Elephant Costumes

Have a trumpeting good time with an Elephant costume for kids and adults. Transform into a magnificent elephant and show off your love for the giant African mammals. You don't need to weigh a ton to dress up like one of these pachyderms. Buy your kid or adult Elephant Halloween costume today!

Elephant Costume Ideas and Tips

One of the gentlest giants on the planet, the majestic elephant is a classic when it comes to Halloween costume ideas. You can be any kind of elephant you want when you’re choosing from our wide variety of elephant costumes! Check out our selection, which ranges from cartoonish to realistic, and you can pick out exactly what kind of elephant you want to be this Halloween.

 If you’re looking to recall films like Dumbo, you can find a costume to suit your fancy, though you can also find a realistic face mask that will make people do double takes when they see you on the street! You can even get a whole herd together by getting your friends to join you in one of these elephant costumes. Put on a long nose and big ears this year and dress up as one of the most friendly animals in the world!

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