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Light Up Costumes

Literally light up every room you enter at the costume party dressed in one of these irresistible outfits. Designed with the latest LED technology to offer you an efficient, stylish outfit that is comfortable to wear, our selection of Light-Up Costumes will definitely make your Halloween season shiny and bright. When it comes to ensembles in this style we have outfits for men, women, and children. So no matter what you are looking we have it and we guarantee that will light up your celebration! Buy a light up costume for Halloween today!

Light Up Costume Ideas and Tips

Let there be light! Light up the night and make the day a little brighter with help from Light-Up Costumes & Accessories. Halloween is the darkest of nights but if you are going to have some fun, you need a little brightness. Choices range from costumes that glow or light up to strobe lights and more. Colored lights can be a lot of fun. Other fun choices include lighted crystal balls. A purple light bulb and strobe lights can make a party spectacular. Have a party outside your house too. We have many choices for outdoor lights. Strings of ghost lights or blacklights, for example. Popular choices include strobe projection lights. These can project colorful patterns or images of things such as bats, pumpkins and so much more. Imagine how awesome your home will be when you project dancing skeletons on the front. Light up your life and order now.

Mens Light Up Chanukah Sweater
What better way to bring extra spirit to the Jewish festival of lights than with a sweater that lights up? This garment is festive enough for eight days of holiday revelry. Heck, add a ninth. This sweater is ready to go! Featuring soft blue material and a white menorah design with candles that light up, this sweater is the perfect gift. Light up your holiday shindigs with this Men's Light Up Chanukah Sweater. Order yours before this deal goes out for good!
Girl's Pretty Witch Light Up Costume
If you have a little girl who wants to feel like the prettiest witch in the neighborhood this Halloween, you can give her this Girl's Pretty Witch Light Up Costume to let her shine! When she lights up the night in this glowing costume, she'll be a beacon for the rest of the kids on the block. She might not be able to tear herself away from the mirror when she sees herself living her dream as a beautiful witch!
Glinda Light Up Wand Kids Accessory
The Good Witch is a lovely lady in the land of Oz! She's a pretty witch with spellbinding powers! This Halloween, your little princess will get to transform into the Good Witch of the South with this sensational Glinda Light Up Wand Kids Accessory! Simply accessorize your child's existing dress for a disguise that'll impress!
Kids Spider Witch Light Up Costume
All of the spiders will be obeying your daughter this year when she's all dressed up in our Kids Spider Witch Light Up Costume! With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to become a magical sorceress who knows a thing or two about bats, cats, and spiders. Featuring a beautiful black light up dress with a multi-colored tulle skirt, as well as a matching black hat with a pink ribbon and a spider accent, your child is going to love this enchanting get-up.
Light Up Clown Nose
Stand out from the crowd at any time of day with this cool Light Up Clown Nose. Ordinary clowns will turn green with envy when they see you walking by with a whole party in your nose. This LED clown nose makes for the perfect addition to a fun clown costume, no matter where you happen to be wearing it to. Enjoy your nose, just be sure not to stare at it too long!
Light Up Christmas Tree Hat Accessory For Pets
You can have two beautifully trimmed Christmas trees in your home this holiday season when you dress your dog up in this Light Up Christmas Tree Hat Accessory For Pets! You'll feel like your dog is brightening up your home to make your Christmas the most festive one your family has ever celebrated when you see how the cute light detailing and pine green coloring make this hat into a must for every Yuletide from now on!
Girls Light Up Twinkle Witch Costume
Not all witches have to be creepy crones that scuttle about in caves. The Girls Light Up Twinkle Witch Costume is a cute and fun outfit that will light up the night. Your little girl will have a magical Halloween when she goes out in this bright dress with matching twinkle shirt and hat! Get it fast when you order from our webstore!
Light Up Horn Unicorn
If you're dressing up as a unicorn this Halloween, the you of course are going to need a magical horn to complete the look! Lucky for you, the Light Up Horn Unicorn Accessory will certainly have you feeling enchanted as ever. With your purchase, you will receive a beautiful white light-up horn that will have everyone admiring you wherever you go. Spread your unicorn magic and grace the world with your presence this Halloween, all while donning this celestial horn. Buy yours today!
Light Up New Year Cup Necklace
Kids Light Up Purple Fairy Costume
Magic will be in the air and your kid will be sprinkling pixie dust when they are in this Kids Light Up Purple Fairy Costume! This beautiful purple dress has blue tulle overlays, a blue and gold corset-looking midsection, sparkly gold accents, and a light up skirt. Also included is a pair of purple and gold fairy wings and a sparkly gold headband. This dress uses two button cell batteries and will have your kid illuminating with happiness!
Adult Green Light Up Wig Accessory
Hit the town with a clear message to all bystanders: it is time to party. This Adult Green Light Up Wig Accessory can help get that message across. It screams "we're here for a good time, not a long time" and fits in perfectly anywhere from Halloween with the kids to club hopping with your friends. Order an Adult Green Light Up Wig Accessory and get ready to rave against the machine!
Christmas - Light Up Ugly Sweater
What's better than a Christmas party? An ugly sweater Christmas party! Go in with this light up sweater. This acrylic sweater is complete with Christmas themed decals. You'll be the light of the party!
St. Patty's Day Light Up Shamrock Tie
You'll look just like a magical leprechaun this St. Patrick's Day when you pick up our St. Patty's Day Light Up Shamrock Tie! With your purchase, you will receive a fun and festive green bow tie adorned with golden shamrocks which light up. Pair this special accessory with the rest of your green Irish attire and you'll have the time of your life this St. Patty's Day. Buy your shamrock bowtie today!
Kids Light Up Green Cyborg Costume
Combine the power of a robot with the evil of a demon, and you'll have the Kids Light Up Green Cyborg Costume! With this spooky set, you will receive everything your kid needs to become an incredibly powerful cyborg villain who knows a thing or two about instilling fear in their victims. Featuring a green and black light up jumpsuit as well as a matching evil cyborg mask, your kid is going to have a blast in this one-of-a-kind android look.
Dark Brown Light Up Accessory Antlers
If you're heading out with Santa on Christmas Eve this year, you're going to want these Dark Brown Light Up Accessory Antlers to help you fly around the world delivering gifts! In these antlers, you'll have all the Christmas magic you need to carry good old Saint Nick anywhere he needs to go to light up the holiday season for all the children. You're sure to make Christmas merrier for the kids in your own life when you wear them!
Light Up Fairy Witch Child Costume
Your little girl is going to feel like she's entered the fairy land of her dreams when she puts on this Light Up Fairy Witch Child Costume! With this fairy costume, she can work her magic on all your neighbors on trick or treat night to get all their candy, just like a tricksy fairy witch would in real life! An adorable light up features makes this dress truly unforgettable, and it's easy to keep track of in the dark too!
Adult Pink Light Up Wig Accessory
You've always been the life of the party, but with this Adult Pink Light Up Wig Accessory, you can be the light of it too. Yes. We went there. This synthetic fiber wig works well with just about any ambitious soul who wants to show it off. Whether that is as part of a Halloween costume or as an accent piece for a night of dancing on the town is of no consequence. The Adult Pink Light Up Wig Accessory is here for it.
Light Up and Glow Santa Hat
You'll be ready for Christmas and the holiday season this year when you pick up our Light Up and Glow Santa Hat! Whether you're finishing off your Santa Claus costume or just looking for a fun and festive Christmas hat to wear around the house, you can't go wrong with this special glowing hat featuring prints of red, yellow, blue, and green Christmas lights. Buy your glowing Santa hat today, and go make your holidays more magical than ever!
LED Skele-bones Light Up Costume for Men
Haunt the neighborhood this Halloween in the LED Skele-bones Light Up Costume for Men. The highlight is a black jumper with skeleton accents. It comes with a battery pack so that it lights up. Also included is a hooded skull mask, gloves and shoecovers. With this costume you can be a classic skeletal spook for Halloween or a skull trooper in a video game. Batteries are not included.
Light Up Unicorn Cape With Hood Costume
You can really make your pet shine on Halloween when you use our Light Up Unicorn Cape With Hood Costume to bring some extra glam into your night! When you suit up your dog in this dramatic hood and cape, everyone is going to want to know who that enigmatic unicorn following you around on Halloween is. Check out the horn on this hood and youre sure to agree that only the most magical and pure creatures in fantasy could even possess it!
Light Up Holiday Pet Costume
Allow your pet to shine bright this holiday season with a festive costume. Your cat or dog will brighten the room in the Light Up Holiday Pet Costume! Celebrate the holidays by transforming your pet into a walking reminder of the season?s joyous colors and lights. Put on your ugly Christmas sweater and synchronize with your pet too.
Wonder Woman Light Up Tiara Girls
What is one thing your little girl will have that Wonder Woman doesn't? A dazzling light up tiara! Your child will experience the magic and lore of the famous Wonder Woman when she puts on this Wonder Woman Light Up Tiara Girls! Her costume will be sensationally complete with just this simple tiara addition!
Adult Waste Light Up Mask
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice- Batman Adult Armored Light Up Mask
Use this Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Armored Batman Adult Light Up Mask for the ultimate showdown. This officially licensed mask has a metallic finish with decorations and scratches to show its wear. The eyes light up to give off a fierce appearance. It makes for the perfect item to wear for Halloween, costume parties, and plenty of other themed events.
Shazam Light Up Deluxe Costume
Your little one saw the Shazam movie and now they're obsessed. They want Shazam everything - so of course that includes their Halloween costume. The Shazam Light Up Deluxe Costume includes a light up ensemble piece that will make them stand out against all the other Shazam's in the world. There will be a ton of Shazam's but there's none like your child in this light up costume that will be one for the books.
Adult Classic Red Light Up Tutu
You're sure to get everyone watching you dance this Halloween when you have this Adult Classic Red Light Up Tutu on! Your routine is going to get all the praise it deserves when you can accent your moves with the enchanting lights on this striking red costume piece. Whether you're taking kids out trick or treating in a fun ballerina costume or going out in a flamboyant circus troupe, you'll get all the flair you need from this tutu!
Boys' Neon Skeleton Costume with Light Up Mask
When the lights go out, that's when your tyke will truly shine and come alive when they're wearing our Boys' Neon Skeleton Costume with Light Up Mask. With this set, you will receive everything your kid needs to become a glowing skeleton that isn't afraid of any shadows of darkness. Featuring a black hooded jumpsuit with tealish yellow skeleton print designs, along with a skull mask that lights up in the dark, your child will be spooking all their friends easily with this one.
Adult Green Skull Light Up Mask
Adult Red Skull Light Up Mask
Adult Skull Light Up Mask