Mickey Mouse Costumes

It's everyone's favorite mice, Mickey and Minnie! Our collection of Mickey Mouse costumes features some great outfit choices for your upcoming dress-up party. We have a wide variety of Disney themed outfits for boys, girls, and adults too! Mickey Halloween costumes are great for kids who want to dress up like their favorite cartoon, but adults can also enjoy dressing up as a favorite character from their childhood. Whether its for Halloween, a school costume party, or a movie themed party, Mickey Mouse outfits are always a great choice! Buy a Mickey Mouse costume online from Costume SuperCenter.

Meet Disney's Fab Five [Infographic]

Disney dominates the cartoon and animation world, and that success has a lot to do with everyone's favorite mouse, Mickey! Along with Minnie Mouse and his good pals Donald, Goofy, and Pluto, the Fab Five of Disney have made the mouse ears and Disney signature two of the most recognizable logos on the planet. So whether you're a Disney Princess fanatic, or planning a trip to the happiest place on Earth, check out this Disney Fab Five infographic to get to know the gang!

Buy A Kids Mickey Mouse Costume Online Today!

This collection features some adorable Walt Disney ensemble options for little kids. From onesie costumes, bib and hat outfits, and our precious Minnie skirt and headpiece ensembles, your child will look so cute in those famous ears and white buttoned shorts.

Shop Mickey Mouse Costumes For Adults

We also have great choices for adults. You can dress up in a Mickey Mouse costume in jest or because you want to dress up like a favorite childhood character, either way our collection provides you with some great options. We also feature some more appealing choices for women, including our mini shorts romper set and our polka dotted Minnie Mouse dress.

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