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Batman is one of the most iconic crime fighting superheros in the hearts of many children and adults. It's no surprise that Batman costumes are some of the most popular outfits for Halloween. Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, the heir to the Wayne Empire, was orphaned at a young age when his parents were gunned down. The young but troubled Bruce set out on a journey to hone his skills and after many years, returned as the Dark Knight of Gotham that we all know today: Batman. Refusing to be like the villain that killed his parents, he never resorts to killing his enemies and follows a very strict code of justice. In the dark and gloomy world of Gotham, the vigilante was seen as hope and an inspiration to everyone. Buy yourself a deluxe Batman costume for Halloween, costume party or comic con.

Five Facts: The Batman [Infographic]

Sure, you may know of The Batman. He's the head of the Justice League and has even been portrayed in LEGO version. Do you know what he has in common with Zorro, though? Or how much Wayne Enterprises is really worth? With this new Batman infographic from Costume SuperCenter, you'll learn five little known facts about the leader of the Justice League. Take a look and see what you can find out about the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, and the Batman.

50 Years of Batman Printable Posters

In 2016, Batman celebrated his 50th year on the screen. Starting humbly from the 1966 television series, the caped crusader now occupies the silver screen in million dollar blockbusters. To celebrate, Costume SuperCenter created these printable posters comparing the Gotham vigilante from then and now. Check out these 50th Anniversary Batman Posters and decorate your room, office, or anywhere!

Meet the Justice League [Infographic]

Even The Batman needs a little help sometimes - Just don't tell him that. Learn more about his super team with Costume SuperCenter's Meet the Justice League infographic before you cop your cape and cowl this Halloween. Remember; you're never alone when taking on the likes of The Joker, Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

Batman Costume

He's one of DC Comics' greatest creations, and one of the leaders of the Justice League. Batman is undeniably one of the most recognizable superheroes today. He's been portrayed in live-action interpretations, animated features and even LEGO Batman has his own movie. Be whichever iteration of Batman you want with our huge selection of costumes! From the Dark Knight to the early comic book versions

Batgirl Costumes

Batman may not always want help, but sometimes he needs it. He has a confidant and a kick-butt sidekick in Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl, who he knows he can count on. Whether you prefer her classic purple look or her updated black-on-black style, you can recreate the female hero's iconic costume with help from Costume SuperCenter.

LEGO Batman Mardi Gras Masks

Mardi Gras is here only once a year, so wear your cowl for it! Whether you want to be Batman, Harley Quinn, or Batgirl, there's a character for everyone. Just pick a LEGO Batman Mardi Gras Mask you'd like, print it out, and get your beads ready for Mardi Gras!

LEGO Batman Movie Posters

Batman has been gracing our television screens since the 1960s, and it's been nothing but wonder and happiness. Now with the LEGO version, Costume SuperCenter gives you LEGO Movie Posters for all of the big screen adaptations!

Batman Tween Classic Costume
Whether your child is taking on the Joker, the Penguin, or the Riddler this Halloween, he'll be more than prepared when you pick up our Batman Tween Classic Costume! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to turn your child into his favorite Dark Knight hero. Complete with a black jumpsuit with boot tops, a black cowl mask, a black cape, and a golden belt, your child will be protecting Gotham in no time. Buy your costume today, and then scan our site for Batarangs and more fun Batman accessories!
Adult Batman Costume Top
If you are ready to fight to keep your city safe, then you should be wearing the Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Adult Batman Costume Top. The shirt, removable black cape and injection molded mask are officially licensed. On front large bat logo is highlighted along with the screened image of a yellow utility belt. On the sleeves are screen printed gauntlets. This comfortable shirt is great for the times when you want to be Batman but don't need an entire costume. Since the cape is removable, you can even don just the shirt. We have a complementing Superman shirt available to order separately. Buy that for your significant other or friend so the two of you can have matching Halloween costumes. Or keep both for yourself!
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice- Batman Armored Grand Heritage Adult Costume
If you are looking for the perfect licensed costumes and accessories for Halloween we've got them all right here. The Adult Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice- Batman Armored Grand Heritage Costume includes a jumpsuit w molded body armor, molded gauntlets, molded boot tops, helmet, belt, cape, bandolier, and gloves Get this item and all of the coordinating options that go with it for a low price.
14.5 inch Batman Candy Bowl
Even the Dark Knight has a sweet side. If you don't believe us, check out this 14.5 inch Batman Candy Bowl! Set it up on the porch for trick or treaters or use it as a serving dish for your own Gotham themed event. Dole out candy and justice this Halloween. Order the 14.5 inch Batman Candy Bowl today!
Adult Batman Gauntlets
Suit up with the best bat in town with movie accurate Adult Batman Gauntlets. Nothing will complete your costume much like these glaves. When it is time to get his hands dirty, here is nothing else that the famous Batman would trust than these stylish and functional gauntlets.
Adult Batman Costume - Batman: Dark Knight
Fly into the party donning the Adult Batman Costume - Batman: Dark Knight and you'll be the coolest guy in attendance. Nobody is cooler than the Dark Knight of Gotham, that's for sure. With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to instill fear into all supervillains' hearts. Ride in on your Batmobile and throw Batarangs with precision and you'll have a Halloween like no other this year. Buy your Batman costume today, and then team up with Robin and Batgirl for your best night yet!
Adult Batman Mask
Save Gotham as the hero it needs, not the hero it deserves, when you put on this Adult Batman Mask! Youre going to love looking in the mirror and seeing your favorite Dark Knight when you stop in a restroom on Halloween, so take up the mantle of Bruce Wayne in this grim and gritty mask. Youre going to love how this mask keeps you comfy for the whole night while still letting the Joker know that you mean business.
Adult Justice League Batman Costume Top
Take on the Joker and the Penguin with your child this Halloween when you pick up the Adult Batman Costume Top! With your purchase, you will receive a fun gray Batman top with an attached removable cape. Team up with Robin, Catwoman, and the rest of the Gotham gang this Halloween, and you'll be trick-or-treating in style. Buy your Batman costume top today, and go make this Halloween a real Arkham night to remember!
Adult Deluxe Batman Cowl
The Adult Deluxe Batman Cowl will transform your into the Caped Crusader. This fantastic character mask is one of the finest headpieces you will find anywhere. Pair it with one of our incredible Batman costumes for a look that will make you feel like a true crime fighting hero.
Adult Justice League Movie Batman Costume Deluxe
Give the bad guys a reason to be afraid of the dark with the Deluxe Batman costume. Mirroring Batman's tactical suit from the Justice League film you too can feel the power of the masked vigilante. Bruce Wayne's new grey toned suit will improve agility. The only bulk comes in the form of the imbedded muscle padding sure making you look tougher than ever before. A golden utility belt and bladed gauntlets will prepare you for the stickiest of situations. Assume the bat identity with the pointed mask and billowing black cap that offers cover in the dark. Hide your shoes with the boot tops and assume the full identity of Batman! Don't forget to add batarangs to your order as well. Bring down the evil Steppenwolf and purchase your batsuit today!
Adult Justice League Tactical Batman Long Sleeve Costume Top with Removable Cape and Mask
Prepare yourself to face alien forces in this Justice League Tactical Batman Long Sleeve Men's Top with Removable Cape and Mask. This item is modeled after Batman?s appearance in the Justice League movie. It shows off detailed designs and comes with both a cape and mask to complete your Batman appearance. Dress comfortably for fighting evil and saving the planet in this piece!
Adult Justice League Tactical Batman Costume Deluxe
Gear up for a huge fight in this Justice League Deluxe Tactical Batman Men's Costume. Batman doesn?t have any superpowers but that doesn?t mean he isn?t prepared to face an alien army. He always has a plan and definitely has something special in the works for this fight. This particular outfit has been upgraded with better protection and new features to give Batman the advantage in a fight. It resembles his appearance in the Justice League where it is shown to have armor plating and reinforced straps. If you have ever wanted to become Batman, this suit is a cool choice and one of his most unique looks. Browse through all kinds of other Batman items, weapons, and accessories to help complete your superhero ensemble.
Adult Photo Real Batman Costume Top
Holy undershirt Batman! It looks like you have a Batman costume underneath your shirt. But you don?t, it?s just the Adult Photo Real Batman Costume Top. The ¾ sleeve shirts is a fun way to celebrate Halloween, especially when you don?t want to get all dressed up. It comes with a mask. Wear it without the mask at work then put it on when it is time to go home and hand out candy. The shirt features a blue Batman costume underneath a white shirt. It?s highlighted by a black and yellow Batman logo. Included with the shirt is a blue cowl-like mask with bat ears on top. Who is your favorite Batman? Adam West? Michael Keaton? Val Kilmer? Christian Bale? Ben Affleck? Put on the shirt and argue your favorite with friends this Halloween. Of course, since this one is blue, put in a good word for the comics too. In the comics, Batman wore blue but in live action TV and film, he is usually clad in black or gray. Bruce Wayne/ Batman first appeared in comics in May 1939. Since then, he has been the
Dark Knight Batman Child
Random car crashes, buildings blowing up, spontaneous magic sounds like your archenemies are at it again. You had better put on a Dark Knight Batman Child Costume and go stop him! This fullbody outfit is sewn from a jet black material that will keep you warm without overheating. An intricate slate gray pattern outlines the Bat's armor plates, making it look like you could withstand any hospital explosion. The long black cape has a scalloped edge and falls to the calves. Pop on the half mask so that no one can guess that you're really Bruce Wayne! Each package includes your golden yellow belt--tie it around your waist and prepare for all of Harley's harebrained schemes! Gotham's citizens are real tough and all, but everyone needs a hero. Wear a Dark Knight Batman Child Costume with Batarangs and black liner, sold here.
Cuddly Batman Toddler Costume
Dress your toddler as the Dark Knight of Gotham this Halloween when you buy the Cuddly Batman Toddler Costume. Batman is one of the best superheroes around. He doesn't actually have any real superpowers like many of the other superheroes these days, though he's a technological mastermind with lots of money and he knows how to fight and use his gadgets! He's certainly someone we all can relate to in some way, shape, or form. When your toddler puts on this adorable Batman costume, you're going to melt from all of the cuteness. He'll be your little hero, and as such, he's going to want to fight off all the bad guys just like his hero Batman. Watch as he runs around trying to fight off Joker and his evil cronies. Honestly, Batman wouldn't be nearly as entertaining if he didn't have such a compelling villain to take on. The Joker is insane, sociopathic, and entirely unpredictable. From his laugh alone, you can just feel that he enjoys corrupting all the good he can find in this world, and
Dawn of Justice Adult Batman 1/2 Mask
If you're looking for a comfier way to be the hero Gotham deserves, this Dawn of Justice Adult Batman 1/2 Mask is just what you need! You can eat and drink at a party while wearing this 1/2 Mask, and then you can jump in the Batmobile and fight off the Joker at a moment's notice. You can get the best of both worlds when you wear this half and half mask, which is something we're sure Bruce Wayne will appreciate!
Deluxe Batman Cape For Kids
Become vengeance, become the knight, become Batman! Don this Deluxe Batman Cape For Kids and your child will look and act like the caped crusader. It comes in all black and is long enough to reach around knee level. The hem is cut to appear pointed and the classic bat symbol is placed in the middle. Young fans of the superhero can use it as a quick costume idea or for completing their ensemble. Check out our website for even more Batman accessories and equipment!
Boys Deluxe Justice League Muscle Chest Batman Costume
Looking to step up in the world of Superheroes? Are you trying to bring out the authentic Batman action that you loved growing up? Give your kid a chance to participate in the most exciting venue that you can imagine with our Boy's Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Costume. It's a bold and iconic outfit that is sure to make your little guy feel like the superhero that he's always wanted to be. Comes with a powerful muscle suit that is modeled directly from Batman's signature appearance that is sure to make your kid feel more like a hero than ever before. Your kid will have the physique and power of Batman in no time thanks to our suit. Stop by the store and add on a few batarangs or other Batman inspired accessories that are sure to make your kid feel like a hero. They'll be the ruler of the night with our Boy's Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Costume.
Boy's Batman Action Suit Set Costume
You want to capture the essence of the Dark Knight for your little one. You've shown them every comic and movie that you can to infuse them with the power of Batman. Let them check out our awesome Boy's Batman Action Suit Set Costume. Officially licensed by DC studios so we have all the power and flair of Batman come to life. Comes with a molded muscle jumpsuit that's bound to leap off of the suit. It has authentic decals and an attached cape. Your kid wouldn't be Batman without the signature cowl which we've included in the costume. It's a bold style that's unforgettable and sure to make your kid feel like the superhero they've always wanted to be. Step into the night and Halloween with our Boy's Batman Action Suit Set Costume.
Boys Justice League Batman Cape and Mask Set
Gotham City is safer with Batman flying through the night skies, patrolling the city for enemies. This Halloween, give your little guy a mighty boost with this amazing Justice League: Batman Boy's Cape and Mask! He'll leap into the air like Batman himself when he sets his eyes on this crime-fighting Justice League: Batman Boy's Cape and Mask!
Boys Light-Up Batman Costume
Boys love everything there is to love about superheroes. Everything from special weapons, vehicles, and gadgets and especially the costume which is special and absolutely necessary for any hero to have. One of the coolest disguises belongs to the Batman and kids can take advantage of his super cool outfit when they get into this Boy's Light-Up Batman Costume. This elaborate bat outfit includes a black and gray jumpsuit featuring armor-like bottoms and arms with a gold utility belt around them and a beefed up muscle torso complete with Batman's armor molding with a black caped attached. The Batman headpiece will keep your little guy's identity safe and the grand finale would be the light up bat signal that glows on the muscle chest. As soon as your kid finds himself a Robin to be his side kick, he will be ready to hit the streets and put crazy criminals away.
Child Batman 3/4 Mask
If your little one is dressing up as the one and only Dark Knight this Halloween, then don't forget to pick up our Child Batman 3/4 Mask! After all, no Batman costume is truly complete without the famous and iconic Batman mask on. With your purchase, you will receive just the mask you need to turn your child into a truly powerful superhero of Gotham. Take down the Joker and more this Halloween, and buy your Batman mask today!
Cape and Mask Set - Batman
Being a superhero isn't as complicated as some may think. You don't have to figure out what to wear each time you step out to rescue the world. It's pretty standard. You wear your Batman Cape and Mask. Well, if you're stepping out as Batman. If that's the case, we've go the essentials for you.
Child Deluxe Cape for Batman Costume
If your child is dressing up as the Dark Knight of Gotham this Halloween, then you are definitely going to want to pick up the Child Deluxe Cape for Batman Costume! A superhero is only as strong as his cape, and with this special cape at his back, your little one will be purely invincible. With your purchase, you will receive a sleek black cape featuring a bat logo on the back. Buy yours today, and go make this Halloween a Gotham one!
Child's Batman Gauntlets
They always say to start training early, and in the Bat family, it is never too early. Prepare your child to be the protector of Gotham alongside the mysterious Dark Knight with the Child's Batman Gauntlets. There is no other gauntlets that Batman would trust to keep his sidekicks safe and you would not want to give your child anything but the best.
Full Face Adult Batman Mask
The name says it all and when you add this Full Face Adult Batman Mask to your next costume, the villains of Gotham City will want to stay at home. This mask will transform you into the infamous Dark Knight that everyone knows. even make Bruce Wayne a little jealous when he sees how amazing and authentic this mask is, and who knows he might make you the next Batman.
Baby/Toddler Justice League Batman Costume
If you are fascinated with Batman, and want your son to become the Dark Knight, this is the perfect accessory! Turn your baby into Batman this Halloween, and upgrade his look with this cover. Safe to use, yet looking absolutely incredible, this is the perfect accessory that's going to go great with the rest of the costume. Designed specifically for infants, there is no wrong age to become Batman and fight crime! Item includes diaper cover, cape, and hat. This is an officially licensed item.
Justice League Child's Batman Gauntlets
You never know when the world might need Batman, and for those times where he is just not answering the call, you child can step up with confidence wearing these Justice League Child's Batman Gauntlets. get your child ready To take on Brainia and all the evil villians from the Justice League movie with these stylish and movie accurate gauntlets.
Justice League Boys Tactical Batman Costume
Batman watches over Gotham City like a kid watches over his Halloween candy. This Halloween, your child can transfer his watch and transform into Batman with our sensational Justice League Tactical Batman Kids' Costume! In this outfit, your little guy will feel a surge of Batman power and save his neighborhood from doom!
Justice League Adult Batman Gauntlets
When the time comes to save Gotham City, do you think you have what it takes to stand up and fight? Whether protecting your city or saving the world with the Justice League you can always count on the Justice League Adult Batman Gauntlets to be there when you need them. This pair of gauntlets will complete your next Batman costume and get your ready for whatever evil has to throw at you.