Top Hat & Derby

Cheerio and good day to you all! It has been ages since the days when a fine gentleman never left the house without his top hat. Between the 1700s and early 1900s, every well-dressed chap, usually from the upper class, wore a top hat with his suit. The sight of a man wearing a cap automatically makes you feel more formal and proper. Just think of Abe Lincoln, who was seldom photographed without his trademark stovepipe hat. He always looked so stately and grand. The distinctive topper features tall sides, a wide convex brim and a flat top. They were commonly made of silk or beaver skin.

Top Hat & Derby Ideas and Tips

Putting on the Ritz? Create a classy look this Halloween with one of our Top Hats and Derby Hats. There was a time when gentlemen always wore a hat whenever they were away from home. Sadly, that era of sophistication is gone, but you can bring it back, at least for a while. When you wear a top hat, you will join the ranks of Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Uncle Sam, Willy Wonka, Fred Astaire and Guns N; Roses’ Slash. Derby hats, also known as bowler hats, were designed in Britain in the 1800s. 

Made popular by classic comedy actors including Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy and Lou Costello, it is a style with a lot of staying power. It is often worn by a dastardly villain who twirls his mustache. Are you a Fan of Monty Python’s Flying circus? Purchase a derby so you can get a job as the Minister of Silly Walks. Order one or several hats today so you can wear it with a costume, any day you want to make your outfit more stylish, or for a photo booth at your next party.

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