Sexy Halloween Costumes

Nothing is better than feeling sexy. It can be empowering and a whole lot of fun. On Halloween, you can be someone else at the same time too, which makes everything even more exciting. Perhaps you like turning heads wherever you go, or maybe you just want a special someone to notice. Or, maybe you just like being naughty. No matter the reason, we’ve got what it takes to make a sexy lady feel even sexier! And we have many sexy Halloween costumes to choose from.

Top Sexy Categories

Show off what you got with one of our timeless classics. From super-short bridal dresses to revealing goddess costumes, we have it all. Pirates are always a big hit. Want to impress your special someone in the armed forces? Put on a sexy camouflage dress or dress up in a flirty Air Force outfit. Or this Christmas, be the answer to someone’s dreams with a naughty elf or Mrs. Claus getup. Now that you are a grownup, impress the guys with a school uniform.

Sexy Popular Licenses

Since her first introduction in comic books, Wonder Woman has been the epitome of power and sensuality. With her tight outfit, super short skirt, and her way of making men speak the truth, she is an incredible aphrodisiac. We have several licensed Wonder Woman options available, along with many other superheroes and villains. Harley Quinn and Cat Woman are both nemeses of Batman, but neither are completely villainous.

Noone wants to be alone when they are feeling sexy. That is when the couple’scostumes come in. Add some spice to your relationship by dressing in theme. 

Accessoriescan add some more spice to your outfit. The right wig, stockings, or high heelscan turn the heat up on your look. You can even create your own costume. Startwith our selection of corsets.

Sexy Costume Ideas and Tips

We have the newest designs, so you can be the trend-setter at your party. We have plus size items for the sensual full-figured women. We also carry fashion from high-end designers for the discerning women. For those on a budget, check out our clearance section of sexy costumes. Our already-low prices are reduced even further, so we can move last year’s styles off the shelves and make room for new designs.

Before you shop for your sexy Halloween costume, think about who you are dressing for. Want to empower yourself and be a strong woman bursting with sexiness? What empowers you the most? A superhero? A queen or princess who rules the land? A police officer or military person? Or do you want to get something that will make that special someone more excited? What does your partner like? Short skirts or low cut dresses? Fantasy characters or women in power?

Browse through our flirtatious costumes and check out what each one offers and what it is made of. Many of our most popular items feature super short skirts, body suits, or pants made of Spandex. This material hugs your figures and flattens out minor imperfections. It is also amazingly comfortable. Beauty doesn’t have to be painful. Spandex feels good while making you look good.

Our sexy costumes are generally revealing, so decide what you want to show off. Miniskirts are a great way to show off your legs while crop tops let you show off your tummy. Plunging necklines are an enticing way to show off your upper body. Sometimes, not showing is even more sexy. A full-body catsuit may be what works best for you.

Be Sexy and Recognizable This Halloween

Do you like dressing in color and cracking a lot of jokes? Then Harley Quinn is a great choice. But if you prefer black and are a bit more serious, then the catsuit and black mask for Cat Woman is a better choice for you. If you want to skip a mask, then consider a Marvel’s Black Widow outfit.

The embodiment of sensuality is a Playboy Bunny. Who would have thought bunnies could be sexy? Hugh Hefner, of course, and his creation lives on. You can be one too, with our help. If that is not your thing, consider a sexy Alice in Wonderland costume. While Wonderland may be "curiouser and curiouser,” our licensed costumes are sexier and sexier. We also have Disney princess outfits, updated for the sensual woman, and Star Wars outfits, including Princess Leia in the slave bikini.

What's Better Than Being Sexy Together?

Consider what would look great on both you and your partner, and find the right one among our selections. When you walk into the room, you will be so hot that everyone will hear the sizzle. If you are feeling very risqué, dress as a dominatrix and her submissive. If that is too scandalous for your Halloween bash, wear it at home. A sexy cop and prisoner is a flirty outfit that’s not too risqué. And there are other just slightly naughty outfits that you and your special someone can wear together, like racy red riding hood and the big, bad wolf, seductive mermaid and her prince, a couple of sensuous 60s hippies, or two seductive superheroes. Order your costume now and get ready for a fun night with your partner!

Cosplay and live action role playing (LARP) are always fun because you are playing out your fantasies, especially with your significant other. These ageless outfits are ones that you can wear again and again, and not just at Halloween time. They are perfect for a special date night too.

Don't Skip the Sexy Finishing Touch

Corsets give you a seductive shape while showing off your bosom. Use one as part of a layered costume with a jacket or alone with skirt or pants. We have petticoats, tutus, and spandex pants available.

Want to show off your legs? Fishnet stockings are what you need, along with a miniskirt and a pair of high-heeled shoes. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and while we do not have real diamonds, we have jewelry that looks almost as good as the real thing, and it will accentuate your sex appeal. And don’t forget makeup—the right lipstick gives you an irresistible appeal, and the right eye makeup can make your eyes mesmerizing.

Good girls can go bad for the day with our sexy Halloween costumes. Order yours today.

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