Matador Costumes

Bullfighting is the only art in which the artist is in danger of death, but you won’t be in danger when you put on a Matador Halloween Costume. Like any costume, it is all pretend and no bull needs to be harmed when wearing it. We ship fast and prices are low so order today.

Matador Costume Ideas and Tips

Ole!  Bullfighting is a cross between a sport and an art and it has been practiced for centuries.  The most well-known bullfighting style is from Spain and Latin America, where the Matadors and bulls compete, sometimes to the death.  

Don’t worry, when you order a Matador Costume from us, the results won’t be as deadly. Corrida de toros is the name for a Spanish bullfight.  In a traditional event, there will be three matadors who each fight a bull. Each bull weighs at least 1,000 pounds.  The fight is cultural event and well organized.  If a matador goes against cultural expectations, the crowd will become terribly upset.  The matador will wave his cape in front of the bull, causing him to charge. This allows him to learn how the bull reacts and helps the matador win the fight.  You will be a winner at your Halloween when you show up wearing one of our colorful costumes.  Order yours today!

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