Beauty & The Beast Costumes

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast continues to capture the hearts of audiences over two decades later. Take on the role of the strong and resilient Belle when you choose to wear Princess Belle’s iconic golden ball gown. Costume SuperCenter understands that at the heart of every young girl and woman lives a princess and so we offer many accessories such as a beautiful tiara and Belle’s gorgeous ballroom shoes. When you choose to wear one of our Belle Costumes, you’ll experience what it’s like to be a princess. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even meet your prince!

Beauty & The Beast Costumes

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast continues to capture the hearts of audiences over two decades later. Take on the role of the strong and resilient Belle when you choose to wear Princess Belle’s iconic golden ball gown. Costume SuperCenter understands that at the heart of every young girl and woman lives a princess and so we offer many accessories such as a beautiful tiara and Belle’s gorgeous ballroom shoes. When you choose to wear one of our Belle Costumes, you’ll experience what it’s like to be a princess. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even meet your prince!

Beauty and the Beast - Belle Costumes

The Magic Kingdom is the proud home of several princesses, but only a few of them are as known and beloved worldwide as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Whether it's the story about the power of true love, the groundbreaking animation or that super catchy soundtrack that you can't seem to get out of your head, there is something for everyone in this legendary tale. Three generations now have been moved to both tears and song by Disney's adaptation of this classic tale. And even as the pantheon of Disney Princesses grows year-by-year, Belle and her various outfits remain not only a consistent fan favorite, but also a staple of Halloween costuming.

Belle and her Beast can be seen as a couples costume at any Halloween party, while her ball gowns and village attire are regulars at any school Halloween party or trick or treat route. Occasionally, one will even see an entire family dressed as the whole cast, with Mom and Dad as Beauty and the Beast. Eye catching and unforgettable, Belle is always dressed to impress, but there is a whole lot more to this iconic character than just a pretty face and beautiful clothes. Before you put on your Belle Halloween Costume, take some time to reflect on all the things that make her the perfect choice to dress up as this year.

Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Cosplay Tutorial

Stained Glass Window Belle Cosplay Tutorial

The story of Belle and her Beast is a tale as old as time. And since it might've been a while since you watched the animated version of this Disney classic, you might not remember that it all started out with a story. Beauty and the Beast began with the tale told by images in stained glass windows. 

Bringing the Disney magic to life is easier than you think. All you need is one of our Belle costumes and some supplies to make a stained glass backdrop. Follow along with the steps in our tutorial to create this unique spin on the Disney Princess' look. 

Disney Princess Box Office Stats [Infographic]

It's the tale as old as time, and as true as it could be. Beauty and the Beast is a classic love story, with a classic leading lady, Belle, as its main protagonist. If you've ever been curious, though, if it was as popular when it first came out as it is today, then all you need is our Box Office Infographic. See how much money it took to make the movie about the girl from the small, provincial town, and others like Mulan and the Princess and the Frog.

Belle Princess Costumes

For those who prefer the grandeur and spectacle of the princess Belle was destined to become, there is a selection of costumes dedicated to just that. The Princess Belle ballroom gown costumes are perfect when you really want to make a Halloween entrance that will be talked about all year long. Long, luxurious and made to match your favorite princess, you are ready for even the fanciest Halloween affair. Belle's princess yellow dress is exactly what your Disney costume closet needs, should you ever find yourself with an unshakable urge to show off your posh and regal side.

Belle Village Style

When most people picture the character of Belle, she is wearing her traditional Village costume, consisting of her light blue and white dress and white apron. Simple and modest, this look is a cute and comfortable option for those Disney fans attending more casual Halloween celebrations. Classic and instantly recognizable, this is a costume that not only shows your love for the movie, but also stands alone as a head-turning ensemble that you will look forward to wearing to movie screenings, cosplay events and anywhere else the Disney Magic takes you. Choose a style that focuses on the sweet girl who would one day become royalty.

Beast Costumes

As striking and intriguing as the character of Belle is, she is only half the story. Shop our selection of Beast Halloween costumes as the finishing part of a couple's theme, or for a solo costume that is poised and ready to absolutely shut down any costume contest. With complete movie faithful costumes with high quality full head masks, you can choose a costume that looks impressive, feels comfortable and stands the test of time as perhaps the best known costume of any Disney prince. Show up this Halloween as a symbol of true, unconditional and unwavering love.

Belle Accessories

When putting together your complete Belle Halloween costume, don't forget to add all the accessories that will make your costume stand out as original and fully-realized. If you have chosen a ready-made Belle costume, add a couple of stuffed characters to bring a little bit of the story's harmony and friendship to your Halloween. If you have decided to put together your own Belle costume this year, check out our selection of aprons, hair ties and other accessories that will make your character appear to have just popped out of the movie itself. Mix and match different accessories and clothing items to create a version of Belle that is entirely your own.

Ariel Costumes

Sha-la-la-la don't be scared! In one of Costume SuperCenter's Ariel Costumes, you'll have the trick-or-treating mood prepared. Use a dinglehopper to comb your red hair, flip your fins and go under the sea this Halloween!

Aurora Costumes

Keep your fingers away from all spinning wheels if you plan on wearing one of our Aurora Costumes this Halloween. You may be innocent, but there might be someone out there in a Maleficent costume looking to cause some trouble!

Cinderella Costumes

You'll have to make sure you keep your shoes on when you wear one of our Cinderella Costumes this Halloween. Your Fairy Godmother can assist you in looking like a princess, but she can't stop you from losing one of your glass slippers while trick-or-treating!

Frozen Costumes

If the cold never bothered you anyway, you might be best selecting from our Frozen Costumes this Halloween. Shimmering princess dresses have never looked as good as they do on Anna and Elsa... But you still might want to pack a hoodie while going door-to-door.

Disney Princesses Five Facts [Infographic]

There's no shortage of royalty in the Disney family and anyone who's seen one of the Disney franchises knows the names behind the castles well. This Disney Princess five facts infographic can teach even the most knowledgeable fans a thing or two! Test your trivia skills with a few of the little-known facts Costume SuperCenter put together for the happiest princesses on earth!

Jasmine Costumes

You may not be a prize to be won, but you'll have the winning look at any contest when you're wearing a Jasmine Costume. This Arabian princess has been a Disney classic since 1994, and the teal two-piece is sure to have you ready to see a whole new world.

Rapunzel Costumes

You'll be ready to see the lanterns this Halloween in a brand new Rapunzel Costumes. With your wig's long, flowing blonde hair, you and your Flynn Rider are sure to have an October adventure for the ages!

Snow White Costumes

Grab your friends - All 7 of them - and wear your Snow White Costume this Halloween! Stay away from apples, but make a few wishes on the nearest well, and your Snow White duplication will be complete!

Disney Princess Costumes

If you want to look like you're ready to step into a tale as old as time, then Disney Princess Costumes are the way to go this October. In a classic golden gown like Belle, you'll have everyone in town saying BONJOUR!

Beauty and the Beast Songsheets

It is impossible to talk about Beauty and the Beast without bringing up the classic, award-winning and ever so catchy soundtrack. A lot of the fun of watching this much-loved movie is singing along with Belle, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Gaston and the rest. To make sure you get the most out of your viewing experience, Be Our Guest and click over to our Beauty and the Beast songsheet infographics with colorful pictures of your favorite characters and the lyrics to all their signature songs. Never again find yourself humming along while everybody around you is reciting every word. We can't guarantee you will sound good singing, but at least you will know the words. Whether a newcomer to these toe-tapping numbers, or trying to introduce your child to the movie you love so much, these lyrical aids will delight the eye and fill your house with song.

Printable Beauty and the Beast Valentine's

With its style and breathtaking wardrobe, it is a no-brainer that Beauty and the Beast costuming is a great way to spend your Halloween. But we can't forget that the story at the heart of this visual extravaganza is one of love, and therefore Beauty and the Beast is also a great theme to include in your Valentine's Day. To celebrate your special someone, we have put together a page of printable Beauty and the Beast Valentine cards that are guaranteed to make their heart sing. Deliver it in person to see the look on their face for yourself, or post to their site with the convenient embed code. Let the romance and wonder of this Disney blockbuster upgrade Cupid's arrow with a sweet bit of nostalgia which is sure to warm even the coldest heart. Any occasion can be made more personal and spectacular by adding a splash of Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast Printable Bookmarks

Even craft time can be enhanced by Belle and the gang. Click over to our blog to find a sheet of printable, ready-to-make Beauty and the Beast bookmarks featuring all your favorite characters. Before your family sits down for story time, spend a few minutes with your kids putting together these simple and fun literary place holders. Choose from Belle herself, Gaston and Lefou, Maurice and others as a way to liven up your family fun time. You can also choose one with Belle and the Beast together to be your occasional reminder of what this tale of romance for the ages means to you. Find even more awesome Beauty and the Beast content when you visit our blog!

Beauty and the Beast Party Ideas

What better way to celebrate the fun and frivolity of Beauty and the Beast than with your very own Belle themed Beauty and the Beast party for all your friends. Our partners at Birthday in a Box have conveniently assembled kits of all the party decorations, favors and more to allow you to host your own royal ball without having to scramble all over town searching out individual items. From table settings and balloons to hanging decorations and photo props, these handy party sets are every mom's best friend! You can be ready to throw a full-on Beauty and the Beast theme party at a moment's notice, giving you more time to enjoy the day instead of stressing out because you can't seem to find any Belle napkins anywhere. Give your guests a party experience they will never forget and yourself a pat on the back for doing it with such ease.

Beauty and the Beast Costume Ideas and Tips

Be Our Guest to a great Halloween when you choose from our epic selection of officially licensed costumes from Disney's Beauty and the Beast! All of your favorite characters are in attendance, and whether you love the Beast, laugh at the talking furniture, or wish to dance the night away like Belle, we have a costume that will be perfect for your celebration of this cinematic hit. Hit the Halloween saying in an adult Beast or Belle costume that is guaranteed to make a party entrance no one will forget. Have a look around all of our officially licensed Disney costume accessories to find all the fun little details that will make your costume different from anything anyone has ever seen. 

For all the little Disney fans, our Beauty and the Beast costumes for babies, toddlers and up will give them a storybook Halloween for the ages. Show everyone how much you love this beloved story when you choose a costume that is high quality and on point with the character designs. Bring some Disney Magic to your Halloween today.

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