this one.
Medieval Fantasy. King's Crown-GLD
See how long you can keep a hold of this Medieval Fantasy King's Crown in Gold! Each broad gold crown has several arcing tips and gold trim. Great with any Renaissance, king, and Game of Thrones costume.
Silver King Crown for Kids
You may be young, but that doesn?t mean you can?t rule a kingdom. Prove the skeptics wrong when you wear the Silver King Crown for Kids! You?ll look like real royalty when you top off your king costume with this silky, comfortable crown, which is adorned with white polka-dotted fur. Have a royally amazing Halloween when you wear this stylish silver crown!
Dark King Plus Costume
You can rule a kingdom of shadows this Halloween as an evil monarch in this Dark King Plus Costume! This costume comes with a cape and robes, as well as a sinister looking crown to let all your subjects know whos boss. No matter what dark monarch is inspiring you this Halloween you can step into his shoes using this elegantly evil shadow king costume. Youre sure to rule the night when you wear this Dark King Plus Costume!