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Viking Costumes

Whether walking into a themed party, or scouring the neighborhood trick-or-treating with the kids in your Viking Costumes you'll look like you stepped straight out of Norse mythology with a Viking warrior costume. These ensembles display both power and style and help you earn the respect of your friends and neighbors among all the cartoons, comic book characters and vampires of Halloween even without applying a lot of makeup. Buy a viking costume online today!

Viking Costume Ideas and Tips

After seeing some pretty epic Viking movies there is no telling where your imagination can take you, especially when you can find the biggest selection of Viking-themed costumes all in one place! This collection of Viking costumes, accessories and props feature some of the only Viking-approved items out there.

While we don’t recommend pillaging the town or picking fights with barbarians, we can recommend that you get only the best out of your next Halloween with one of our amazing costumes. Whether dressing up with the kids for a night of trick or treating or heading off to discover the next Halloween party, you can rest assured that your Viking costume will look 100% authentic when you purchase from our Viking collection. Viking sword in the shop for repairs? Check out our vast selection of props and accessories that will get you back into Viking shape in no time!

Boys Viking Costume
Plastic Viking Helmet Adult
Conquer your Halloween costume with the Plastic Viking Helmet Adult! The rounded helmet is gold with black studs around the bottom rim. Each side features a protruding white horn with a black tip. Your viking costume won't be complete without the Plastic Viking Helmet Adult, so don't hesitate to buy your very own.
Valkryies Corset
When hope is at its most dim, the Valkyries arrive. Our Valkyries corset is the perfect way to tap into these divine warriors as you bring the noble to Valhalla. But if Midgard should need you, our flexible corset won't slow you down as you smash your way through hordes of foes and then make your way to the mead hall for a drink. Our Valkyries corset is the perfect addition to any Viking themed costume on and off the battlefield.
Mens Viking Man Costume
Shield Maiden Costume
Forget staying at home! A proper Shield Maiden wont be found at the back of the line. Our Shield Maiden Costume is perfect for the woman in your life to save your life this Halloween season. With all the detail and grit youd expect of these battle hardened warriors, you can be certain to look both beautiful and fierce this Halloween season, and we wouldnt have it any other way. So take up your arms and get into formation this season, theres a battle and the Shield Maiden Costume is your ticket in!
Gold Viking Helmet Accessory
You'll be raiding villages and sailing the seas this Halloween when you pick up our Gold Viking Helmet Accessory! If you're dressing up as a barbarian or Viking this year, then you definitely don't want to miss out on this iconic headpiece. Featuring two white tusk horns protruding from a fur-trimmed gold helmet headpiece, you can't go wrong with this one. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the rest of your Viking themed attire and weapons!
Leathery Shoulder Armor Accessory
Dressing up as a fierce warrior this Halloween? Then don't forget to pick up our Leathery Shoulder Armor Accessory! Every fighter on the battlefield needs a good set of shoulder armor to protect their body. With your purchase, you will receive a brown faux leather layered armor set that will keep you safe and ready for whatever enemies come your way this Halloween. Buy your shoulder armor today, and then scan our site for a shield and a weapon to really complete your look!
Adult Viking Valkyrie Headpiece
No Valkyrie is truly prepared for battle without her helmet. This Adult Viking Valkyrie Headpiece can help. It's a fierce looking piece molded to look like metal plate armor. The sides are tufted with long, hawk-like feathers. Putting on the Adult Viking Valkyrie Headpiece adds a sharp, aerodynamic, appeal to your costume's demeanor. Wear it for Halloween, use it for Comic-con, or build a Thor based cosplay costume around it. Either way, no mere mortal is going to be challenging you to a fight.
Viking - Unisex Warrior Tunic Costume
You dont have to worry about preparing for battle when you can be ready to fight in seconds with this Viking - Unisex Warrior Tunic Costume! This long tunic has all the touches you want in a Viking outfit, so all you have to do is put on your horn helmet and charge! All the villages you raid are going to be singing songs about how good you look in this long Viking tunic, so rest assured you have everything you need to loot the English coast this Halloween!
Womens Sexy Viking Vision Costume
Jarl Costume
Preside over the royal court of your longhouse as you watch battles and sacrifices unfold at your command. It took years of struggle and battle to become a Jarl, but thankfully weve removed the chance of early death with this outfit! Become royalty in the Viking age as you conquer, pillage, and lead your forces to the next big party this Halloween. So take up arms, or take a seat this year with our Jarl Costume, ready for rule!
Viking Vambraces
It's a tough life out there, make sure you're prepped with our Viking Vambraces. Ready for battle on the fiercest raider or shield maiden, these vambraces will give your fierce costume an extra layer of protection and an extra layer of fun. Whether in battle or in the meadhall, these guards will always protect. So light the feast fires and prepare for glory this Halloween season with our incredible Viking vambraces, landing on your shoes this season!
Viking Queen Adult Costume
Lead your village in battle using the Viking Queen Adult Costume. Protect all citizens and land throughout the queendom! You receive a shoulder cut white gown. It features blue accents along the length of the skirted portion. The upper body depicts a faux leather bodice as well as a matching clutch accessory. Equip yourself with a toy sword or armor found on our website to match the Viking Queen costume.
Valkyrie Cape and Shoulder Pads
A Viking Valkyrie without her armor is no warrior at all. Remind the mortals of the divine with our Valkyries Cape and Shoulder Pads. Perfect for a return journey go Valhalla, these outstanding additions to your costume will provide the ultimate in combat readiness. So don your helmet and take up arms, there is a battle coming and you need to lead! With our Valkyries Cape and Shoulder Pads youll be ready for whatever Midgard can throw your way!
Viking Woman Costume
Make a splash this Halloween with the Viking Woman Costume! Take to the high seas with your kids to loot and plunder the neighborhood for sweet treats in this instant classic ensemble. No one will dare try to stop you, and if they do, show them the road to Valhalla with your axe! Dress this costume up to be something unique. Go god level with it and emulate Freya or Fig, or keep it in the normal realm, the choice is yours. Braiding your hair, adding eye liner and gaudy gold jewelry, swords, axes and other plastic weaponry can go a long way to giving you your own spin on a Viking warrior woman. Or maybe you just want to add some Gaelic henna tattoos and go as is. This is a bit of Norse mythology done your way, so have fun with it. That's what dressing up for Halloween is all about, right? Either way, you'll be unmistakable in this Viking Woman Costume!
Viking Hat w/Braids Pet Costume
It's not over until your dog sings! Your dog can be the headliner of the opera, or the star of the latest Viking movie, when you dress him up in our Viking Hat w/ Braids Pet Costume! This pet costume is going to make your little furry friend into a fierce warrior, ready to take over the British coast. No one will want to cross your dog or his crew when they see him in this Viking helmet!
Adult Pink Viking Necklace Accessory
Deluxe Viking Wig and Beard
Let out a warrior cry while using this Deluxe Viking Wig and Beard. Vikings have been known to be powerful soldiers who ruthlessly conquer. This set comes with a wig of light red hair. Some braided designs are along the sides and a bun is on top. The beard has a matching color with thick moustache and three braids. You will have an intimidating presence just by having this combo. Look through our website to find axes, shields, and other weapons to wield in battle!
Fur Hooded Cape
When the winter winds howl, you'll need to protect yourself from the icy winds this season with our Fur Hooded Cape. A must-have for any enterprising raider, this exceptional costume will keep you warm and protected as you cleave your way to glory. So keep your axe sharp and your belly full for a non-stop feast and fight this Halloween season with our Fur Hood Cape. Keep warm this Halloween, and most of all, keep fighting!
Sexy Shieldmaiden Costume
Turn heads from the Dance Floor to the battlefield when you're wearing the Sexy Shieldmaiden Costume! Includes Lace-Up Dress with Faux Fur Detail, Cape, Belt with Attached Panels, O-Ring Choker & Horns, you have got a sexy and fierce Halloween look thats comfortable and durable through a whole night of Viking raids on the Halloween candy! Add a battle axe to make this complete cost of even more fearsome! Check out our entire selection of sexy Halloween costumes and all the accessories you need to maximize them! Order your Sexy Shieldmaiden Costume online today and beat the Halloween rush!
Viking Necklace
It's always a good time to display your trophies to your foes with this stylish Viking Necklace. Make sure your enemies tremble with fear when they see this fierce and functional accessory. When you win a battle it is customary to take a trophy, here's your chance to show off yours! This elegant and brutal design is perfect for cutting through your foes while looking incredible this Halloween season. Never go on a raid again with this beautiful piece of Viking jewelry!
Valkryies Belt
Don the armor of the Valkyries and take flight this year with our stunning Valkyries Belt. Become one of the legendary warriors as you crush your enemies and being the worthy to Valhalla. Complete your evangelic outfit with this perfect addition pulled right from the heavens! Let no mortal stand in your way as you battle and being glory to Friga this October season. So don't forget to go into battle well equipped this year with our Valkyries Belt.
Viking Earrings
Jewelry isn't normally something a Viking worries about, but you aren't a normal Viking. Our Viking Earrings are the perfect assembly of beautiful and brutal that you're looking for. Mix up the colors this year, brown is so last raid! So take up the styles and beauty of this elegant and frightening design as you cleave your way through another unlucky one. Proudly show off these Viking Earrings on your next raid and you'll be sure to get a few compliments, or skulls!
Viking - Adult Chieftain Coat
Lead a raid on the English coast this Halloween when youre commanding the respect of all your warriors in this Viking - Adult Chieftain Coat! This long Viking coat is going to make you feel like one of the fiercest warriors of the North, so whether youre doing a historical costume or just looking for your favorite Game of Thrones characters getup, youre going to look ready for battle on the ice in this Viking costume!
Viking Leg Guards
Protect your knees this season from all sorts of threats with our Viking Leg Guards. Protect yourself from the cold and strikes of your enemies with this detailed and lovely set of leg guards forged for keeping you safe. Step off the long boat with confidence this season or at your next big raid with our show stopping (and arrow stopping) Viking leg guards. You can't bring home any loot if you don't have feet, make sure they're protected!