Revolutionary War Costumes

Start fighting for freedom with any of our Revolutionary War costumes. It was a turning point in history for the United States as each colony banded together to fight off the British Empire. It was a long and hard-fought battle which led to the birth of a nation. We offer many styles of outfits for you to play the part of a soldier, general, and more. Buy a Revolutionary War costume online from Costume SuperCenter.

Revolutionary War Costume Ideas and Tips

Looking for a costume that is revolutionary? We have many that are both old fashioned and fit for a rebellion. They are all among our selection of Revolutionary War Costumes. Step back to the time when George Washington led our troops against the British and a new nation was formed by uniting 13 separate colonies. Be the father of our country, George Washington, when you put on a Washington costume set, available in men’s and boys’ sizes. 

Or dress as Alexander Hamilton and rap your way into Washington’s inner circle. There are two sides to every revolution, so we have many British red coat outfits too. Ladies, take our colonial style dresses and hats and transform into a woman of the day, such as Martha Washington or Betsy Ross. After Halloween, keep your outfit handy for school plays and Independence Day parades. Our costumes are revolutionary priced and very affordable, so order yours today.

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