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Zombie Costumes

American culture has recently become obsessed with zombies. You can't go to the movie theater without seeing the latest undead horror flick. They've even taken over our literature -- Pride and Prejudice and Zombies anyone? It's no surprise that many people have become interested in dressing as one of these walking dead creatures for Halloween this year. Costume SuperCenter has every kind of zombie Halloween costume you can imagine. Whether you're looking for men, women, kids, teens or group costumes, we have zombie costumes for the whole family.

Zombie Costume Ideas and Tips

Shamble on over to find the best zombie costumes for all your undead events! Zombies have been popular horror film characters for decades with much of the frightening phenomenon beginning with Night of the Living Dead, by George Romero. Nowadays, thanks to several video games like Left 4 Dead and graphic novels and television shows such as The Walking Dead, zombies are running rampant all over the place. There are even plenty of other movies with their own take on the zombie apocalypse. Thanks to everything mentioned above and more, fans have a huge assortment of zombie styled costumes to choose from. Everybody can find that perfect outfit for Halloween, a zombie fun run, fright night activities, and costume parties. Even though they are meant to be dead, you will certainly be able to put some life into the ensemble. There are tons of options for kids and adults to come up with their own zombie costume ideas! Zombies are a terrific theme and you will find all the best costumes, accessories, and props on our website! Zombies are known for taking it slow, but you will want to hurry and browse our selection before it’s all gone.

Five Tips on How to Be a Good Zombie

If you want to be a zombie for Halloween, you are going to need to do it right! Here are a few tips to give you the perfect zombie look and characteristics. First, you must find the perfect costume, and we have plenty to choose from! Second, you need to walk and move the right way, which usually involves slowly dragging feet along the ground. Next, in addition to the clothing, you can have makeup to match, to make it as gruesome and bloody as possible. Be sure to find the right sound effects to make, such as moans and groans, so everyone knows the dead are roaming the land of the living. Finally, go out in groups because hordes are even scarier than one zombie on their own. Follow these steps and you’ll easily be the scariest zombie around!

Adult Zombie Costumes

Make sure you are ready to roam around as an undead with any of our adult zombie costumes. There are many different ideas one could use when it comes to a Halloween costume for zombie themes. We carry some that are horrifyingly grotesque. Others may be a bit more family-friendly and comedic. You can turn into a zombie bride and even zombie pirate, or just go with the classic appearance. Either way, they are all great for a gruesome look. Browse around for women’s zombie costumes, men’s zombie costumes and anything else you might need to complete your living dead ideas.

Kid's Zombie Costumes

Have your little ones shambling, crawling, and running in a children’s zombie costume! Our website is filled with all kinds of unique zombie outfits for them to wear. They can turn into a zombie cheerleader, zombie pirate, or even a zombie ninja! We also have zombie hunter options for them to go in the opposite direction and eradicate undead armies. Come up with something totally different by adding all kinds of accessories and props to the ensemble. Have their zombie costume ready for Halloween parties, fright night festivities, zombie conventions and more! We have everything you need for kid’s zombie costumes!