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Riddler Costumes

The Riddler is one of the creepiest Batman villains in the DC universe! Always torturing Batman, Robin, and the rest of the crew, the Riddler tries to destroy Gotham. Among the likes of the Joker and Harley Quinn, the Riddler is always stirring up trouble. When you order the Riddler Costume from Costume Super Center, you can be sure you'll look great with our amazing selection, online ordering, and fast and easy shipping. Picking up your Riddler costume will ensure the best costume for Halloween this year, so order it today.

Riddler Costume Ideas and Tips

Riddle me this? Where is the best place to get a quality Riddler Halloween costume at an affordable price? The answer, of course, is right here. Whether you are looking for a classic comic-inspired outfit or a more modern version, you can find it among our selection of Riddler Costumes. It’s no puzzle why we have choices for men, boys, women and girls. It’s because the Riddler is one of the most popular villains in Batman’s Rogue’s gallery. Among our choices is a high-end suit based on Frank Gorshin’s portrayal in the classic 1960’s Batman TV series. A more contemporary selection is a licensed replica of the suit worn by Cory Michael Smith as the Riddler in the Fox TV series, Gotham. We haven’t forgotten the ladies. Playful tutu costumes for girls and sexy Riddler costumes for the grown ladies are also available. You can dress your entire family as the Riddler this Halloween. But first you have to buy your costumes, so place an order today.

DC Comics Riddler Costume for Women
Wreak havoc on Gotham City and it's beloved Dark Knight you are dressed in this Riddler Costume for Women! This complete costume gives you a terrific gender-swap replica of the iconic green suit worn by everyone's favorite master of riddles! Add a walking stick to make this costume even more faithful to the character! Find other ways to take this look to the next level when you check out our full selection of officially licensed DC Comics costumes and accessories! A great way to make an unforgettable entrance into any party! Made of high-quality materials for a comfortable costume that is perfect for Halloween, cosplay events, comic book conventions and any other costumed occasion year round! Show everyone that bad guys can have more fun! Don't wait until the last minute for a costume this popular and bold! Make sure you have it when you need it when you order yours online today!
The Riddler Cane
Let 'em guess who's in Gotham with our Riddler Cane. Lightweight "tool" for bending a rule or two--or three or four. Come in, come out, through a window or a door. Just always leave them lost in thoughts that perplex and confound. Your game is set, and it's always profound.
DC Comics Riddler Costume for Men
The Riddler is one of Batman?s main enemies in Gotham City, and he?s certainly a real nuisance. Known for committing high profile crimes throughout the city, and then leaving all kinds of clues and hints to law enforcement, it?s no wonder he is on Batman?s hit list. This Halloween, become the infamous Riddler yourself when you buy the Riddler Costume for Men! With your purchase, you?ll receive everything you need to turn yourself into one of the most iconic Batman villains around. Team up with some of the other Gotham villains this Halloween, like the Joker, Penguin, Bane, Harley Quinn, and Two Face, and you can really send a message. Just imagine walking into the Halloween party as this motley crew of colorful Batman enemies. You?ll have everybody running! Pick up your Riddler Costume today, and this Halloween, be sure to cause all kinds of fun and witty mischief.
Boys DC Comics Gotham Super Villains Riddler Costume
Riddle me this: What is the best Halloween costume for the child who loves Batman and riddles? Why, it's this Gotham's Super Baillain Riddler costume for boys, of course! The Riddler is one of Batman's infamous villains, recognizable because of the intricate clues he sends to both Batman and the police to warn them about his always flamboyant crimes. This costume features the Riddler's green suit jacket with an attached black shirt, a green tie covered in black question marks, a green bowler hat with a black band and black question mark on the front, and a black domino mask. Look for green or white gloves in our accessories section, and get some of your child's friends together to dress as other supervillains for a fun group costume!
The Batman Riddler Adult Deluxe Costume
The criminal genius, The Riddler, is back and deadlier than ever in The Batman! Don this unsettling but officially licensed Adult Deluxe The Batman Riddler Costume and get Batman to solve your twisted clues that expose the corruption that plagues Gotham. This deluxe costume includes a green hooded jacket with an attached mock sweater hood, a green leather-like mask, and glasses. The jacket resembles a raincoat and features the Riddlers mysterious question mark printed on it.
DC Comics Gotham City Riddler Costume for Women
Riddle me this! What?s green, gorgeous and is smart enough to take on the Batman? Why you of course, dressed in the Gotham City Riddler Costume for Women Costume. Step into the shoes of Batman?s most brilliant villain with this official DC Comics inspired outfit. Go get into the Halloween spirit with a costume that?ll really let you ham it up, and whether you?re drawing inspiration from the movies or the TV shows, you?re sure to have a blast. This ensemble represents a fresh feminine spin on an old classic that reimagines the Riddler?s look for the 21st century, and the emerald green outfit is adorned with the iconic Riddler question marks, making for a flamboyant outfit that would do even Edward Nigma proud. Pick up an official Riddler cane prop to really get your supervillain groove on this Halloween. Whatever fiendish death trap you?ve got planned: make sure you?re wearing a Riddler Costume that?ll leave you looking good while you outsmart the Bat.
DC Comics Adult The Riddler Costume
If outwitting Batman is your sole delight, then you must order the Men's the Riddler Costume tonight. This comic book outfit comes with a green bowler hat, black eye mask and green single breasted jacket. Attached to the jacket is a shirt and a green tie accented with question marks. The Riddler was introduced in a 1948 comic but was only featured twice in the comics before the 1960s TV show. It was actor Frank Gorshin who created many of the personality traits that we associate with the character. Due to his popularity in the TV show, the Riddler became more popular in the comics, animated series, video games and more. His character has evolved and he is much darker, but he is still obsessed with puzzles and riddles. Cane pictured here may be purchased separately.
The Batman Riddler Adult Costume
The Riddler is back and ready to exposure Gothams corruption at a deadly cost! Create some chaos throughout Gotham is this officially licensed Adult The Batman Riddler Costume. This creepy costume features a hooded costume top that resembles the Riddlers green jack. The top has his cryptic question mark printed on it. Also included is a pair of glasses and a green leather-like mask that is comfortably secured with elastic around your head. Get your riddles ready!
DC Comics Toddler Riddler Tutu Costume
The Riddler?s finally committed the perfect crime, after all no court would ever convict a baby! This Halloween, let your child show a little deviousness with one seriously villainous ensemble. Pick up the Riddler Tutu Costume and carry out a crime to outsmart Batman once and for all! The Riddler might be bad but your child will look downright good in this adorable comic book outfit. Even the Batman won?t be able to bring himself to take her in. This is an officially licensed DC outfit. The Riddler Tutu Costume was designed with your child?s comfort in mind and comes with a simple emerald green dress adorned with Riddler question marks, as well as black gloves and a domino mask for concealing their secret identity. But if they end up needing a break, these pieces are easy to remove, ensuring that no matter what, they?re having a good time. Take some photos of this elusive criminal, and even get in on the fun with a Batman themed costume of your own!
DC Comics Mens Grand Heritage The Riddler Costume
If you had to harness the inquisitive power of any Batman villain who would it be? With our Men's Grand Heritage The Riddler Costume you'll channel the aura of the smartest Batman villain for your next costume gala. Officially licensed costume so you can be sure quizzed D.C. on how to best bring the Riddler to life! Inspired by the Riddler's 1960's Batman appearance so you'll have everything need to channel that retro style. A one piece eye popping green jumpsuit with question mark applique in the center. With a silver belt and matching gloves you'll have that chic Riddler style you've been searching for. Finishing the Riddler attire is a silver eye mask to conceal your identity! Be sure to add on a signature Riddler cane so you can walk in style! Be the smartest dressed villain when you wear this Men's Grand Heritage The Riddler Costume.
The Batman Riddler Adult Deluxe Latex Mask
The Riddler is back and wrecking deadly havoc while trying to expose the corruption in Gotham in the DC Comics movie, The Batman. Become this frightening Riddler with this officially licensed Adult The Batman Riddler Mask. Complete your Riddler costume with this green leather-like mask is made of latex and fully covers your face except for your eyes. A pair of clear framed glasses are included to complete the creepy Riddler look right out of The Batman!
DC Super Villains: Riddler Girl Costume
Even though The Riddler hasn't yet been part of a major Batman reboot, your little girl can go old school with our DC Super Villains: Riddler Girl Costume! When she checks out this green costume with its question mark motif, she's going to feel ready to take on Gotham as one of Arkham's most eccentric baddies. Batman won't stand a chance when she's out there mystifying everyone in this cute and comfy girl's Riddler costume!