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Chucky Walking Pet Costume
If your dog is known in your neighborhood as a total doll, you can make that more literal with our Chucky Walking Pet Costume! When you put your furry friend into this chilling Chucky costume, he'll suddenly turn into the doll that gave you nightmares when you were a kid. The overalls and undershirt are scary enough, but when you show people your dog's new head of red unruly hair, they're going to run screaming!
Pet Jason Costume
Pet Freddy Krueger Costume
Your pup will be terrorizing the town this Halloween when you pick up our Pet Freddy Krueger Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your dog into a true creature of nightmares. You'll have a blast with your favorite furry friend this Halloween while he's all dressed up as this evil murderous figure. Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for a matching Freddy Krueger costume for yourself!
Michael Myers Walking Pet Costume
If you want your pet to be a little scarier than usual next time you go out in costume, you can use our Michael Myers Walking Pet Costume to make him into a serial killer! All the other dogs are going to be a little wary of your furry friend when he's dressed up like one of the most iconic serial killers of all time, so hop into the Halloween movies with this Halloween themed pet costume.
Pennywise Costume for Pets
Frighten your neighbors this year by transforming your pet into one of Stephen King?s most horrifying villain! Purchase the Pennywise Costume for Pets and your pet will become a demon for a day. Fans of Stephen King?s IT will love this scary clown ensemble for their cat or dog. Express your love for horror with this purchase and let the screams begin.