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Sexy TV & Movie

We offer an unique twist to many popular TV and movie characters ranging from horror to humor. Michael Myers and Freddy Krugerand from Friday the 13th Jason were the ultimate bad guys in the scariest Horror films of our youth. They might not be the first characters that come to mind when you try to think up something sexy but here they have been transformed in the fitted dresses with alluring, yet scary details. Humorous yet hot movie and television costumes include racy cartoon character outfits like Hello Kitty. With this range of sexy TV & movie costumes, you'll can by either scary or silly this Halloween. But there's more!

Sexy TV & Movie Costume Ideas and Tips

Steal the scene this Halloween in one of our many sexy TV and movie costumes! The silver screen has been missing something, and that’s you. But now you can pretend to be some of your favorite characters! Take a blast from the past like Wilma Flintstone out of Bedrock and into a present day Halloween party. Maybe you find a Fred to call your own. If you’re partial to hot heroines, then you’ll love our sexy Robin (of Batman and Robin fame, of course) costume. There is no wrong way to wear your sexy this Halloween. All you’ve got to do is decide whether you want to be a good girl, bad girl, neutral girl, or naughty girl.

Womens Sexy Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume
Since the introduction of the sleek, sexy, and scandalous kitty cat that has always been a thorn in Batman's side appeared in comics and on screen, she's become a sex symbol as well as a master cat burglar. As this ferocious female fighter has changed throughout the history of the comic book, so has her sex appeal and you get to experience the new age of sexiness in our Women's Sexy Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume. A sleek and seductive jumpsuit comes included with faux leather strap details and shows off your gorgeous shape with a cool utility belt. The stunning and long black gloves fit snugly up to the elbow and complement the come-hither eyemask and matching headpiece. Leave more than just a little cat scratch on your prey after you're suited in this Women's Sexy Batman The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume.
Womens Sexy Supergirl Corset Costume
Wonder Woman Deluxe Adult Costume
Pants, Top, Jacket, Belt, Tiara, Gauntlets, and Lasso. Does not include boots.
Sexy Top Gun Flight Dress Adult Costume
America's enemies will lay down their arms and surrender when they see you dressed in this outfit. The Sexy Top Gun Flight Dress Adult Costume comes with a gray uniform dress with a zipper on the front that you may place where you feel most comfortable. The dress features tons of patches in various spots on the dress, some of which include the Top Gun logo and the American flag. The final piece to the costume is a pair of sunglasses because nothing screams cool like a pair of shades. In the film, all the characters were training to be the best pilots ever, and such a nationalistic film made the military look cool and fun. Before checking out with this order, visit the accessories page and add on a few items that will make this costume more gratifying to own.
Adult Sexy Deluxe Uhura Star Trek II Costume
Beam me up Scotty! After you're transported back to the Enterprise spaceship you can forget about ugly aliens and galactic warfare and think about what to wear to the space party you're attending. To look like the hottest space traveler in the galaxy your only real option is to get into this Adult Sexy Dlx Uhara Star Trek II Costume. All you need to do in order to be best dressed in space is put on this gorgeous pink mini dress with a simple weave pattern. The dress features the Star Trek symbol on the top and has a high black collar attached . Just find yourself a hot pair of moon boots and you're ready to jump into light speed. Outer space has never seen a hotter human than you dressed in this Adult Sexy Deluxe Uhara Star Trek II Costume.
DC Comics Adult Sexy Robin Costume
No super hero ever goes out without his trusty sidekick, just like the Dark Knight and his Boy Wonder Robin are known as one of the many infamous dynamic duos. This Halloween, you're not afraid of going solo and you're also not afraid of going out as the sidekick instead of the main hero because you'll look super hot in an Adult Sexy Robin Costume. Take down evil villains and look sexy at the same time while wearing a Robin-inspired dress made up of a glossy green skirt bottom with a small slit up the side, attached to a shimmering red bodice that has a yellow letter 'R' and other details similar to the real Robin's tunic. The bodice also features green short sleeves that match the glovelettes. A yellow imitation utility belt connects the dress at the waist and also matches the bright cape that's also included with a black eyemask. Become your own superhero and forget about being the sidekick after you do some of your own crusading dressed in this Adult Sexy Robin Costume.
Christmas Outfit - Mean Girls
If you are a huge fan of the classic movie hit, Mean Girls, then you're going to absolutely love the Christmas Outfit - Mean Girls. Whether you're dressing up for the Christmas party or the Halloween bash, everybody in attendance will know exactly what movie this look is from. Featuring a gorgeous Santa dress with white fur trim, a black belt, and a matching Santa hat, you're going to love this festive get-up. Buy yours today!
Nightmare On Elm Street Sexy Ms. Freddy Krueger Costume
One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four, don't lock your door because then you won't be able to anticipate Freddy's arrival, and there's no need to be frightened because this is a Freddy Krueger you'll like since it's you in this hot Nightmare On Elm Street Sexy Ms. Freddy Krueger Costume. Before you insert yourself in other people's dreams you have to put on this red and brown striped sweater dressed, which match the colors of Freddy's own sweater, with tattered edges and slash details across the torso. Also put on Freddy's infamous brown fedora and wear his deadly knives hand glove. Any guy's dream you enter dressed in this Nightmare On Elm Street Sexy Ms. Freddy Krueger Costume will be the best dream they've ever had since you'll be looking dressed to kill.
Playtime Bunny
As if being sexy weren't enough fun! This Halloween, get gorgeous with our Playtime Bunny Black/White Ladies Costume! This skintight outfit offers a classy touch, with its crisp, white wrist cuffs and classic black and white bowtie! A pair of black bunny ears adds an element of amusement to this elegant disguise!
Harley Quinn Womens Costume
Become the Joker?s infamous sidekick this Halloween when you buy the Harley Quinn Women's Costume. This sexy get-up will have you ready for the party in no time. Not everybody knows this, but Harley Quinn was actually the Joker?s psychologist at the Arkham Asylum, before she went a little crazy and devoted herself to the Joker. It?s weird to think that she was a perfectly functioning human before she met the clown king of Gotham. I guess that?s just the Joker?s maniacal effect on people? he corrupts every good thing he gets his hands on. This Halloween, you?re going to be the sexiest supervillain at the party when you show up as this wild and chaotic sidekick. Team up with a friend to go as Joker, and you guys can have a real blast messing with everyone and wreaking general havoc! For years, we?ve seen the Joker and Harley Quinn in a variety of incarnations through cartoons, shows, and movies. The most recent incarnation of Harley Quinn and the Joker is played by Margot Robbie and Jar
Adult Womens The Flash Bodysuit Costume
You'll get to the party in a flash this Halloween when you put on the Adult Womens The Flash Bodysuit Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to become the sexiest speedster around. Complete with a gorgeous red jumpsuit adorned with yellow trim, a matching belt, and a lightning bolt headband, you're going to absolutely love this one. Buy yours today, and go take down all the villains this Halloween!
Pebbles Flintstone Adult
The Pebbles Flintstone Adult costume make bring you back to your early childhood years, but you sure won't look like a little kid! The sexy outfit includes a pink shirt with black dots all over it. This sleeveless top has a high neckline, and the bottom hem is jagged, giving the shirt a prehistoric look. The short shorts are black with jagged bottoms to match the top. The costume also includes a bright pink wig with a bone through the bun and pink leg covers. Bamm-Bamm's jaw will drop to the floor when he sees you in this amazing outfit! Purchase a fake bone and tooth accessories, each sold here separately, to really look like you're from the Stone Age, and make this costume even sexier than it already is by buying a pair of high heels.
Womens Sexy Rainbow Girl Costume
Sexy Womens Wonder Woman Costume
Ever since you were a little girl you have been in love with the ultimate American heroine Wonder Woman and wanted to be just like her. Flying around and lassoing evil doers and sometimes helping her hunky justice partner Superman are all of the things you wish you could do, but the one thing you can do is dress super hot in her uniform by wearing this Sexy Womens Wonder Woman Costume. Step out of your invisible jet wearing the blue, star-spangled skirt and shiny red corset with a golden Wonder Woman emblem emblazoned on the front with a belt to match. Also wear the coveted silver cuffs and gold tiara headpiece that enhance your powers and let the satiny red cape flow in the wind when you're flying around in this amazing Sexy Womens Wonder Woman Costume.
DC Comics Sexy Adult Supergirl Costume
Look totally out of this world wearing this Sexy Adult Supergirl Costume. It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's you looking super hot this Halloween! Made of polyester materials, this costume is a sexy twist on the iconic superhero from the comic books is a classic look and will look great on you. it includes a cape, dress, slide-on boot tops that are secured by an elastic band under the foot, and a matching gold band at the waist. The long sleeved pullover dress has a velour bodice and comes with an attached cape in the traditional superman colors, featuring a beautiful low gold-trimmed square neckline. It has an attached shiny red mini skirt and also features the signature embroidered Supergirl emblem on the chest. The metallic cape finishes the costume and attaches to shoulders with a hook and loop fastener. Look absolutely incredible while flying onto the dance floor wearing this ensemble. It will definitely be the costume competitions kryptonite, making men weak in the knees!
Secret Wishes - Star Trek - Uhura Red Dress - Adult Womens Costume
Add a sultry spin to a classic sci-fi ensemble with this flirty Secret Wishes - Star Trek - Uhura Red Dress - Adult Women's Costume. This form-fitted mini-dress features three-quarter sleeves and a deep, plunging neckline. Gold bands line the cuffs of the sleeves and the Star Trek logo emblem adds a little sci-fi flair. Match this sexy dress with a pair of high black boots or eye-catching heels. Grab a blaster and prepare to turn heads at your next Halloween party or cosplay convention. She may not have been the captain of the Enterprise, but we all know Uhura was a powerful presence on the crew. So, why not host your own Star Trek viewing party and show your guests who's in charge! Shop for officially licensed Star Trek costumes and accessories for adult women online today.
Womens Collectors Edition Catwoman Adult Costume
Your one-time business in the small leagues has ended long ago, and now you're a big name cat thief who steals jewels and funds a lavish life that was once impossible. The Women's Collectors Edition Catwoman Adult Costume includes a skin tight jumpsuit that is quite different from other Catwoman costumes. This suit is more tactical and practical, both very useful traits to have when you're going up against the big bad bat. Other elements to the outfit are a pair of goggles that help you see at night and fold back to look like ears, a pair of high boot tops, and a matching black belt. The Dark Knight will see you as his most pesky adversary, but unlike the rest, he never sends you to sit alone in a cell in Arkham Asylum.
DC Comics Gotham City Riddler Costume for Women
Riddle me this! What?s green, gorgeous and is smart enough to take on the Batman? Why you of course, dressed in the Gotham City Riddler Costume for Women Costume. Step into the shoes of Batman?s most brilliant villain with this official DC Comics inspired outfit. Go get into the Halloween spirit with a costume that?ll really let you ham it up, and whether you?re drawing inspiration from the movies or the TV shows, you?re sure to have a blast. This ensemble represents a fresh feminine spin on an old classic that reimagines the Riddler?s look for the 21st century, and the emerald green outfit is adorned with the iconic Riddler question marks, making for a flamboyant outfit that would do even Edward Nigma proud. Pick up an official Riddler cane prop to really get your supervillain groove on this Halloween. Whatever fiendish death trap you?ve got planned: make sure you?re wearing a Riddler Costume that?ll leave you looking good while you outsmart the Bat.
Clueless School Girl Costume for Women
You'll look just like Cher from your favorite movie this Halloween when you put on our Clueless School Girl Costume for Women. With your purchase, you will receive a white top, a bright yellow plaid vest, a matching skirt, and a yellow headband. Team up with Dionne and the rest of the Clueless crew this Halloween to make this year's celebration a truly unforgettable one. Buy your Cher Clueless costume today and then scan our site for the rest of your costume needs!
Womens Sexy Wonder Woman Rhinestone Tank Dress Costume
You might be an Amazon, but even you can get tired every now and again. Take some time off from the JLA when you wear this Women's Sexy Wonder Woman Rhinestone Tank Dress to the Halloween party! Each bright red dress is made from a stretchy polyester blend that will hug your form without showing too much. It comes to the mid-thigh so that you have plenty of space to rock out. Bright yellow rhinestones detail the logo covering your chest. The blue cape attached to the shoulders is spotted with white stars reminiscent of your famous shorts. You do everything you can to help others, but it's okay to take a breather! Wear this Women's Sexy Wonder Woman Rhinestone Tank Dress and you're sure to have a great time. Don't forget your gold cuffs and boots, sold here.
Sexy Womens Tarzan Jane Costume
Go on safari in the African jungles and take it all the sights. The exotic animals, beautiful flowers, and occasionally you'll run into the random jungle man who was raised by apes. Teach him a few phrases and soon you'll forget about your civilized city life and start wearing a Sexy Womens Tarzan Jane Costume to match your new ape man love interest. You will look smoking hot in a leopard print halter top with a tattered midriff and brown tattered animal skin trim matching a skirt in the same print that have attached panties, and some leg sashes to accent the rest of the outfit. Grab a spear and swing around the jungle canopy with your new lover in a Sexy Womens Tarzan Jane Costume that will make Tarzan really go wild.
Grand Heritage Wonder Woman
Transform yourself into the most feminist woman in the world, Diana, Princess of the Amazon. There is nothing like having a costume that will have you feeling awesome, and feisty at the same time. Watch your friends and family wonder where you found such a cool ensemble. Make sure you keep it a secret, though. The last thing you are going to want is someone coming into an event a year later and having the same item as you did this year. You want to recycle your fashion, do you know what we mean? This costume will not only be original, but will also make you win best dressed at your Halloween bash. The Princess of the Amazon has a great story behind her. Being from the secret women?s island, the gal is no joke when it comes to her brute. She travels to the real world to find Aries, the God of War, and tries to stop him once and for all in order to save her people. After all, being the daughter of Zeus himself and Queen Hippolyta, she has huge shoes to fill, that's for sure. Diana comes
Womens Sexy Wonder Woman Cape Dress Cos
"What one does when faced with the truth is more difficult than you think." Defend the world fro war and evil in your Sexy Wonder Woman Cape Dress Costume. Be as tough as you are beautiful as the world's most famous superheroine. Use your Lasso of Truth and Bracelets of Submission to save the day. Buy your Sexy Wonder Woman Cape Dress Costume online today!
Womens Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Costume
Bad guys always seem to have more fun no matter what the situation, sort of like Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who's always the first to throw a kick. As the bad girl of the group, you feel compelled to show your true colors, which are red hot like you dressed in the Women's Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Costume. Show them how bad you really are in a green dress that shines with gold panels, sparkly tulle, and shimmering fabric all bound by a steamy red belt. A set of arm bands and leg bands match the belt's red shininess, as does the face mask true to the ninja turtles and comes with a cute shell purse for the girl turtle in you. A flaming hot centerfold that can also beat you up is something guy's definitely are attracted to so get into this Women's Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael Costume and show them who's boss.
Womens Sexy Freddy Corset Costume
Your room is plastered with posters of Alfred Hitchcock and you have Jason figurines all over the place. Let them know that your heart belongs to horror when your wear a Women's Sexy Freddy Corset Costume! This jet black corset has boning to show off a frame that could tame any monster. The vinyl cups are covered with detailed replicas of Freddy's infamous hand, the long silver blades and plates pushing up your bust. No Halloween is complete without some scary movies, and no scary movie is complete without a little show of skin. Put on this Sexy Freddy Corset Costume before the party and make their day! Wear this with a Nightmare on Elm Street dress, claw, and hat for a sultry slasher update or wear it over jeans for a casual get-up.
Star Trek 3 Adult Uhura Womens Costume
Do you want to portray the cool and collected Lieutenant Uhura? As one of the first African-American characters given an important role in a TV show, Uhura was groundbreaking for her time, and continues to be so in the new films. Represent this awesome communications officer in this officially licensed dress. This costume comes in the form of a short sleeved mini dress made with a patterned red that indicates her communications officer status. A sewed-in black collar gives the indication of layers, and also printed on the dress is Uhura's Starfleet badge. Complete this look with a pair of high black boots, and set your phasers to stunning!
DC Comics Womens Grand Heritage Catwoman Costume
A successful cat thief can get away using her seductive prowess, a skill never more useful than when used on Batman. The Womens Grand Heritage Catwoman Costume includes a black jumpsuit made of a faux leather material. The cut of the costume closely resembles the original, so you'll feel like a retro heroine who can do anything. The rest of the costume comes with a gold belt, an eye mask that extends off your face, a priceless-looking necklace, a pair of ears, and gloves with attached nails. Selina Kyle has been transformed in many ways over the years, but you can never forget about her first on-screen appearance. This costume is a classic take on the Batman series. Visit the accessories page and add on a few pieces of jewelry that will make it appear like you are one ardent thief.
Wonder Woman Costume for Women
While there are tons of male superheroes in the Marvel and DC Comics movie universe, there are not as many females. Luckily, that all began to change when Gal Gadot became Wonder Woman and brought this amazing female superhero to life for all of us once again! This Halloween, become the absolutely stunning Wonder Woman yourself, when you put on the Wonder Woman Costume for Women. With this sexy get-up on, you?ll have everyone at the Halloween party worshipping you like the divine goddess you are. Wonder Woman is a goddess you know. She is actually called the Goddess of Truth, and all of her superpowers were given to her by the Greek Gods, like Aphrodite and Hermes. With her golden Lasso of Truth, her indestructible braces, and her golden tiara and magic sword, Wonder Woman can slash through her enemies, beat down her foes, and enforce justice with ease. Along with her powerful weapons, she also has natural superpowers, like super strength, flight, and speed! While this costume may not
Sexy Dead Assassin Costume
Looking for an outfit so seductive it will slay your special someone? This Sexy Dead Assassin Costume fits the bill. It includes a red hooded romper, black shoulder pads, sword and belt. The playful romper features red accents along the sides and arms and is highlighted by the full zipper, which, when completely zipped up, creates a mask. This look was inspired by Deadpool, a witty anti-hero who was recently the star of his own movie. But our outfit is much more alluring and when you are in it, you can be whoever you want to be. Become Wade Wilson, a ninja, supervillain or warrior version of Little Red Riding Hood. It looks even more tantalizing with fishnets and tall black boots, which are not included but you can browse through our accessories for some.
DC Comics Womens Sexy Deluxe Poison Ivy Costume
Become a eco-friendly femme fatale with this Sexy Deluxe Poison Ivy Costume. This outfit is the personification of poison ivy. This seemingly harmless plant is often found growing in trees and in the wild. It features 3 characteristic leaves that are covered in a poisonous oil. It can frequently be found wrapping around structures in graceful pattern. Although it may appear pretty, this ivy is known to give you a serious rash. Now you can channel the forbidden beauty of this feared plant with this deluxe outfit. This style features a green corset with attached golden latches, a matching skirt, glovettes, an ivy decorated headband and leaf patterned hosiery. To complete this look, be sure to also include a crimson wig, some green heels and some fake ivy pieces. You will feel dangerous and beautiful when you put on this lusty look.