Abe Lincoln Costumes

Give yourself a distinguished appearance with any of our Abe Lincoln costumes for kids and adults. It is honestly a very noble ensemble. We have a bit of a variety of Lincoln outfits when it comes to looking like one of the United States’ greatest leaders. Become the 14th president for a day in any of our low priced, great quality Abe Lincoln costumes.

Abe Lincoln Costume Ideas and Tips

Celebrate one of our nation's founding fathers with our epic selection of Abraham Lincoln costumes and accessories! Perfect for Halloween, school plays and costume parties, these representations of the great liberator will have you feeling like you just stepped out of a history book! 

Featuring full costumes of Abraham Lincoln's most traditional look and individual wardrobe pieces, no matter where you are, everyone will see that you belong on Mount Rushmore. Few things are as recognizable as the visual profile of this former president, and whether you are sporting his head to toe black ensemble with beard and stovepipe hat or you have just added them to another outfit of your choice, people will know right off the bat that they are in the presence of an American Legend. Power Lincoln costumes for kids offer a quick and easy way for your little guy to have a legit and respectable costume, be it Halloween or just a President's Day School assembly. Patriotic and proud, you cannot go wrong with a costume of this great man and forefather of our country.

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