Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Costumes

A Golden ticket can give you lots of luck, but we have something even better. Our Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Costumes are quality outfits at affordable prices and they are shipped out quickly to you. Selections include Willie Wonka costumes and Oompa Loompa outfits in both child and adult sizes.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Costume Ideas and Tips

While fields of gumdrops and candy are a child’s dream, there is more Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory than it seems. From the 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to the more recent Charlie and The Chocolate Factory featuring Johnny Depp there are so many fun and colorful costumes and characters to choose from for your next Halloween costume. 

Whether you want to sing along with the Oopma Loompa from the original movie, or dress up as the big man himself, you will certainly find the perfect costume and accessories in our Charlie and The Chocolate Factory costumer collection. From costumes, to wigs, accessories and more, there is no telling what kind of fun adventures you will go on when dressed like these adorable and classic characters. So, grab your golden ticket and hang on tight for the ride of a lifetime this Halloween, but be careful to stay close because there is also some danger that can happen in this factory.

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