Giraffe Costumes

Make sure you stand out above the rest when you order one of Costume Supercenter's giraffe costumes! With both kids and adult sizes, you'll be sure to have the big and bold giraffe look that you need for Halloween, school plays or any other costumed occasion! Check out the rest of our selection of giraffe costumes and face makeup, and order yours from Costume SuperCenter today!

Giraffe Costume Ideas and Tips

You’ll stand head and shoulders above the crowd this Halloween when you put on one of our giraffe costumes! Our giraffe costumes will put you in the shoes of one of the most classic jungle animals, so everyone is sure to appreciate your costume choice. The long neck and spotted fur of the giraffe will be instantly recognizable to everyone at your Halloween party.

Giraffes are always entertaining due to their gangly builds and their habit of eating leaves from the tops of trees. When you’re wearing one of our giraffe costumes, you’ll be sure to get everyone laughing with the originality of your costume. Get some friends together to be monkeys, lions, or any other jungle animal you can think of, to really take this costume to the next level! You’ll be the best dressed animal on the savannah this Halloween when you’re going out in one of our giraffe costumes!

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