GI Joe Costumes

In 1963, Don Levin hand carved the first G.I Joe action figure. A mere 49 years later, the same little toy has been around the globe, and conquered many of life's dreams. Joe was then turned into a comic strip, cartoon show, video game, and movie! Produced by Hasbro, these little figures were meant to represent the dedication and honor of the U.S Armed forces-with an Action Solider, Sailor, Pilot, and Marine. Buy GI Joe costumes for Halloween today!

GI Joe Costume Ideas and Tips

When it comes to choosing a Halloween costume, knowing what you want to dress up as is half the battle! Our GI Joe costumes can make it easy for you to pick out what character you want to dress up as on Halloween, since we have a wide selection of all the characters from your favorite military cartoon. 

Whether you’re a hero or a villain, you can find a costume that will let you get involved in the international struggles that you love watching on the classic GI Joe TV show. You’ll be suited up in all the gear you need for your Halloween mission when you order one of our deluxe GI Joe Halloween costumes! And don’t forget to stock up on accessories and weapons so your character is fully prepared for whatever awaits them in the fight for freedom and the American way! Get some friends involved and you can bring the whole GI Joe squad out for Halloween!

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