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Stockings & Tights

Legwear isn't just about keeping your legs warm. In fact, legwear here is about enhancing your look. The right stockings, tights or socks are the little extra that might just help you look even more authentic and may help you win first place in the best costume contest. One example is the white thigh high stockings. These stockings will give your naughty nurse a dash of sexy. They also work well if you want to a hot angel or a seductive maid.

Stockings, Tights & Socks Ideas and Tips

Feeling flirty for fishnets? Or maybe you are feeling a little spunky for spiders. Whatever your excuse might be for wearing a pair of fun themed tights you won’t have to explain any further once you shop our collection of Socks, Tights and Stockings. These don’t have to just be for a Halloween costume! Add leggings or tights to any outfit to give it some personality. Colored tights are perfect for parties or sporting events too. Every occasion deserves some fun and sometimes flirty leg wear, and you can find all the socks, stockings and tights you need in our amazing collection!

Black Industrial Fishnet Hose
Add some punk chic to your look when you slip on Black Industrial Fishnet Hose! Each pair of fishnets is made out of black nylon netting and has close-toed feet. A dress-up staple, these work great for rock, Gothic, dominatrix, and de Vil costumes.
Professional Tights Kelly Green - Men
Get green for Halloween when wearing the Professional Tights Kelly Green - Me. These Green Men's Tights are perfect for plenty of costumes like Peter Pan and Robin Hood. Great for use in theatre and cosplay, these Men's Green Tights will last. The elastic has a soft knit that won't itch while stretching to fit any type of leg. Complete your Halloween look this year and order the Professional Tights Kelly Green - Men today!
Black Nylon Fishnet Stockings Adult Queen Size
A rocker staple. Wear our Black Nylon Fishnet Adult Queen Size Stockings and strut your stuff down the stage! These daring tights are full of dense fishnet and have close-toed tops. Perfect with rompers, short skirts, minis, and corsets.
Women's Opaque Tights
Show off you sexy legs with these Women's Opaque Tights. Available in hot pink, black, red and white, it comes in one size that fits most women up to 165 pounds. Order one of each shade so you always have a pair that will match your outfit.
Women's White Tights Standard Classic
Whether you're making your debut as a prima ballerina or just going out as Natalie Portman in Black Swan, you can wear these Women's White Tights Standard Classic to look as graceful and elegant as you need to! Whether you're pairing these tights with a tutu or some fake blood, you can make your plies and arabesques look as perfect as they do in your dance class when you have this set of accessory pants to show off your legs.
Adult Christmas Striped Tights
Our Adult Christmas Striped Tights have a holiday theme and look to them. These striped tights look like those red and white candy canes! The tights feature red and white horizontal stripes and are made in a one size fits most size. Add these bright and festive tights to your holiday outfit to really get into the spirit of the season!
Adult Red and Green Elf Tights
Complete your Christmas elf costume with this adorable pair of adult red and green Elf tights! Look stylish and comfortable walking around Santa's workshop in these tights that are made to match the traditional and standard elf costume, and we'll add a fun and festive touch to your outfit! Made of high-quality nylon! Add a toy tool belt to your elf costume to have him ready to make all the toys! Shop our full selection of holiday costumes and accessories! Order your adult red and green Elf tights online today and beat the Christmas rush!
Green Tights for Women
Sometimes the coolest way to show you're a dancer is having the pants for it! Go with a colorful mood and flair this Halloween! Get the Lime Green Tights for Women! The lime green tights are a wonderful choice for any gal who wants to show off her curves and how good she looks when she's on the dance floor! Order it online today with fast shipping!
Poodle Socks
Enhance your Fifties costume with the addition of Adult Poodle Socks. These tiny white socks feature a cute poodle design. Pair with a poodle skirt and top for the perfect costume for your decades party.
Women's Plus Size Opaque Tights
Make your skirt or dress look even better when you wear them with the Women's Plus Size Opaque Tights. They can be ordered in red or black and we suggest you get one at least of each to match all the outfits in your closet. Designed to fit most women who weigh up to 250 pounds.
Womens Red and Green Striped Tights
Go for a sleigh ride in the snow wearing our Women's Red and Green Striped Tights. This item comes as full-length tights starting from the waist and covering everything below. They are patterned with red and green stripes to show off that spirit. It's a great item to give yourself that holiday-look you can show off to everyone. Look at more items to see what else you can use for a new ensemble.
Plus Size Fishnet Tights for Women
Add an edgy and seductive layer to any outfit or costume when you are wearing these Plus Size Fishnet Tights for Women! Versatile and comfortable, this is the one costume piece no woman's costume closet should be without! Turn any outfit into a costume with the help of these attention-getting and jaw dropping tights! Check out all of our costumes for adults to maximize your Halloween look! Don't wait until the last minute! Order online today!
Red and Green Elf Tights Plus Size Adult
Help out the Big Man after you pull on a pair of Red and Green Elf Tights for Plus Size Adults! Our opaque stockings have closed toes to keep them from riding up. One leg is bright red and the other green. Great for any elf or jester costume.
Women's Striped Tights - Red and White
Santa baby won't you come down the chimney tonight? Don these Women's Striped Tights to have your holiday attire look as sweet as a candy-cane! They'll accentuate a fun Santa's little helper attire, but can also be used for a little holiday fun. These tights have a veritable medley of uses, but however you choose to utilize them; just make sure you snag them!
Adult Poison Ivy Tights
Harley Quinn is going to do a double-take when she sees you looking sexy in these Adult Poison Ivy Tights! The poison ivy leaves on these tights are going to let everyone know that you're costume means business, so no one is going to be silly enough to get close to you with the powers contained in these tights. You can threaten any supervillain you want with your plant-based powers with these tights showing everyone what you can do!
Girls Red And White Striped Tights
Cute and adorable, these girls red and white striped tights will add a bit of Christmas fun to any outfit! Made out of high quality and durable polyester, these fashionable tights feature the instantly recognizable candy cane design that will have everyone in the Christmas spirit, and are great for the holidays or year round! Wear a Santa hat with the tights to really bring the Yuletide excitement! For more great ideas shop our full selection of Christmas costumes and accessories for the entire family! Order your girls red and white striped tights online today and avoid the crowded stores!
Spooky Spiderweb Tights
Spice up your spooky wardrobe with these adorable Spooky Spiderweb Tights. These fun and stylish tights will make every costume more thrilling, adding a little twist to the traditional tights, you can even wear them with your everyday outfit! Make your next Witch, zombie or undead diva costume one of a kind with these weblike tights.
Red and White Striped Socks
Whether you're stepping out for Santa Con or need that little extra push for your nurse costume, our Red and White Striped Socks are the way to do it. These stretchy knee-high socks are covered with wide stripes and have thick cuffs.
Colonial Men's Socks
There's something awesome about showing your face in these awesome Colonial Men's Sock Pair from Costume SuperCenter. Throw a little history into the mix when you walk into the room in this white pair of lovely items that everyone is going to love. Sure, it seems like a simple item, but you will be surprised at all of the compliments that you are able to receive with them on.
Fortune Teller Nude Rhinestone Fishnets
Have a sexy look from head to toe using our Fortune Teller Nude Rhinestone Fishnets. There is sure to be some fun in your future when wearing these. Orders come as a pair of fishnet stockings in a nude coloring. The crisscross pattern is accented by rhinestone attachments. These will look great on their own or over top a darker pair. Whether using them as part of a gypsy or fortune teller costume, or anything else, youll be looking hot!
Multi Color Clown Socks
Clown around much more often just to keep smiles on your friends and family's faces and even dress up like a real clown with a big red nose, matching over-sized shoes, and surprise people with these Multi Color Clown Socks in a stunning array of rainbow stripes.
Womens Black Fishnet Stockings
Bumble Bee Tights - Child
Look sweeter than honey when you slip on Bumble Bee Tights! Our opaque tights have broad yellow and black stripes that will help top off any toddler's Halloween costume. Feet have close-toe tops. Great for bees and monsters.
Mens Red Professional Tights w/ Feet
You'll be looking red hot this Halloween when you pick up our Mens Red Professional Tights w/ Feet! Whether you are dressing up as a red hot devil, a vampire, a ladybug, or any other creature or character requiring a beautiful red aesthetic, you definitely don't want want to miss out on these special red tights. Buy yours today, and then scan our site for the remainder of your costume!
Wild N Witchy Adult Socks
Go for a low key touch on Halloween when you wear these Wild N Witchy Adult Socks! These socks are going to let everyone know that youre looking forward to the spookiest night of the year, but you can also go about your day like normal in these socks instead of spending the whole day celebrating your favorite holiday. You can even wear these socks all year round to show everyone youre looking forward to Halloween no matter what time of year.
Women's Ms. Candy Cane Leggings
Spice up any holiday outfit with a pair of these womens Ms. Candy Cane leggings! Made out of comfortable and durable high-quality polyester, these red and white striped leggings are eye-catching and versatile and will find their way into your wardrobe year round! Where with an elf costume for an adorable look that everyone will love! Check out our wonderful selection of holiday costume pieces and avoid the crowded Christmas stores when you order your womens Ms. Candy Cane leggings online now!
Adult White/Black Skull Tights Accessory
Adult Red and Green Striped Socks
Have a festively fun time in these Adult Red and Green Striped Socks. They come as a pair of knee high socks patterned with alternating stripes to match the traditional colors of Christmas. They will help create a wonderful ensemble to wear while having fun during the holidays. Browse through more of our clothing items to see what other items match your design.
Bumble Bee Socks
Are you in love with bees and are hoping to put your own spin on the outfit you created this year? Get the Bumble Bee Socks which feature a black and yellow striped design. The long socks will not only help to keep your feet and legs warm, but it will have your bumble bee outfit looking that much more fabulous. We bet that the bright yellow color will also make it easier to find you during the dark Halloween night!
Adult Black Cat Stockings -
Cat legs are agile and strong so they can jump from place to place. Help your limbs gain some cat characteristics with thes Black Cat Stockings. These sheer-like knee-highs feature adorable cat faces peeking out the tops. Wear a skirt or shorts to give these cuties maximum exposure.