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This will be the year for you to come up with the sexiest idea you ever had. Go for it! Whether you are looking for a way to make a memorable appearance at a Halloween party or just looking to spice things up with your significant other, sexy Halloween costumes can add that certain element you are looking for. Nothing makes fantasy role-playing more enjoyable than dressing up so we offer you plenty of women's costume ideas to create the perfect scenario. Choose from over 70 categories.

Sexy Schoolgirls, Nurses and Cheerleader Costumes

One of the most popular styles offered here is the sexy schoolgirl outfit. They usually consist of a seductive version of a standard private school uniform. For men, seeing women dressed as hot young schoolgirls gives them the opportunity to live out the fantasy of the popular girl that was out of their league.

Another is the naughty nurse costume. Many people fantasize about getting a sponge bath from the "head" nurse. Nothing makes a sick person better more quickly than being nursed back to health by a randy RN. Choose from mini-dresses to string bikinis emblazoned with a medical symbol. Add boots and stockings to complete the look.

The cheerleader has long been the subject of fantasies. Adding a cheerleading costume in your favorite school colors can spice up any party or private get together. A super short skirt guarantees that the cheerleader will get more attention than the player will. Football player and referee uniforms are another popular way to make sports more fun to participate in and watch.

Don't forget the classic, sexy french maid costume.

Great Selection Of Sexy Costumes For Women

If you prefer the darker side, there are numerous witches, vampires and dominatrix get-ups available. Nothing says provocative and dangerous better than a Goth-princess or a seductive witch. Or even show off your daring by wearing a pirate wench dresses or sassy 50s poodle skirts.

Racy costumes are not only for women to wear, they are also available men. Men can please their significant other by donning a lab coat and stethoscope, becoming Dr. Feel-good himself. What woman hasn't fantasized about being rescued by a muscle bound fireman that starts more fires than he puts out? Men in uniform have always been the desire of many women, so why not try out a hot military outfit or firefighter set.

Sexy Costumes for All Occasions

A sexy Mrs. Claus outfit bring holiday cheer to any hot-blooded man. For Easter, don a playboy bunny costume and give "spring" a whole new meaning. Bring an element of fun to intimate personal time as well as creating a impression at any Halloween party.

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