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Knight Costumes

Fear not fair maidens! It is I, your brave knight here to slay the dragon and save you from a life with the evil king! Be the hero in this Medieval fairytale by wearing a valiant and fully accessorized knight costume. You'll be her gallant knight in when you wear one of our charming armors on Halloween night. With choices ranging from full armor to medieval costumes and gear, you'll find exactly what you need to be the most valiant lord of the Round Table. Buy a knight costume online today!

Knight Costume Ideas and Tips

Brush up on your chivalry this Halloween, so you’ll know how to do justice to one of our knight costumes! Knights were the paragons of virtue in the Middle Ages, so when you’re wearing one of these knight costumes, everyone will know that you’re pure of heart and bold of deed.

Whether you’re one of King Arthur’s knights of the Round Table or playing a different role instead, these knight costumes will make it easy for you to get psyched up for a joust, or marshal your courage to slay a dragon. You’re sure to save the princess when you’re wearing one of these suits of armor, especially if you stock up on accessories before you go out on Halloween! When you walk into the dragon’s lair with a sword and shield from among our wide selection, no one will stop you from claiming your lady love. Shop our knight costumes today so you can go off on a quest as soon as possible!

Womens Knights Of Glamour Costume
Adult Dark Swordsman Cape Accessory
Armour Roman Leg, Pair
Don't end up like the Black Knight. Wear a pair of Knight's Leg Armor to prevent any flesh wounds! Each of these silver shin guards are decorated with a golden lion, crest, and scroll. Straps keep them on during battle. A great accessory for any of our shields, swords, and chest plates.
Adult Men's Medieval Knight Wig
If you want to be Prince Charming for the night, you're going to need the long flowing locks in our Adult Men's Medieval Knight Wig! Check out how you look on your noble steed with this wig on and you'll agree that you're much more ready to slay the dragon and save the princess now that you have the right hair for it. No matter what fairy tale you're planning to be in, this wig will do the trick.
Excalibur Sword
King Arthur's sword is legendary. Now this Halloween you can wield this king's magic with this Excalibur Sword! The sword features a silver colored handle for a comfortable grip! The sword itself rests in a gold colored, detailed sheath! This fantastic Excalibur Sword is 23 inches long?enough to fight off any knight on Halloween!
Adult Men'S Ventian Gauntlets Accessory
Valiant Knight Child Costume
Word has it that Stacy got herself locked up in a tower again. You'd better suit up in your Valiant Knight Costume and go save her! This four-piece set starts with a gray tunic top that falls to the mid-thigh. It has long silver sleeves woven out of chainmail tulle, giving you the look of real armor without any of the discomfort. The crest on the chest of the top is decorated with a dragon-griffon hybrid, letting any evil witch know that she's messing with the wrong warrior. Gray glovelettes with standing cuffs and black pleather boot covers will keep you protected in hand-to-hand combat. Pull on the mesh hood so that your locks don't get burnt up by dragon fire as you're fighting. Those monsters must be bored--it seems like they're spending all their time stealing away your friends! Rescue them in a Valiant Knight Costume and try to make some time for yourself. Add on a sword and shield, both sold here.
Medieval Sword Costume Accessory
The knights of the Medieval period were brave warriors, jousting with swords and defeating opponents on horseback! This Halloween, include a hint of Medievalism to your costume with this realistic looking Medieval Sword Costume Accessory! The finely engraved sword handle is an exquisite touch, making your Halloween disguise thoroughly complete!
Regal Knight Costume
Storm the castle and take down the mighty dragon this Halloween when you put on the Regal Knight Costume. Everyone loves a knight in shining armor! Knights are respectful, chivalrous, and heroic, and they are always ready to take on an important quest in order to save the princess and keep the kingdom safe. When you purchase this costume, you will receive everything you need to become the truly courageous knight you know you are inside. There won't be a dragon or beast alive who could stop you from all your goals. Head to the party as this special medieval knight this Halloween, and you'll certainly attract a whole lot of attention. Be sure to check our site for some awesome accessories and weapons to go along with your costume! We have all kinds of options to choose from. Pick up your Regal Knight Costume today, and this Halloween, go slay your dragon and meet the princess of your dreams!
Mens Egyptian Skull Warrior Costume
Adult Medieval Fantasy Shield
Be a noble knight with the Adult Medieval Fantasy Shield! Even the bravest knight needs a shield to protect him from harm, and this realistic Medieval shield will get the job done. You'll have no problem fighting for your king or slaying fire-breathing dragons when your trusty shield is by your side!
Boys Little Knight Costume
Prove chivalry is far from dead with the Little Knight costume. The simplicity of this regalia makes trick-or-treating a fun experience for your wallet and your child! Becoming a knight is possible with a single shirt. A large three-dimensional lion signifies courage to draw from in even the darkest of times. A golden buckled belt and quilted shirt pattern hint that the wearer comes from royal stock. Crimson red accents such as the attached cape help your little knight boldly stand out! Wearing the golden crown will bequeath confidence on the wearer. Your child could be the next to sit at Arthur's round table if you order this costume now!
Medieval Deluxe Armor
Celebrate Medieval times in the Medieval Deluxe Armor! Be one of the Knights of the Round Table in this fierce, protective armor. Whether you?re fighting for your king or searching for the Holy Grail, this armor will keep you safe, so grab a sword and get ready to prove your worth.
Mens Gothic Knight Costume
Take up arms for your liege in your Men's Gothic Knight Costume. With your tunic and hood, you will be an unstoppable force. Protect good and vanquish evil. Use your mighty blade to purge the land of miscreants and wrongdoers. Buy your Men't Gothic Knight Costume online today!
Boys Child Knight Costume
Adult Dark Warrior Helmet
Womens Sexy Medieval Knight Costume
Womens Sexy Nlp - Miss Musketeer Costume
Adult Regal Knight of the Round Costume
Suit up this Halloween. But as a Knight. This Adult Regal Knight of the Round Costume can help. It comes with everything you need to go from boring old Joe Schmo to an battle hardened, yet cultured, knight of lore. The tunic and attached sleeve perfectly matches the included belt and boot covers. Add a costume shield and sword and you're ready to ride your trusty steed into battle!
Crusader Knight Costume
Save your lady love and slay the dragon when you go out in our Crusader Knight Costume on Halloween! This armor and helmet is going to give you everything you need for your most epic quest yet, so dont let yourself be discouraged by the trials you must face to find your princess. You can defend your country and the round table when you go out in this knight costume this Halloween, so draw your sword and get ready for an adventure!
Knight in Shining Armor Adult Costume
Become the hero that would slay dragons for the fair maiden's hand. The Mens Knight In Shining Armor Costume is an authentic looking outfit that includes a full body suit of armor, helmet, shoulder and chest armor, arm and leg armor, hood, pants and shirt. This costume is great to add a sword and shield too so go all out this Halloween with the Mens Knight In Shining Armor Costume.
Adult Female Knight Costume
Get on a horse and get your sword ready because when you are dressed in the Adults Female Knight Costume you will have lots of people jealous of your new look. This one-of-a-kind and specially made outfit has everything you need to battle with all of your enemies. As the protector of the castle, you want to make sure that you are geared up and wearing an outfit that demands respect. Live out your wildest dreams and become the most fashionable night of the century!
Women's Lady Knight Costume
Transform yourself into the most honored knight in her majesty's court this Halloween. Our omen's Lady Knight Costume can help. It comes as a grey dress accented in faux chainmail, a flowing cape, medieval looking belt, a warrior's headpiece, cuffs, and armored neck bib. Add a fake sword for LARPing events, or take the outfit for a spin at Comic-con and turn your fair share of heads in your majesty's name.
Womens Sexy All For One Costume
Knight To Remember - Adult Mens Costume
Chivalry isn't dead. Keep it alive in this charming Knight To Remember - Adult Men's Costume. Perfect for Halloween, cosplay, or your local Ren Faire, this tunic features a Knight's Templar style cross and faux chainmail. The included black belt and matching hood complete the ensemble.
Knight Blade
Take up the Knight Blade to defend your kingdom. Becoming a knight means entering battle against any opposing force. This toy weapon measures 29 inches in length from hilt to tip. It has a long and regal appearance. A sheath is included with other intricate, golden designs. Take a look at our selection of armor costumes and other prop weapons!
Dragon Knight Mens Costume
When the dragon spits fire, the Dragon Knight must fight back! Your role, once you wear this spectacular Dragon Knight Men's Costume, is to preserve the kingdom and its princesses who reside within the palace walls! Get out of your daily cargo pants and t-shirt and take on the role of the Dragon Knight! This fantastic, long-sleeved tunic boldly displays a dragon insignia on its bodice. The intricately designed tunic is shaded in deep colors, like grey and midnight blue, to camouflage you as you enter the darkened dragon's lair! An attached hood conceals your head, as you courageously pursue the fire-breathing creature! Only you, as the Dragon Knight, can skillfully wield a sword against this abominable monster! Transform instantly to a brave knight when you wear this realistically styled Dragon Knight Men's Costume!
Chivalrous Knight Costume for Kids
A dragon is attacking the kingdom, laying waste to the farmers fields . A call goes out in the countryside for someone to protect the peasants from the beast. It will take a brave person dressed in the Chivalrous Knight Costume for Kids to defeat the dragon and save the day.
Knight of the Round Table Adult Costume
Become the greatest night in all of Camelot when you rock this Knight of the Round Table Adult item from We. Your friends and family will wonder where you bought such an awesome ensemble and it will be all because of us. Sit at the head of the table with the most confidence that you've ever had. It's going to be great.
Knight's Gauntlets
You are going to need a sturdy pair of gloves if you plan on wielding a powerful sword and shield. The Knight's Gauntlets will handle the wear and tear that develops after many battles. The faux chainmail material, paired with the faux leather cuffs, creates a realistic gauntlet perfect for any ensemble. Pair with your Knight attire, and arrive to the event like a true hero.