Mens Pimp Costumes

While their business may not be the most respected on the planet, their outfits certainly are some of the most colorful! Pimps rule the streets and show off their power by wearing extravagant and colorful clothing and jewelry, almost like a peacock showing off its feathers! Our pimp costumes for men come in regular and plus size because players come in all sizes.

Mens Pimp Costume Ideas and Tips

If you want a totally swanky Halloween costume that’s sure to get the attention of everyone around you, you’ll want to pick up on of our men’s pimp costumes from our extensive and affordable online collection. We have some seriously funky ensembles available in a wide range of crazy colors and designs like purple with leopard print or bright, neon green and orange. 

Big, floppy, colorful hats, long robes, and rockin’ staffs are just a few of the options available for you to accentuate your ensemble. Or you could check out some of our other accessories like dollar bill boas, gold teeth, gold dollar bill chains, platform shoes, and diamond-tipped canes. Be sure to order a few of our sexy women’s costumes to along with your pimp ensemble for a fun group costume theme for you and your friends. Perfect for Halloween or cosplay. Shop for your men’s pimp costumes and accessories online today.

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