Mickey Mouse Costumes

It's everyone's favorite mice, Mickey and Minnie! Our collection of Mickey Mouse costumes features some great outfit choices for your upcoming dress-up party. We have a wide variety of Disney themed outfits for boys, girls, and adults too! Mickey Halloween costumes are great for kids who want to dress up like their favorite cartoon, but adults can also enjoy dressing up as a favorite character from their childhood. Whether its for Halloween, a school costume party, or a movie themed party, Mickey Mouse outfits are always a great choice! Buy a Mickey Mouse costume online from Costume SuperCenter.

Meet Disney's Fab Five [Infographic]

Disney dominates the cartoon and animation world, and that success has a lot to do with everyone's favorite mouse, Mickey! Along with Minnie Mouse and his good pals Donald, Goofy, and Pluto, the Fab Five of Disney have made the mouse ears and Disney signature two of the most recognizable logos on the planet. So whether you're a Disney Princess fanatic, or planning a trip to the happiest place on Earth, check out this Disney Fab Five infographic to get to know the gang!

Mickey Mouse Costume Ideas and Tips

Disney’s favorite mouse characters are not so mousy! America’s Mickey Mouse is the star of every show! This beloved character has remained popular for decades and will continue to steal the audience’s attention for many more! This Halloween season, enjoy a jolly good time in any of our Mickey Mouse costumes! We’ve got a range of Mickey costumes for children as well as for adults! 

For the kids, delight in our Mickey Roadster outfits! Your child will gear up as a superfast racecar driver, ready to burn rubber with a smile on his face! School costume parties and trick o’ treating around the block are where the kids will shine in our Mickey mouse disguises! For the ladies, sizzle in our Sexy Mousy Maiden Costume or Sexy Playful Mouse Costume! You’ll tingle with excitement wearing these alluring outfits to any Halloween celebration! As a charming lady dressed to impress, you might even snag an equally attractive Mickey Mouse!

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