Mens Egyptian/Arabian Costumes

The cultures found in Ancient Egypt and Pre-Islamic Arabia were some of the most interesting in the entirety of history. Legendary figures of the time such as King Tut and Cleopatra of Egypt and King Xerxes of Persia have history so rich and so fascinating that it is hard to imagine that they were real people in history. Their stories are epic and worth retelling. You can do this by wearing men's Egyptian costumes and Arabian costumes. Buy your Egyptian costume today!

Mens Egyptian/Arabian Costume Ideas and Tips

Dive into the ancient mysteries of the pharaohs with our collection of men’s Egyptian and Arabian costumes. Grab a mystical black and gold costume that brings the mysterious Anubis to life. Or opt for a shimmering blue and gold King Tut ensemble that will remind everyone exactly who’s in charge. Or check out one of our various robed ensemble packages featuring long layers of colorful robes, headpieces, and shawls. 

With a wide collection of affordable pharaoh princess, Cleopatra, and Egyptian goddess women’s costumes, you’ll love putting together a couple’s ensemble that’s a real blast from the past. And our extensive collection of Egyptian and Arabian costume accessories will let you take your ensemble to the next level. Choose from belts, staffs, turbans, sandals, and more to accentuate your convenient costume package or put together your very own DIY style. Shop for men’s Egyptian or Arabian costumes and accessories online now.

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