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Shimmer and Shine Toddler Deluxe Shine Costume
Shine is the twin sister genie of Shimmer. Shine also has the power to grant Leah's wishes but it doesn't always work out the way she intended. Shine's favorite color is blue and she is always hungry. She is funny and laughs about almost anything. Shine is always willing to clean up the messes she unintentionally gets their group into. This costume is a light blue jumpsuit with an attached light blue vest. The garb also comes with yellow cuffs with red rubies on them. This costume also comes with a blue headpiece. Shimmer and Shine's bracelets glow when they are actively using their magic or Leah calls on them. Your daughter will look spectacular in this adorable genie outfit. Your wishes will come true when you see how beautiful she'll look in this awesome costume.
Adult Deluxe Shimmer Costume - Shimmer & Shine
You'll be casting spells left and right this Halloween when you pick up our Adult Deluxe Shimmer Costume - Shimmer & Shine! Whether you're trying to match your daughter's genie costume or just looking for a cute and fun costume for the Halloween party this year, you can't go wrong with this special Shimmer get-up. Buy yours today, and then check out our site for the rest of your magical genie costume and accessory needs!
Adult Deluxe Shine Costume - Shimmer & Shine
Looking to match your daughter's Shimmer costume this year? Then look no further than our Adult Deluxe Shine Costume - Shimmer & Shine! With this magical get-up, you and your daughter will be storming the streets in style. Cast spells and grant wishes all day long while donning this special genie-in-training costume. Buy yours today, and then check out our site for the rest of your magical gear and accessory needs!
Toddler Baby/Zeta Costume
Welcome to Zahramay Falls while dressed in the Baby/Toddler Zeta Costume. She is one of the characters from the popular children's show, Shimmer and Shine. Zeta is the antagonist of the series but hasn't quite mastered what it takes to be a villain. This particular outfit comes as single piece jumpsuit made up of a dress with attached leggings. It features purple designs with some style! It is definitely comfortable and easy to wear. Your little fans will have so much fun playing the part of Zeta. There are all kinds of other Shimmer and Shine products to include as part of the order.
Baby/Toddler Shimmer And Shine Shimmer Deluxe Costume
Let your little girl dress up as one half of the genie twin duo Shimmer and Shine in this Shimmer and Shine Toddler Deluxe Shimmer Costume. Full of heart, Shimmer is completely optimistic and full of energy. She loves everything that she's doing at all times and is always looking for some more fun that she could be having. Now your little bundle of energy can dress up as her favorite genie twin in in this costume, which comes complete with a jumpsuit featuring bright purple sparkling pants and a light purple top with puffed sleeves. An attached purple vest trimmed with gold completes that look. Also included is a pink hair headpiece and a pair of yellow and turquoise bracelets. An ideal half of a costume for twins this will be your daughter's wish come true!
Shine Wig - Shimmer and Shine
Enchant your little princess this Halloween with the Shine - Shimmer and Shine Wig! This adorable accessory is perfect for trick or treating and can also double as an every day, back yard tea party piece. Give your little girl the opportunity to dress up as her favorite genie in training and order the Shine - Shimmer and Shine Wig today!
Kid's Leah Costume
Having genies as best friends is no easy feat! This Halloween, captivate your daughter just like the show Shimmer and Shine with our delightful Shimmer and Shine Leah Deluxe Girl's Costume! This adorable pink ensemble shimmers in the light! Your little girl's dreams of magic and mysticism come alive with this Shimmer and Shine Leah Deluxe Girl's Costume S!
Shimmer - Shimmer and Shine Wig
Playing dress up is a magical experience, and with the Shimmer - Shimmer and Shine Wig, your daughter will be that much closer to emulating her favorite genie in training! This adorable wig is perfect for everything from Halloween to back yard tea parties with friends.