Pimp Accessories

You don't actually have to work the street to dress like a pimp. With all of those flashy colors and outlandish, over the top duds, simply dressing like one is far more practical (and legal) than actually acting out like one. So, no matter what kind of event you are going to or what you are dressing for, pimp costume accessories are important for completing your look. After all, while you might have already found the perfect pimp suit, you need the perfect bling to add the simple icing to the cake.

First, the hat is a must. Without a pimp hat, you might just look like a flashy guy who likes bright suits. The flashy, over the top fashion piece is going to feature some rather funny elements that you probably would never go out and wear on your own. These hats are fluffy, with a long, bright feather jutting out the side, very sassy! What's not to like about such an entertaining hat? More than the hat though, you also need to check out the canes. Pimps don't need a cane to walk, they just use it to accessorize their strut. You'll have to practice your own walk before the day of your party, but that flashy cane is something you need to have on hand. It's perfect for standing in interesting poses, plus you can use it to garnish the attention of those around you (if they are already not looking at you due to your incredible costume).

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