Patriotic Costumes

Costumes are for so much more than Halloween. The perfect example of this is the large selection of patriotic costumes we have for men, women and children. These can be worn all year round for parades, parties, grand openings and patriotic holiday celebrations. They are the perfect addition to any occasion that would benefit from a bit of Americana. Show everyone that you are proud to be an American!

Patriotic Costume Ideas and Tips

Feeling revolutionary this Halloween? You can dress up like one of the Founding Fathers and fight for the Declaration of Independence, when you put on one of our historical patriotic costumes! These costumes will make you feel like you’re living in the era of the Boston Tea Party—but don’t go throwing any refreshments into the ocean just yet! These colonial costumes choices will let you dress up in waistcoats, powdered wigs, and all the other items that the Founding Fathers would have been wearing when they drew up such momentous documents as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

Whether you’re a fan of Hamilton or just a history buff, you can find everything you need for your period costume in our wide selection. You can also get some friends in on a group costume and go out as all your favorite figures of American history! Shop our historical patriotic costumes to declare your independence this Halloween!

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