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Suicide Squad

In a world where heroes often get the glory, there's one group of "bad guys" who are out to make a name for themselves. The Suicide Squad is a group comprised of popular DC Comics characters like Harley Quinn, Deadshot and Killer Croc, and now they're teaming up in an effort to save some lives. Other members include Rick Flagg, El Diablo, Katana and Enchantress, and each member of the Suicide Squad put aside their personal vendettas and came together to accomplish a common goal.

Meet the Suicide Squad [Infographic]

Who do you send to beat The Joker when Batman just doesn't seem like enough? How about the worst heroes ever? Daddy's Little Monster, Harley Quinn, teams up with Rick Flagg and Deadshot in this DC Comics 2016 blockbuster, and now you can dress like and read up on this team of supervillains with a Meet the Suicide Squad Infographic from Costume SuperCenter.

Suicide Squad Costume Ideas and Tips

The world might be threatened by one of the most powerful being on earth, but do you think it’s worth sending in a team of the worst villains around to help save it? There are so many ways that this fight can go, but for some, it’s a risk they are willing to take. Assembly your suicide squad this Halloween and choose your costume from only the best Suicide Squad themed costume around. From everyone’s favorite clown to the mysterious ninja assassin, there is no stopping this team of misfits from taking charge this Halloween. From costumes, to accessories, wigs and mores, there is no wonder why you would want to shop anywhere else! Perfect for a family costume idea or just getting together with a group of friends, these Suicide Squad themed costumes will have everyone screaming this Halloween. So, shine up your baseball bat and secure your mask on tight because there is nothing like having a group of misfits to make things go bump in the night.

Joker Costumes

The Clown Prince of Crime may not be a part of the Suicide Squad, but he's certainly not going to be left out of the fun! Check out the Joker Costumes and have some laughs of your own!

Harley Quinn Costumes

HAHA! Sure, Deadshot might be the de facto leader of the Skwad, but Harley's the wildcard. She's the motivator, she's the glue that keeps them together! Take a look at the Harley Quinn Costumes and have some fun yourself, puddin'!

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Adult Costume
Ever since her conception during the Batman Animated Series, Harley Quinn has been a perennial fan favorite due to her connection to the infamous Joker. Through the years she's learned to stand on her own, and now has finally made her silver screen debut in the upcoming Suicide Squad. Celebrate that fact this Halloween by wearing the Women's Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume. This fun and colorful costume comes with Harley's red and blue satin jacket with gold trim and red and gold cuffs. Attached to the jacket is distressed white and red crop top shirt with the words Daddy's Lil Monster printed on it. Completing the costume is a pair of short sequined blue and red shorts and fishnet tights. Finish the look with Harley Quinn wig, smeared makeup, and a pair of killer boots.
Suicide Squad 2: Harley Quinn Red Dress
If Harley Quinn is your problematic fave, you can show it off proudly with our Suicide Squad 2: Harley Quinn Red Dress! None of the other Suicide Squad members will be able to deny you're the cutest member when you have this slinky red dress to rep your favorite DC supervillainess. You might not get the Joker's approval with this dress, but you might figure out you don't need it when you see how sick you look in this crazy cute outfit!
Adult Deadshot Light-Up Latex Mask
Don't miss a shot this Halloween with the Adult Deadshot Light-Up Mask. Famed from DC comics and the recent Suicide Squad movie, Deadshot is the villain everyone loves. Although an easy to wear latex, the mask looks like a knit fabric in a ghostly white. Deadshot's iconic eye is included, that lights up for a deathly look. Get your squad and start some destruction, order the Deadshot mask today!
Latex Suicide Squad Mask - Eyeball Overhead
Being bad never felt or did so good, until the Suicide Squad came along. This awesome Latex Suicide Squad Mask - Eyeball Overhead is a great addition to any licensed Suicide Squad costume. The mask is so life-like, you'll have to be on the lookout for a Batman who might be trying to take you down. Pick this mask up and be ready to be a good-bad guy.
Harley Quinn Womens Costume
Become the Joker?s infamous sidekick this Halloween when you buy the Harley Quinn Women's Costume. This sexy get-up will have you ready for the party in no time. Not everybody knows this, but Harley Quinn was actually the Joker?s psychologist at the Arkham Asylum, before she went a little crazy and devoted herself to the Joker. It?s weird to think that she was a perfectly functioning human before she met the clown king of Gotham. I guess that?s just the Joker?s maniacal effect on people? he corrupts every good thing he gets his hands on. This Halloween, you?re going to be the sexiest supervillain at the party when you show up as this wild and chaotic sidekick. Team up with a friend to go as Joker, and you guys can have a real blast messing with everyone and wreaking general havoc! For years, we?ve seen the Joker and Harley Quinn in a variety of incarnations through cartoons, shows, and movies. The most recent incarnation of Harley Quinn and the Joker is played by Margot Robbie and Jar
Harley Quinn Ladies' Wig
When you're quirky and feisty, what character better suits you than Harley Quinn! She's a clever gal, with a wacky sense of humor! Capture her eccentric style with this amazing Harley Quinn Ladies' Wig! The long locks are cutely separated into girly ponytails to achieve that quintessential Harley Quinn look!
Adult Harley Quinn Choker and Bracelets Set
Add the details of a real crazy clown villain this Halloween when you get the Adult Harley Quinn Choker and Bracelets Set! You're ready to hit the streets of Gotham for some trick-or-treating, or make a splash at your next costume party! This set comes with a pair of bracelets, and a choker. This set does not include a costume or a wig.
Suicide Squad Harley Quinn's Adult Wig
Get dolled up for your puddin' in this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn's Adult Wig. This item comes as a head of platinum blonde hair in a pigtail style. The ends appear dipped in dye with blue on one side and pink for the other. It even has a couple of hair ties holding it in place. Use this wig to complete your Harley Quinn costume and look the part of this iconic character.
Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Make Up Kit
Create a flawless appearance using this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Make Up Kit. You will receive a tube of cream makeup along with red, black, blue, and white. Applicator brushes are included as well as red lipstick. Perfect your Harley Quinn look using this kit and be sure to look around for costumes and other accessories to match.
Suicide Squad: Deadshot Teen Costume Kit
Turn into the famed marksmen from Suicide Squad this year as Overkill! Take out the bad guys and save the Earth in fashion and attitude. Everyone will be a target... Of enjoyment this year at the next costume party. You ain't living if you ain't shooting this year for Halloween
Suicide Squad Deadshot Adult Gauntlets
Played by actor Will Smith in 2016's Suicide Squad, Deadshot is a DC Comics supervillain who is one of Batman's biggest adversaries - and never misses a shot, hence his moniker. Whether you're getting a group together to dress as the Suicide Squad or doing your own thing, these officially licensed DC Comics Suicide Squad Deadshot Adult Gauntlets are the perfect finishing touch to your Deadshot costume. Slip your arm into these black and red gauntlets that read, ?I am the light. The way.?
Suicide Squad 2: Harley Quinn Adult Wig
If you think Harley has great hair, wait until you see yourself wearing her style in this Suicide Squad 2: Harley Quinn Adult Wig! Dress up in your most sinister makeup and heft a giant baseball bat, and even Mr. J will be running from your deranged good looks. You'll be looking as sweet as Margot Robbie when you add this wig to your sexy jester outfit, so make sure you get plenty of pictures of your debut as Harley!
Suicide Squad 2: Harley Quinn Costume
The cutest member of the Suicide Squad just arrived, now that you have our Suicide Squad 2: Harley Quinn Costume! When you check yourself out in this sexy jester outfit and a baseball bat, you're going to feel your wild side coming out to play. Enchantress is sure to love your look, even if the rest of the Squad are just a little scared. Then just dab on a little deranged blue and red makeup and you'll be ready to star in the most unhinged movie of the summer!
Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Adult Classic Costume Kit
Get ready for the Harley movie when you go out in this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Adult Classic Costume Kit! This jacket and shirt is going to make you look like you're gearing up to fight alongside Will Smith or Jared Leto. All you'll need is your trademark mallet, or maybe a Margot Robbie baseball bat, and you'll be ready for any mission, no matter how suicidal. Your puddin' is going to love how crazy good you look in this Harley Quinn costume!
Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Pet Costume
Looking for a great villain sidekick this Halloween? Then dress your best furry buddy up as Harley Quinn when you buy the Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Pet Costume. Who would the Joker be without his beautiful therapist turned harlequin psycho lover? She's a blast and a true terror to the one and only Batman! With your purchase of this costume, your pet will receive everything she needs to become the cutest and furriest version of Harley Q around. If you're dressing as Joker yourself this Halloween, then you absolutely have to get this costume for your pet! Just think of all the great pictures you can get with your lil furry sidekick. There's nothing more fun and adorable than dressing up for Halloween with the pet you love most. So, pick up your Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Pet Costume today, and make this Halloween a truly villainous one.
Black and White Mid Calf Heeled Booties for Women
Whether you're dressing up as Cruelle de Vil or just a gal with some major class, this Halloween you will be feeling like a total star while you're wearing the Black and White Mid Calf Heeled Booties for Women. With your purchase, you will receive a set of black and white mid calf heeled booties featuring a set of striped designs. Buy your pair today, and then check out our site for the rest of your Halloween costume and accessory needs!
Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn Teen Costume Kit
Mischief becomes you when you decide to be Harley Quinn this Halloween. The Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn Teen Costume Kit comes with all you need to be ?Daddy's Little Monster.? In this ensemble, join forces with the Joker as you rob banks and try to take on the Batman. It comes with a jacket with shirt. Look super bad this Halloween in the licensed Harley Quinn Teen Costume.
Suicide Squad Joker Tattoo Kit
Have a few laughs by showing off this Suicide Squad Joker Tattoo Kit. All orders come with sheets of temporary tattoos. You can place a bundle of ?haha' along your body. There are even two mouths to place which the Joker has on his hands. Browse through the rest of our Suicide Squad and Joker accessories to see what else you can enjoy.
Suicide Squad Katana Adult Womens Costume Kit
If you are looking for the perfect licensed costumes and accessories for Halloween we've got them all right here. The Adult Suicide Squad Katana Kit Costume includes a jacket with attached shirt, mask Get this item and all of the coordinating options that go with it for a low price.
Suicide Squad Joker Make Up Kit
The Joker is iconic in-part for the way he looks. Use the Suicide Squad Joker Make Up Kit to look just like the madman. You receive a tube of cream makeup as well as red and black grease makeup. Applicator sticks are provided in order to make the process easier. Complete the look with two temporary tattoos. Browse for more costumes, accessories, and props to see what else can be added to the role.
Suicide Squad Joker Adult Costume
The Joker, over time, has evolved his style, his fashion sense, but his evil remains untouched, the same through the ages! This Halloween, celebrate all that is dark and vile when you wear this incredible Suicide Squad: Joker Deluxe Men's Costume! The knee-length trench coat in a rich color of purple, marks the Joker under every pretense!
Suicide Squad: Joker Deluxe Costume for Adults Plus
Let's put a smile on that face! Introducing the Suicide Squad: Joker Deluxe Costume for Adults Plus. Turn yourself into one of the most iconic and well known villains from the Batman universe. Batman has been around for a very long time, and one can say the same thing about the Joker. This version however, is themed after Suicide Squad. He may not look like the original Joker, but he still gets the message across. Hopefully, you as well in this costume.
Suicide Squad Joker Adult Wig
Hurt someone really, really bad while you have on the Suicide Squad Joker Adult Wig. This item comes as a bright green wig with hair slicked back. It is comfortable and easy to wear. It should even fit most sizes. The Joker's physical appearance is very noticeable thanks to his green hair, so this wig will help you play the part. Go see some other accessories you can use to complete the look.
Suicide Squad Deadshot Adult Costume
You won't miss with your costume choice when you decide to wear this Men's Suicide Squad Deadshot Costume. Once an adversary to Batman, he's recently gone from villain to anti-hero due to the release of Suicide Squad. The unofficial leader of the squad of super villains who have teamed up to do good in exchange for their freedom, Deadshot is also the greatest marksman of all time. Now you can lead your own Suicide Squad in this costume, which comes complete with full white mask and single eye lens. The long sleeved shirt is patterned to resemble Deadshot's armor and is patterned through the chest and shoulders for a further armored look. Black pants with bright red knee pads complete the look. Add extra authenticity with a pair of black fingerless gloves and some heavy black boots.
The Joker Pet Suicide Squad Costume
The Joker is truly a one of a kind villain, just as your little pet is a truly one of a kind pet as well. So... what better costume to dress em' up in this Halloween than The Joker Pet Suicide Squad Costume! With your purchase of this adorable costume, you'll receive everything you need to turn your lil buddy into the infamous Joker himself. In the history of all superhero villains, the Joker has got to be up there, in at least the top three. Something about his sadistic ways, his unpredictable decisions, and his overall desire for chaos and corruption... it just makes for such a compelling character. It's no wonder he gets under Batman's skin so much. This Halloween, your little buddy is going to make an absolutely awesome Joker. Just be sure to take lots of pictures! Pick up your Joker pet costume today, and this Halloween, go have a blast with your best buddy!
Women's Black Athletic Ankle Boots
You're swinging for the fences when you wear these women's black athletic ankle boots! A sleek and sassy black and white take on the traditional Chuck Taylor design, these boots have a 4-inch heel that will make you an All-Star at any Halloween party! With a durable and comfortable design, these sporty boots are exactly what you need to make it to the finish line without having to sit the bench. Makes the perfect finishing touch for an unconventional sexy witch Halloween costume. Shop Costume SuperCenter today for all your Halloween costumes and accessories! Order your Women's Athletic Black Ankle Boots online today before they're gone!