Captain America Costumes

Since 1941, Steven Rogers has been one of the most important characters in the Marvel Comics universe. This kid from Brooklyn became a global hero due to his efforts during World War II and as an Avenger! Steve is loyal to his friends, his team, and to all things good in this world. Heroes like Captain America remind people everyday that anyone can become a hero! After all, Steve was once just an underwhelming young man with a heart of gold who wanted protect his country from Hydra. Now the life and adventures of Steve Rogers has become more popular than ever with his millions of fans!  This Halloween, remember that it takes a strong will, a good heart, and a powerful spirit to become someone like Captain America. The great red, white, and blue costume also helps!

Meet the Avengers [Infographic]

Captain America has always been known to stand for a few things: freedom and justice, among others. Fortunately for him, he's got some help in the Avengers. When side by side with Iron Man, Thor and the Incredible Hulk, there's not many who dare to stand in his way. Learn more about Captain America and his cohorts on this Marvel Comics superteam with Costume SuperCenter's Meet the Avengers infographic.

This year, put on a Captain America costume and show the world you have what it takes to become a wonderful hero. You could even dress up as another Avenger, like the amazing spy and femme fatale Natasha Romanoff, the Black Widow. Surprise everyone as the highly trained assassin and loyal friend Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Add a new meaning to the term wingman by dressing up as Sam Wilson, the Falcon. Even dress up as the  female version of Captain America, the American Dream, and represent all of the female soldiers in the world! With a plethora of costumes and accessories, it is easy to become a superhero for the haunted holiday or for a comic convention. Purchase everything from "Captain America: Civil War," from Captain America's shield to Hawkeye's Archer Gloves! Even if you’re a more casual costume wearer, you can purchase a soft Captain America hoodie, hat, or tank dress. Don’t forget to purchase a Captain America Treat Bag for trick or treating during Halloween. 

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