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Statue Of Liberty Costumes

Hold the flame high this season as Lady Liberty herself! Costume SuperCenter is proud to offer you our huge inventory of Statue of Liberty costumes this season! Step (or stand) out at your next party as one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Buy a Statue of Liberty costume for kids and adults online.

Statue of Liberty Costume Ideas and Tips

What better way to symbolize your love of this great nation that dressing up as the iconic symbol of liberty for this year’s Halloween party or event? With so many Statue of Liberty themed costumes and accessories to choose from, there is no reason why you won’t be able to find your next patriotic costume. This collection features everything from the bold and sexy to the classic and modest while always finding room for some exciting accessories. Lady Liberty would be nothing without her torch, but what happens if you just want to hold the torch but not dress up in the green costume? Don’t worry! we have you covered. What about those little munchkins, they have to show their love of liberty to! Of course they do! and there are so many different styles of kids costumes you will have to look now for your child to choose one by Halloween!

Statue of Liberty Torch
Finish your Lady Liberty with our Statue of Liberty Torch accessory. This handheld prop shows the Statue's iconic torch is green and gold with an orange detailed flame. The torch is an important part of the Statue of Liberty's look. Order your Statue of Liberty Torch today!
Classic Liberty Womens Costume
You'll be looking like the Statue of Liberty and feeling like a million bucks when you buy the Classic Liberty Women's Costume! This Halloween is the perfect time to show off your patriotic spirit and your love for the United States of America. Wave around the national flag of red white and blue, sing a bunch of American songs - like the National Anthem and God Bless America - and remind everyone you see why we live in the best country on planet Earth right now. With your purchase of this costume, you'll receive everything you need to feel like the number one spokesperson of America itself. Everyone is going to love having you around this Halloween. The second you step into the party, don't be surprised if everyone places their hands upon their hearts and starts reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Pick up your Classic Liberty Women's Costume today, and make this year an extraordinarily American one!
Statue of Liberty Child Costume
This Halloween, stand as tall as a statue when you put on the Statue of Liberty Child Costume. This Lady Liberty get-up comes as a long-sleeved green gown with an attached drape, and a green foam headpiece. Pick up a torch from our site, and really complete the look! This Halloween, when you trick-or-treat as this great green statue, you'll bring the magic of NYC with you wherever you go. Radiate the values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to all who accompany you. Pick up your Statue of Liberty Child Costume today!
Statue Of Liberty Tiara
Here at We, become the princess of America with this Statue Of Liberty Tiara that everyone is sure to love. There is nothing better than ensuring your awesome ensemble is perfected with this item. Show everyone how beautiful the Land of the Free is still beautiful and you have all of the stories to tell.
Lady Liberty Adult Costume
Better be careful if you go to visit the chimpanzees at the zoo. After all, wear our Lady Liberty Adult Costume there and you just might lose your head! The flowing gown reaches all the way to your ankles is a light green color. The three-quarter sleeves have a loose fit, making sure you can raise that torch high above your head. A drape is sewn into the front to save you the hassle of constantly readjusting it. The look wouldn't be complete without your crown cap made from molded vinyl. Seven spikes reach out from the sides of the crown decorated with black window details. Pop it on and you'll be ready for your visitors! You need to look good when newcomers stop by your place. Pair it with green face paint, a torch, and a prop book (sold here) so you can welcome them in! Great for Halloween, Fourth of July, and Planet of the Apes parties.
Statue Of Liberty Adult Costume
No man is an island, but this woman is. Wear our Statue of Liberty Adult Costume and put a smile on any patriot's face! This three-piece set comes with a long green gown that falls all the way to your ankles. The three-quarter sleeves have a loose fit so that you can hold that torch as high as you'd like. The elasticized scoop neck will stop it from slipping down as you greet newcomers. Sling the included drape over your shoulder to give yourself a regal look, its ties keeping it fastened at your back. The included foam crown has seven points and window detail, giving you your iconic profile. Pop it on to finish this Statue of Liberty Adult Costume and you'll have everyone knocking on your front door! Add on a torch and prop book, both available here.
Lite Up Torch
Accessories can add important details to costumes and our Lite Up Torch is a great item to add to your Statue of Liberty costume. The green torch features an orange flame top that lights up! Lady Liberty needs her torch, so order your Lite Up Torch today!
Fallen Liberty Mask
Show the world that America is hurt and crying this Halloween when you pick up our Fallen Liberty Mask. With your purchase, you will receive a Statue of Liberty mask featuring a depressed and tearful expression. Pair this mask with any number of Statue Liberty costumes from our site, and you're sure to have an American Halloween like no other. Buy your crying Lady Liberty mask today, and go make this Halloween a night you'll never forget!
Flashy Fluorescent Liberty Mask
If you're looking for a versatile mask that will give you two different looks for the daytime and the night this Halloween then you certainly don't want to miss out on our Flashy Fluorescent Liberty Mask. With your purchase, you will receive a spooky green bruised mask with orange stitchings around the eyes, mouth, and face. Once the lights go off, show the world your second face as everything glows in the dark! Buy your glow in the dark mask today!
Miss Liberty Adult Costume
If you love America, show your pride in this Miss Liberty Adult Costume. Whether it's the Fourth of July or Halloween, you can stand for liberty and justice for all in this long green velvet gown with three-quarter length sleeves. The toga style dress comes with an attached drape, as well as a latex headpiece shaped like Lady Liberty's iconic crown. You can find a torch to complete your look in our selection of patriotic accessories. The Statue of Liberty was presented as a gift to the United States from the people of France in 1886. Symbolizing freedom and justice, the colossal figure welcomed countless immigrants that passed through New York Harbor seeking the American dream. As one of the most enduring symbols of American values, the Statue of Liberty is an icon of American history, and this Miss Liberty Costume for Adults will help you light the way no matter where you wear it.