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We have a wide array of kid, toddler, and teen costumes that will thrill and delight all ages! Choose a classic style costume to kick it old-school as a vampire, werewolf, or your other favorite movie monster. Instead, you could choose to protect your fellow trick-or-treaters as Captain America or Buzz Lightyear. With the right planning, no matter where your Halloween takes you, you will have a high-quality, comfortable costume that you will love to wear.

Halloween is quickly approaching, and we have all the costumes, props, and accessories that you will need to make sure this year is as frighteningly awesome as possible. Whether you are tearing up the trick-or-treat route or bobbing for apples at a carnival, we have a selection of boy’s costumes and girl’s costumes that will fulfill even the wildest imagination.

Popular Licenses for Kids

Celebrate all your favorite characters from movies and TV with our huge selection of officially licensed kid’s costumes and accessories. Jump into the prehistoric excitement of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom or cosplay as your favorite Avenger with an official MCU Halloween costume that's faithful to the source material and awesomely fun.We have all the most popular characters in a variety of styles. Find a version that makes you stand out in a crowd.

Kids Clearance Costumes

Before you lock down your final Halloween look, take a look around our clearance section for more great ideas to make the most of your costume. Our clearance selections are a great way to save money, build DIY costumes, and flex your creativity to create a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume that everyone will love. These selections include complete costumes, individual specialty costume items, makeup pieces, and more.

Kids Family Costumes

Developing a family Halloween costume theme is a fun way to take a great idea and elevate its scope to the next level. Hit the Halloween route dressed as the entire roster of Power Rangers or with Dad dressed as Captain Kirk and the rest of the family as the crew of Star Trek's iconic Starship Enterprise. You can create a presence that will have the neighborhood cheering.

Finding A Kids Costume And FAQs

Superheroes are all the rave this year! With the box office success of Wonder Woman, Power Rangers, Transformers: The Last Knight, and high expectations for Star Wars: The Last Jedi (in theaters this December), we expect most kiddies will strive to emulate their favorite superhero this Halloween. In addition to Star Wars and Wonder Woman, we expect Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Harley Quinn to remain popular costume ideas for children. On the Disney side of things Moana, Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Descendants costumes are sure to be top sellers. Also popular school age costumes this year will be Harvey Danger and Jo Jo Siwa outfits.

To avoid an unhappy little one, we recommend viewing the size chart associated with each children’s costume on our site and use your child’s measurements to determine the correct size. As it’s our hope your child feels and looks great in his or her new costume, sometimes kids change their minds. Should you have to exchange your costume, our return policy allows for the return of unworn costumes in ‘new’ condition and with original packaging as long as it's within ten (10) days of receiving an order. Read more about our return policy .

While we don’t recommend rushing the process (as kids may have a growth spurt, or, sometimes just have a change of heart), we do recommend you start looking as early as possible, and purchase a costume at least 3 weeks before Halloween for generic costumes. If your child wants a popular kids theme costume however you should order it at least 5 weeks in advance as we may sell out of the popular kids sizes. The earlier you order online the better. No parent wants to deal with the chaos of hunting down a costume with Halloween around the corner, and this will ensure you’re not stuck with unpopular sizes and styles, as our most popular items sell out quickly. Choosing a costume can be an exciting experience for kids and parents, and rushing the process is no fun. If you are a last minute shopper though, we do offer express shipping available across the United States.

We dedicate a large area of our website to making your child’s Halloween costume unique. Click the ‘Create Your Own’ link at the top of the page for some creative inspiration. We also offer an array of children’s costume accessories, such as themed candy buckets, DIY crafts, accessories, shoes, and wigs. We also recommend buying reflective stickers and safety lights to keep your kids safe while trick-or-treating this Halloween. Doing your kid’s Halloween makeup can really make the difference in making your young one’s costume more unique!

It can get quite cold outside toward the end of October depending on where you live. The best way to bundle your kids up without hampering their stylish costumes is with additional layers. For girls, Hosiery, Undergarments & Tutus, spandex and leggings will help keep her warmer. For boys we recommend sweatpants for under their costume, thicker socks, warm shoes or boots and potentially a mask. Layering costumes on top of spandex body suits are another great way to make sure your child stays warm on October 31st.

Kids Halloween Costume Ideas and Tips

Develop your perfect costume, personalized with all the add-ons, accessories, and makeup pieces to ensure you have a unique getup that will be memorable and Instagram gold! Make a statement, and express yourself with the costume of your dreams. You can also have a look through our Halloween accessories to find a bigger trick-or-treat bag that will increase your overall candy intake and match your new costume! The possibilities are endless with our giant selection.

Don't settle for a public domain knock-off of your favorite character. Show off everything that makes the object of your fandom unbeatable. Choose from all the signature weapons and add-ons to make your suit legitimate and fully complete. What's more, you can mix and match masks and accessories to put your character in an original adventure, primed for Halloween excitement. High-quality costumes do not necessarily have to come with a high price tag. Use your imagination and make Halloween your own. 

Kids Family Costumes

Check out our giant selection of Mommy/Kid and Daddy/kid costumes to create an adorably coordinated Halloween look and a memory that will last a lifetime. Take your kid out for a night of Halloween fun, filled with wads of candy and the admiration of every costume enthusiast.

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