TV and Movies Accessories

Going to a movie or TV themed party? Win an Oscar with TV and movie accessories. Popular items for men to make them look like their favorite movie star include Wolf Man wigs and Elvis accessories such as capes, wigs and microphones. Dress up for the party and become a superhero as a Power Ranger, Superman or Spider-Man. Continue the Superhero theme with batman gloves or The Joker make up kit. Take on a Harry Potter them with glasses, a Hogwarts tie.

For the girls, cast a spell over the whole party with a Hermione magic wand. Ladies who want to be Gaga can wear a blond wig complete with black headscarf and Lady Gaga signature glasses and blue gloves. Or become Aurora with a tiara and wand. Become Betty Boop by adding her garter to your favorite outfit. Hit a fantasy note with a Lord of the Rings Gandalf beard and wig kit, or dress as a Clonetrooper. Cause a stir in a Mad Hatter outfit at a tea party, or take Dr Seuss with a Cat in the Hat or Thing 1 or Thing 2 accessories.

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