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Plus Size Superheroes & Villains Costumes

You can be the defender of the planet - or at least the party - when you slip into a plus size mens costume or plus size womens costume of your favorite superhero. Or spice things up and become the one causing havoc as your favorite villain with a plus size villains costume. Superheroes and villains hold a special place in our hearts. That's exactly why we offer these awesome superhero and villain plus size mens and womens costumes. Remember you can either die a hero...or live long enough to become the villain!

Meet the Justice League [Infographic]

Not everybody can be made of steel like Superman. Superheroes are defined by how they react to negative situations, and what they do to make the world a better place. Learn more about your favorite comic book capers and how they have a positive impact on their cities with this Meet the Justice League infographic.

Meet the Avengers [Infographic]

Don't make us angry - The Incredible Hulk isn't the only possible look for plus-sized superheroes. With Iron Man and Captain America styles available, you've got a wide variety of Marvel Comics costumes at Costume SuperCenter. Read up on Stan Lee's super team, too, with this Meet the Avengers infographic, and know your stuff when you dress up!

Plus Size Superheroes & Villains Costume Ideas and Tips

Behind every great superhero is a super villain plotting to take over the world. It’s a lot of fun to be a hero and just as fun to be a little evil. We have made it even more fun with our selection of Plus Size Superheroes & Villains Costumes. We have a rogue’s gallery of villainous outfits and a league of heroic designs for both full-figured women and robust men. Our selections are perfect for couples and group costumes too. Batman and Robin need foes like Harley Quinn and the Joker to keep busy. We have men’s costumes for all four as well as women’s Robin and Joker costumes. Other DC superhero costumes available include Superman and the Flash for men and Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Batgirl for women. What is your vision for a fun Halloween? Fulfill it when you purchase Plus Size Superheroes and Villains Costumes from us.