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Zombie Costumes

American culture has recently become obsessed with zombies. You can't go to the movie theater without seeing the latest undead horror flick. They've even taken over our literature -- Pride and Prejudice and Zombies anyone? It's no surprise that many people have become interested in dressing as one of these walking dead creatures for Halloween this year. Costume SuperCenter has every kind of zombie Halloween costume you can imagine. Whether you're looking for men, women, kids, teens or group costumes, we have zombie costumes for the whole family.

Zombie Costume Ideas and Tips

Shamble on over to find the best zombie costumes for all your undead events! Zombies have been popular horror film characters for decades with much of the frightening phenomenon beginning with Night of the Living Dead, by George Romero. Nowadays, thanks to several video games like Left 4 Dead and graphic novels and television shows such as The Walking Dead, zombies are running rampant all over the place. There are even plenty of other movies with their own take on the zombie apocalypse. Thanks to everything mentioned above and more, fans have a huge assortment of zombie styled costumes to choose from. Everybody can find that perfect outfit for Halloween, a zombie fun run, fright night activities, and costume parties. Even though they are meant to be dead, you will certainly be able to put some life into the ensemble. There are tons of options for kids and adults to come up with their own zombie costume ideas! Zombies are a terrific theme and you will find all the best costumes, accessories, and props on our website! Zombies are known for taking it slow, but you will want to hurry and browse our selection before it’s all gone.

Five Tips on How to Be a Good Zombie

If you want to be a zombie for Halloween, you are going to need to do it right! Here are a few tips to give you the perfect zombie look and characteristics. First, you must find the perfect costume, and we have plenty to choose from! Second, you need to walk and move the right way, which usually involves slowly dragging feet along the ground. Next, in addition to the clothing, you can have makeup to match, to make it as gruesome and bloody as possible. Be sure to find the right sound effects to make, such as moans and groans, so everyone knows the dead are roaming the land of the living. Finally, go out in groups because hordes are even scarier than one zombie on their own. Follow these steps and you’ll easily be the scariest zombie around!

Adult Zombie Costumes

Make sure you are ready to roam around as an undead with any of our adult zombie costumes. There are many different ideas one could use when it comes to a Halloween costume for zombie themes. We carry some that are horrifyingly grotesque. Others may be a bit more family-friendly and comedic. You can turn into a zombie bride and even zombie pirate, or just go with the classic appearance. Either way, they are all great for a gruesome look. Browse around for women’s zombie costumes, men’s zombie costumes and anything else you might need to complete your living dead ideas.

Kid's Zombie Costumes

Have your little ones shambling, crawling, and running in a children’s zombie costume! Our website is filled with all kinds of unique zombie outfits for them to wear. They can turn into a zombie cheerleader, zombie pirate, or even a zombie ninja! We also have zombie hunter options for them to go in the opposite direction and eradicate undead armies. Come up with something totally different by adding all kinds of accessories and props to the ensemble. Have their zombie costume ready for Halloween parties, fright night festivities, zombie conventions and more! We have everything you need for kid’s zombie costumes!

Hazard Hazmat Costume
Uh oh. We?re busting out the Hazmat suits. That means danger is afoot! This Halloween, become a chemical expert when you put on the Hazard Hazmat Costume. These yellow air tight suits are usually thrown on whenever a dangerous airborne chemical is present, so nobody breathes in any toxic fumes. When you purchase this costume, you?ll receive everything you need to look like someone about to enter an alien experimentation zone. Airborne diseases, toxic fumes, foreign chemicals? these are all perfect instances to throw on a Hazmat suit. Head to the party in this fun costume, and you can tell everyone all about the dangers in the air which you?re trying not to breathe in. While wearing this costume, you?ll look like a brave scientist, entering the dangerous elements of the world for the sake of a better future. Pick up your Hazard Hazmat Costume today, and this Halloween, you?ll be breathing in nothing but fresh air all night.
Womens Sexy Zombie Waitress Costume
Zombie Gray Cream Makeup
Zombies are known for a lifeless look with a pale and rotting complexion. You can achieve this look with our Zombie Gray Cream Makeup. This makeup has the perfect shade of gray to match the look of frightening zombies. The Zombie Gray Cream Makeup is needed to get the perfect zombie look for your Halloween party. Don't forget to check out our fake blood capsules and other zombie accessories.
Boys Rotten to the Core Costume
Sometimes bad decisions come back to haunt you... Get into your Boys Rotten to the Core Costume on Halloween so you can torment all those rotten bullies! Each three-piece set comes with a long-sleeved shirt and pants, both dyed a fog-like black and gray print. Shreds of cloth cover them to make it seem like you just clawed your way up from a long-lost tomb. Your rib cage and rotten innards peak out from the torn-up skin in the attached chest piece. Put on the zombie half-mask with exposed skull and your face will look the same! The large hood sewn into the shirt will hide your hair once it's pulled up, saving you the hassle of wearing a hot mask all night long. Some people don't believe that bad behavior will come back to bite them in the end. Prove them wrong when you show up to their doorstep in a Boys Rotten to the Core Costume! Add on black liner and zombie gloves, sold here.
Undead Creepy Wig
Stalk the streets this Halloween as a fashionable monster. Buy the Undead Creepy Wig and show off this unique wig. The grey, white, and green wig features blunt cuts and streaks. Pair this with pale make up and fake blood to master an impressive and ghastly appearance. Rule the block as this striking undead wig!
Kids Swamp Zombie Costume
Your child will be ready to rise from the murky swamp and wreak havoc wherever they go this year when they're wearing our Kids Swamp Zombie Costume. With this set, you will receive everything your tyke needs to become a gnarly and nasty member of the undead who has an insatiable appetite for flesh! Featuring a ghoulish skull mask, a swampy green skeletal jumpsuit, and a pair of matching skeletal gloves, your child is going to look haunting as ever in this one.
Girls Sweet Screams Costume
Does your little girl want to be a scary ghost for Halloween? We have the perfect ghastly Halloween costume. A Girl's Sweet Screams Costume will cause everyone to scream with fright. The creepy child's spirit dress has spiders designed through the outfit and a black bow to tie it all together. Order a Girl's Sweet Screams Costume in time for Halloween.
Dead Zone Zombie Child Costume
Perhaps the peewee leagues are getting too intense because they are turning out kids like the Dead Zone Zombie Child. We think this guy was called out for unnecessary roughness. The child costume set includes a faux helmet, black and red cropped pants and a top. The faux helmet didn't do much to protect unlucky number 13; his brain is showing through. The shirt is red with white and black tattered sleeves and the number 13 showcased on front. Shoes, footwear and makeup are not included.
Zombie Gory Flesh
With the Zombie Gory Flesh you can create unique makeup effects to make your zombie costume extra special. The Zombie Gory Flesh is a molding putty makeup that you can use to make scars, wounds, and other facial feature details. The Zombie Gory Flesh is also a great gray shade that looks like the dull and lifeless skin of zombies.
Undead Lady Wig
Haunt the masses in a stunning zombie wig this year. Purchase the Undead Lady Wig today! The greenish-grey wig is long and pre-styled. Complete your ensemble with a grey or green themed zombie costume. Also accessorize with a zombie make up kit too. Be the first fashionable zombie in your neighborhood!
Adult Zombie Costume
There has never been a better time to be a zombie and with this Adult Zombie Costume, you have the foundation for a character that is ready to take any party or cosplay event by storm! Comfortable, complete and terrifying beyond belief, this decayed and deformed creature is a great way to dominate any costume contest or make your time at cosplay events even more fun and exciting! Check out all of our zombie makeup, costumes and accessories to find everything your monster needs to stay at the head of the horde this year!
Zombie Makeup Kit
To really look like a convincing zombie, you'll need more than a great costume. Add makeup effects to really look like the undead and our Zombie Makeup Kit can help. The makeup set includes a mini tray with green, red, gray, black, and white makeup. You'll also receive applicator sponges, a container of Zombie Gory Flesh, and three blood capsules. This all in one set is a convenient purchase to help your costume!
Kids Zombie Pirate Costume
Ahoy, matey! Imagine, you?re on a ship and you batten down the hatches to prepare for the storm that is brewing afar on a cold winter?s night. You?re the last buccaneer left from the pack who didn?t get lost out in the sea (so you think) and suddenly you hear a noise and notice something rattling under the sheet. You yell, who?s that Scallywag that is going to be shark bait when I get ahold of you? You walk over to the sheet and nob it with your sword and it stops. When you turn away?. something POPS out of nowhere and standing before you stand a growling pirate zombie!! Oh, wait! Did I scare you? I saw you jump. My bad I was just trying to introduce the Kids Zombie Pirate Costume to you. I didn?t mean to frighten you. I was trying to give you a storyline before I go on to inform you of this grim zombified pirate. Yes, that?s a creepy image that will haunt you for the rest of your life! So, I would be scared too. Remember the movie zombie apocalypse? Well, you get my drift. If your ki
Womens Zombie Nevr After Princess Costume
Adult Headhunter 3/4 Vinyl Mask
Adult Zombie Voicebox Accessory
Womens Zombie Lady Costume
Adult Killmore 3/4 Vinyl Mask
Charcoal Grey Cream Makeup
Whether you're dressing up as a vampire, a robot, or a skeletal ghoul, you're definitely going to want to get all spruced up with our Charcoal Grey Cream Makeup. With this one, you will receive just the cream makeup you need to take your costume's look to the next level. Featuring a full tube of gray colored makeup cream that is incredibly easy to apply and use, you're going to love using this one this year.
Rotted Zombie Teeth Accessory
So maybe you've been following your dentist's instructions for lifetimes--brushing twice a day and flossing between meals. How to undo all of that good? Our Zombie Rotted Teeth have got you covered. Three sets to play with--to find the perfect match. To know the perfect rotted teeth smile. Salivate your night away. One size, fits most.
Womens Prom Zombie Costume
Womens Zombie Waitress Costume
Adult Miss Undead 3/4 Vinyl Mask
Mens Zombie Costume
What's the best brain food available? If you answered brains, then have we got a costume for you. Of course we're referring to this Men's Zombie Costume! It's perfect for the man who always has brains on the brain. Dress it up how you wish, whether you're going for the hyper real, gut wrenching terror of the Walking Dead variety, or a more toned down, fun is fun and I'm here to have some Plants vs Zombies stock. The beauty of this ensemble is that it's ready to wear right out of the pack, but your creativity and a few accessories can really set it apart from the rest. So, what are you waiting for? You've always been a brain over brawn kinda guy. May as well join the undead this Halloween and order the Men's Zombie Costume! Substitute that grey matter and put your money where your mouth is for once!
Punk Zombie Child
Just like there are many different groups of living people there on walking around so are there as many undead cliques all ranging from the princess to the nerds and the jocks, and even the punk kids. If your kid is looking for a new way to dress in their punk style then they can just get into our Punk Zombie Child costume. After your little guy puts on his favorite pair of jeans then he can put on this faux-leather jacket with cool zombie patches and wear it over a zombie chest piece featuring a dead flesh torso with lots of bite marks. The zombie collar and cuffs go great with the hat and attached mohawk made out of spiked bones that take this Punk Zombie Child costume to an entirely new punk trend.
Zombie Black Blood Spray
Our Zombie Black Blood Spray helps give you the scary appearance of undead monsters and zombies. The spray bottle makes applying the fake blood quick and easy and the dark colored fake blood is perfect for adding gory and freaky details to Halloween costumes. Make your costume even better with makeup, accessories, and our Zombie Black Blood Spray!
Mens Zombie Patient Gown
Adult Grave Zombie Wig
Step right from the grave and put on this Adult Grave Zombie Wig and you'll have complete your zombie attire perfectly. It's got a bold, and fun style that's sure to complement your outfit perfectly. Make sure that this dusty wig is apart of your outfit this year.
Adult Schell Shocked Zombie Mask
Put some more emotion into your zombie costume with our Adult Schell Shocked Zombie Mask! Everyone is going to wonder what freaked out this zombie when you arrive at a costume party wearing its face. This mask is also perfect for wearing for long periods of time, since it's so comfy and luxurious that you'll barely even notice you're not wearing your regular face. You can hang on Halloween with no discomfort with this simple zombie mask!
Adult Why Yes Eye Doo Zombie Mask
Puns aside, your new zombie mask is going to kill on Halloween night! With this zombie mask on, you can be one of the Walking Dead yourself, and whether you're going out to find some brains, or you're just going to a Halloween party with your friends, you're sure to feel like the scariest zombie out there. You can also be the comfiest zombie out there, considering how luxurious the material of this mask is.