80's Costumes

The 1980s was a decade marked by excess; everything was about taking things to new heights, from high notes sung by wailing metal bands the height of one's hair. The decade was defined by its music icons - and don't forget the great movies. Madonna, Michael Jackson and hair metal bands like Poison and Bon Jovi played a crucial part in turning their style into the must have wardrobe of the time and the crazy costumes we sell today. Our 80's Halloween costumes are a blast from the past. Our eighties clothes and fashion feature spandex animal prints, Madonna costumes feature leggings, lace tutus, mesh gloves and loads of raw sex appeal. For men, Billy Ray Cyrus made us fall in Achy Breaky love with the hillbilly mullet like our Men's Dirty Blond Mississippi Mud Flap wig. And let us not forget about Michael Jackson - from the Thriller to Billy Jean, anyone who is looking for 80s men's costumes outfits can find them below.

Iconic 80’s Movies Characters and Their Best Lines

No matter how many decades pass, the 80’s will forever remain in our hearts and in our lives. It was a decade that pretty much broke the mold. It was the decade that gave us florescent day-glow attire. Music was being synthesized by computers. But most notably, there was a growth spurt in the film industry. Movies represented the freedom-loving, optimistic spirit of America. We put together an infographic of the movie characters that made the biggest splash on the silver screen in the 1980's. Here’s are some of the quotes that best sum up these characters or the films they starred in.

1980'S Costumes

The one word that most accurately encompasses the attitude, personality, pop culture and overall Vibe of the 1980s is "BIG". Big hair. Big shoulder pads. Big movies. The actual movie Big starring Tom Hanks, also 80's. So when you are laying out your Halloween plans, you may want to consider any of the countless ways to incorporate this decade’s extravagance into your Halloween costume. There is no shortage of absolutely iconic characters and pop culture personalities that are guaranteed to spark the nostalgia fire inside you and all your friends. Often colorful and never dull, the styles of the 1980s will forever be known as fearless strides in self-expression. Many of these looks may not have stood the test of time in the world of mainstream fashion, but they are forever locked in the American subconscious as the epitome of party time fun. Here's just a few ways to take your 1980's Halloween to the max.

80's Costumes

Amidst the garish fun of 1980's music, movies and television, it is very easy to forget about the pop cultural impact of Hugh Hefner's Playboy Empire and the rise of the Playboy Bunny Halloween costume. For men, all you need is a burgundy smoking jacket, a long cigarette holder and a grin from ear-to-ear and you have and immediately recognizable costume as the late founder of this much talked-about publication. For ladies, there is no better way to get all eyes on you then to show up to this year's Halloween party in a Playboy Bunny costume. Classic, cute and absolutely breathtaking, turn every head in the room with a simple pair of bunny ears, bushy rabbit tail and leotard.

Kids Decades Costumes

Kids Decades Costumes

Popular 80s Costumes

80s Licensed Costumes

The 1980s was easily one of the biggest decades in terms of licensed franchises that embedded themselves in the hearts of the American public. Movies like Back to the Future and Indiana Jones created unforgettable characters that make terrific 1980’s Halloween costumes for any movie lover, while those who want to show off their more nerdy side may choose to go with a Ghostbusters Halloween costume or one commemorating Yoda or Chewbacca in the last two films of the original Star Wars trilogy. Go really big when you deck yourself out in a complete Rambo muscle costume that will be talked about all year long!

80s Costume Ideas and Tips

Go back to the future (ok actually back to the past) this Halloween with our radical selection of 1980s costumes! Hit the dance floor and some Hammer pants, celebrate the punk scene or practice your head spins and pop and locks in an old school hip hop tracksuit! Our rock star costumes for men, women and children are a terrific way to show off your love of all the music that made this decade so unique and beloved. Lots of neon, tons of wild hair and fashion choices that live on in infamy and notoriety! Moonwalk through our selection of accessory pieces to create a head to toe outfit that has you feeling like you just stepped off a hair band album cover! 

Get some friends together for a 1980s party that will be both far out and gnarly! No matter what aspect of this fun decade you relate the most, we have a costume and all the accessories you will need to make yourself a walking love letter to your favorite era of Pop culture. Leave the DeLorean at home, because everything you will want is just one click away!

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