Ride-On Costumes

Need a lift to your party? Order a Ride-On Halloween Costume and you will have your transportation built in. We’ve got so many of these playful outfits available for men, women, boys and girls. Pick out your favorites and order online from us.

Ride-On Costume Ideas and Tips

Need a lift this Halloween? We can help! Our Ride-On Costumes are all about getting you to the party and having lots of fun! The premise of these designs is that you are the riding on the back of someone or something. When your little girl steps into a ride-a-pony costume, she becomes a cowgirl on a horse. Most costumes are unisex and we have many available in both adult and kid’s sizes. 

There are so many to choose from, including animals like a fox, a gorilla, bull or an ostrich; humorous styles such as ride a gangster or ride a baby; and fairytale creatures like a dragon and a unicorn. These are great throughout the year too. Does your team have a mascot such as a tiger, alligator, shark, bear or eagle? Ride on over to the game on your mascot! Love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? This year celebrate on the back of a leprechaun. Celebrate Oktoberfest on the shoulders of a beer maiden. This Christmas, be a Santa sitting on a reindeer or riding the shoulders of an elf. Order one today so you can get riding soon.

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