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Plus Size Scary Costumes

Halloween is the one time of the year where you will be able to truly look horrifying and enjoy every minute of it with a plus size scary costume. With dozens of different plus size horror costumes to choose from, all adults can send shivers up the spines of fellow party goers and trick-or-treaters alike. If you are going to a Halloween party, always ask ahead of time if there will be a theme. If the theme is "Horror," then you are in luck because our mens plus size scary costumes and womens plus size scary costumes are so amazing that you'll have no problem finding the best one to match the theme.

Plus Size Scary & Gothic Costume Ideas and Tips

Oh, the horror! Halloween is filled with horror, and with our help, you can join in on the fun. Our Plus Size Scary & Gothic Costumes include a wide range of Women’s and Men’s Halloween outfits. Celebrate the origins of All Hallow’s Eve, a time when the boundary between the living and the dead is at its weakest. The best way to protect yourself from the spirits that wander the earth is to dress like them so they leave you alone.

Become a skeleton that wanders away from the cemetery at night. Transform into a grim reaper that will make spirits afraid. Feeling like a witchy woman? We have a costume that will look great on you. Want to be the Prince of Darkness? Check out our Men’s Dracula costumes. Women’s vampire costumes, men’s ghost outfits and men’s evil clown getups are just a few of the many Plus Size horror-filled costumes that we carry.

Mens Plus Size Bleeding Killer Clown Costume
Fear of clowns in very common. And if people are afraid of fun circus clowns, imagine how they will feel when they see you in the Men's Plus Size Bleeding Killer Clown Costume. Included in this fearsome set is a black and white jumpsuit, collar and mask. The jumpsuit is split down the middle, with one side featuring black and white vertical stripes, while the other side features black polka dots on a white background. The shoulders are covered by a layered black collar trimmed in white. The creepiest piece in the white mask, which covers the entire face. It is accented with black around the lips nose and eyes and has a large red cut on the forehead. Highlighted on top is a mini top hat. Also available in children's sizes. Gloves and shoes are not available.
Womens Forsaken Souls Curvy Costume
All souls will arise when you're in the Women's Forsaken Souls Curvy Costume. No matter your size, you can enjoy this lovely Halloween costume that comes with a dark flair. Everyone will love your original take on an undead costume. Make it a look all your own by adding any accessories you'd like. The Women's Forsaken Souls Curvy Costume comes with a long, beautiful gown to make you feel like a graveyard goddess this Halloween.
Spaced-Out Womens Plus Costume
Enjoy your vacation on Earth this Halloween and do remember to stop by the costume party, youve already got a look going after all thanks to your Spaced Out Womens Plus Costume. This Terran outfit is just what youve been searching for to safely blend in amongst the Earthers thanks to its goofy green shirt with alien face, silver leggings and antennae combination. Nobody will ever know you were there thanks to this sneaky disguise.
Adult Deluxe Hooded Dress Plus Size Costume
This versatile Adult Deluxe Hooded Dress Plus Size Costume is a must have addition to your costume wardrobe. The full-length black robe lined in red and features a front panel of red highlighted with black satin crisscross lacing. The outfit also features long sleeves that flare out past the elbows. What will you be when you put on this garb? Wear it alone and you can be a mysterious maiden. If you want to transform into a sultry vampiress, just order some fangs and fake blood from us. Or order a sword and be a warrior maiden. Purchase a crystal ball or a staff so that you can be a sorceress. A cauldron would be a great accessory for a witch. Other accessories to consider are jewelry, makeup and footwear.
Dark Queen Womens Plus Costume
Rule over your subjects with an iron fist. Theyll be too captivated by your beauty when youre wearing your lovely new Dark Queen Womens Plus Costume to do anything but submit to your authority. This black ensemble features a lovely top, skirt and corset combination that will leave no doubt as to whos the fairest of them all. Pick up a scepter and tiara accessory for an extra oomph to your queen costume that will leave you feeling ready to make your debut at court.
Midnight Witch Curvy Costume
A proper witch always knows that flying around daytime is a very bad idea. Not only is she sticking out like a sore thumb, but how powers and spells might not reach their full limit and potential. This is why all effective and proper witches fly during midnight, or night in general! Introducing the Midnight Witch Curvy Costume. Grab you mystical broom, and fly through the night as a midnight witch and cause misdeeds and mischief to everyone. I perfect costume to celebrate Halloween in, you'll blend in at any party! Everyone will think that you are just a regular person wearing a witch costume who is there to have some fun. But boy are they wrong! Prove to others who you really are by catching them off guard, and demonstrating some of your most effective spells, curses, and techniques! Also, be sure to practice your best witch laugh to really get in character and look like the real deal.
Women's Madame Missterious Costume (Plus)
Who doesn't enjoy a bit of mystery and intrigue, especially at the Halloween costume party? Make people guess as to who you are supposed to be with the help of this costume. Introducing the Women's Madame Missterious Costume (Plus)! Wearing a costume is always fun, but guessing the character is much more special. Who will you create in your mind and turn into? To help you even further, you can upgrade the look with matching props and items.
Womens Celestial Star Sorceress Plus Costume
Womens Lady Von Blood Plus Costume
Womens Plus Size Classic Witch Costume
Play the coven mother in this Womens Plus Size Classic Witch Costume. This traditional all black witch costume leaves everything up to the imagination, making you a complete mystery and all the more intriguing and sexy this Halloween. The sleeves of the dress are black crushed velvet, standing out against the button down bodice and the solid black pleated floor length skirt. A cape is also included, tying at the neck with thin black ribbon. A pointed black floppy witch's hat is also included, draped with black sheer material. This outfit is perfect for wear while standing over a steamy bubbling cauldron of witch's brew (or just regular soup, it's up to you!). Pick up a Black Feather Broom from our online store as a great accessory.
Goth Maiden Witch Adult Plus Costume
Cast a spell on the entire party in this Womens plus Goth Maiden Witch Costume. You'll be leaving everyone enchanted in this floor length black velvet dress with a satin lime green inner lining. A gray piece drapes down the front with a squiggly black design. The sheer black sleeves are long, flow and cut out. The dress has a corset style bodice that laces up with black ribbon. A matching witch's hat is included, black large wide brimmed and pointy adorned with black feathers, tulle, and a green satin flower. Pick up a pair of Black Patent Witchy Shoes to assert your presence in loud click heels. Complete the outfit with Green Lipstick to look extra gothic and wicked. You'll be creeping out kids as well as some adults in this intimidating witch look!
Plus SizePlus Size Wizard Costume
Have you ever wished you could be an all powerful wizard? Life would be so much simpler if you could just wave your hands and make all your problems disappear. With this Magical Men's Plus Size Grand Wizard Costume this dream might just come true. This comfortable costume will make casting spells a breeze and brewing potions seem like second nature. The only thing you will need to make this look even better is to grow your own wizard like beard! Buy this costume today for your next Halloween event! Includes (1) Hat, (1) Tunic With Attached Robe and (1) Belt, Gloves and Shoes not included.
Plus SizePlus Size Grand Wizard Costume
Have you ever wished you could be an all powerful wizard? Life would be so much simpler if you could just wave your hands and make all your problems disappear. With this Magical Men's Plus Size Grand Wizard Costume this dream might just come true. This comfortable costume will make casting spells a breeze and brewing potions seem like second nature. The only thing you will need to make this look even better is to grow your own wizard like beard! Buy this costume today for your next Halloween event! Includes (1) Hat, (1) Tunic With Attached Robe, Gloves and Shoes not included.
Day of the Dead Senorita Womens Plus Costume
Celebrate this special celebration of the afterlife by wearing the festive Day of the Dead Senorita Womens Plus Costume. In true Dios de los Muertos fashion this product unites the macabre with the beautiful making for an unforgettable look that will be right at home at any Halloween fiesta. This product comes with a lovely pink dress with a black corset flourish and a skirt decorated with bright colorful skulls that will serve to brighten up everyones evening.
Curvy Red Devil Plus Size Costume
If you're the type of gal who, when it comes to being naughty or nice, leaves that distinction to old St. Nick then we have the perfect Halloween costume for you. Show off your bad girl side this year with the Curvy Red Devil Plus Size Costume! This gorgeous dress is every bit as hot as the lake of fire it was born to emulate. Add a few little accessories to complete the look and you're on your way to one hell of a good time. Devil horns, a pitch fork and a cute tail is all you really need to up your game, but even without them, no one's going to not mistake you for a sexy devil. So, what are you waiting for? Order the Curvy Red Devil Plus Size Costume and get out there to strut your stuff with the best (or worst) of them!
Mens Freddy Krueger Sweater Deluxe
Create A Nightmare on Elm Street in your Mens Deluxe Freddy Krueger Costume. Bring Wes Craven's bloodthirsty, supernatural serial killer to life by donning his burnt flesh, striped red and green sweater, dark brown fedora, bladed glove. Sneak into people's dreams and ive them a night's sleep from which they will never recover. Your friends will think twice about closing their eyes when they see you. Get your Mens Deluxe Freddy Krueger Costume from Costume SuperCenter today!
Plus Sized Lost Gown Soul
Haunt the party and keep it going all night long with the Plus Sized Lost Gown Soul. Nothing is spookier than a ghost - except maybe this gown. A large, draping, thick gown creates a look that is hauntingly scary! Perfect for providing tricks and treats.
Stranger Things Demogorgon Adult Deluxe Costume
Why dress up as one of the kids from Stranger Things when you can be one of the most horrifying monsters on the show, with our Stranger Things Demogorgon Adult Deluxe Costume? When you open up the four-fold mouth on this Upside Down residents face, youre sure to have the scariest costume out of all your friends. Eleven and Mike are going to have to scramble to get you back to the dimension you came from when you show up wearing this!
Curvy Conjurer Costume for Women (16-22)
Tap into the spirit realm and conjure up something delightful! Introducing the Curvy Conjurer Costume for Women (16-22). Who said that you should go to the Halloween party by yourself? Exactly, no one! Bring a friend or a companion with you, even though they happen to be dead and are now a spirit or some sort of apparition. You vast and great knowledge of the afterlife made you become a conjurer, which means that you can manipulate ghosts and control them with ease. Show others just how skilled you truly are, and prove the skeptics wrong! But the costume itself may not necessarily be enough. To go all out, and to look as believable as possible, upgrade the costume's look with a few fun things. You can use a spell book and carry it with you wherever you go, you can use a wand that casts spells and opens portals, or you can place a fake raven or anything in relation on your shoulder.
IT Georgie Deluxe Adult Costume
Dont go too near any sewer drains when you have this IT Georgie Deluxe Adult Costume on this Halloween! You might attract killer clowns like flies to honey when youre dressed up as the vulnerable murder victim Georgie. If you meet anyone dressed up as Pennywise when youre out this Halloween, you should definitely run the other way, since hell take one look at these old-timey childrens clothes and know that youre his next kill!
Annabelle Creation Deluxe Costume
Creepy dolls have often been the focus of horror films. Wearing this Annabelle Creation Deluxe Costume will definitely scare everyone in sight. You don?t even have to see the Annabelle Creation film to know this is a terrifying item! But fans of the genre and character will certainly enjoy putting this on to give off a creepy vibe. You receive a single white dress modeled after the doll?s appearance. There is slight ruffling along the bottom and sleeves. A red sash is around the waist with an attached flower decoration. A mask is also included which features large eyes and rosy cheeks. There is hair in pigtail style with red ribbons tied. Wear the Annabelle Creation costume during Halloween parties and fright night events. This is the perfect outfit to have so you can recreate moments straight from the movie. Look around to find other accessories and props to include as part of the order.