GI Joe Costumes

In 1963, Don Levin hand carved the first G.I Joe action figure. A mere 49 years later, the same little toy has been around the globe, and conquered many of life's dreams. Joe was then turned into a comic strip, cartoon show, video game, and movie! Produced by Hasbro, these little figures were meant to represent the dedication and honor of the U.S Armed forces-with an Action Solider, Sailor, Pilot, and Marine. Buy GI Joe costumes for Halloween today!

Order A GI Joe Costume For Adults And Kids Online Today!

Dressing as a G.I Joe is going to be one of this years most popular Halloween options. Little boys can dress as these epic action heroes and they can have fun accessories to play with, too! Dress like Duke, who is second in command after Hawk! You can even dress like Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes-just decide if you guys are going to be friends or enemies! All of our costumes can be worn to fun parties or even to a themed birthday party! Don't forget to bring these action figures to life with our G.I Joe inspired accessories, too! Nothing says Halloween or It's My Birthday like a fully completed GI Joe costume!

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